Monday, September 14, 2009

Legal Action Against Tiong Halted?

Did the Prime Minister set up the new PKFZ “Super” task force to prevent the Ministry of Transport “Special” Task Force from commencing legal suits against Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd and other relevant parties?

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has announced on the 9th September that a new Super task force led by the Chief Secretary of Government, comprising of the Attorney General, Treasurer Secretary-General and other officers from the Ministry of Transport and Finance will be set up to investigate further into the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal.

We have highlighted the fact that this “super” task force will be immediately rendered impotent from the fact that there will be enormous conflict of interest involved by the officials who are appointed to the task force as these officials are themselves involved directly or indirectly with the various decisions made and actions taken (or not taken) leading to the cost of the project ballooning from RM2 billion to RM7.98 billion and potentially to RM12.5 billion.

However Malaysians are still left in the dark as to whether the “special” task force as well as 2 committees set up by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) in June 2009 has been disbanded with immediate effect.

The Special Task Force comprises of preeminent lawyers, accountants, quantity surveyors and building cost consultants from top rated professional firms were appointed to assist in the legal review and financial restructuring of PKFZ.

Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, the Chairman of PKA had announced that the Board of PKA has already been briefed by the Special Task Force on the various possible fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, negligence, wrongdoings and irregularities discovered. The Board was also informed of various notices of payments which were believed to be false, erroneous or defective.

On behalf of the PKA board of directors, Datuk Lee emphasized that the PKA “legal team has been asked to commence legal action against KDSB and relevant parties” and to “use every legal means possible to challenge the disputed claims amounting to about RM1.4 billion” in his press statements dated 10th, 18th and 26th August.

The question now is whether the announcement by Datuk Seri Najib has effectively killed any attempts by PKA to immediately summon the parties found to have cheated and defrauded them, as the task of investigation the malpractices has been handed over to the Chief Secretary of Government?

The Minister of Transport, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat appears to be resigned to the above fact as he made the face-saving statement that he “consider(s) the new task force as the last lap in what has been a tedious and complicated marathon race” which could only mean that the previous lap by the “special” task force he set up has been stopped in its tracks.

The DAP calls for the Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak to demonstrate boldness and a “performance now” culture by entrusting PKA to immediately pursue legal actions against parties who had acted against the interest of the Government based on the reports prepared by the “Special” task force led Mr Vinayak Pradhan from Skrine & Co. Mr Pradhan has impeccable credentials as a former Commissioner with the United Nations (UN) Compensation Commission and member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

The failure of the Government to do so can only mean a clear attempt by Datuk Seri Najib to cover up once again Malaysia's mother of all scandals, which will cost Malaysians up to RM12.5 billion.


Anonymous said...

Was reading the paper, about an event OTK attended in Pulau Ketam. What got my attention was the local MCA branch handed him 60 citizenship application forms to "help" process. Didnt the Home minister announced sternly that no applications can be processed thru "agents"? And that such applications will be rejected and blacklisted? Why do we have here, a fellow cabinet minister (mind you, a senior one, not some junior "i-didnt't-know-that" bloke, breaking the rules here? Ridiculous. Furthermore, why is a TRANSPORT minister handling citizenship applications?? LOL MACC?? HELLO?

Anonymous said...

Heres the link to that news report about OTK receiving the citizenship forms.

Heh, another empty-i-will-order-govt-to-look-into-it-but-when-reporters-gone-no-one-remember-it promise. Typical all-talk-no-action govt.

KoSong Cafe said...

What appears to be all-MCA doing, has more than meets the eye.

In Malaysia, anything mega would need the approval of Umno. Would anyone believe otherwise?

A free-for-all legal tussle would reveal more unpleasant details and incriminate some yet to be revealed culprits.

So a 'Mother of all task forces' is required 'to put things right'!

Anonymous said...

In this "Boleh Land" anything is possible man. Look at MCA every time there is a crisis opportunists come out of hibernation. When it comes to corruptions and sex scandal they close both eyes. They only want what the MCA can do for them...wealth and sex they open both eyes. If this happen in Japan or America this politician would have become history...sigh this is the norm of life in "Boleh Land"

Anonymous said...

the secret cabinet papers on MT by rpk : so the whole cupboard is involved?? super task force meant for super cover-up it is ??!!

916 anak bangsa msia

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:58pm,

I think OTK will hand the stuff to Michael Chong department to handle?

Malaysians love Michael Chong to help them ma.


Anonymous said...

Remember this..the latest task is force formed to cover the previous task force finding..marked my words..


casper c said...

"Impeccable credentials", one Vinayak Pradhan LOL.

Very generous with the accolades there Tony but mind you, the UN is also a cesspool of corruption, looking after self interest.

We are currently at boiling point and it is no coincidence Tee Keat has come under pressure from within.

It is unfortunate, Tee Keat is a good man with an unblemished service record and let's not forget he was in the thick of action to oust Ling Long(fishhead) ie.Team A vs Team B and came out victor.

It is reprehensible forces in MCA are getting together to oust the President, no thanks to his involvement as Transport head. Tee Keat is stuck with a hot potato as PM is trying to prevent more information from making it into public domain with the conniving pussy lickin' good doctor waiting in the flank.

We can surmise the doctor has buffalo hide, could careless he has brought shame unto the wife/children as he has secured the endorsement of the PM.

It would be interesting to watch the upcoming showdown in MCA but I believe whatever remnants of good will triumph over undesirable UMNO influence and more importantly, the mighty ringgit dished out to procure the necessary votes.

Cheers Tony and selamat berbuka to all on the fast.

Anonymous said...

Get this right pls - without UMNO approval /involvement nothing moves in this country.Just go and ask those leading big time biz men whether true or not.

Anonymous said...

time fro citizens to initiate suit to recover the dirty money.
any locus standi?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

And if nothing comes out from that super task force .
This proves that Raja Petra is indeed correct again !
Ong will not sues Tiong and vice versa nor there will be any super task force if Raja Petra did not brought up the private jet rides issue.

Unknown said...

and what most mind-blogging is when one (that tiong fellow) openly declared that he had donated Rm10M to Ong; which was so obvious even to a 3 years old child, that he was bribing him because of the PKFZ scandal, and yet no action taken by the parliment and MACC.

no shame... no shame at all.

Anonymous said...

I think both of them also should go la....both also doesn't appears to be clean..both with with the sex VCD and the other with the RM 10 Millions n free flights..we must find somebody else who are capable enough to lead MCA..

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Tre are many interweaving story regarding this 'PKFZ fiasco'. MCA-UMNO-MIC are deeply involved? The King Tiong is very similar to the late Perwaja Steel CEO (ERIC CHIA), who is very confident that he is safe for he believed if he goes some VVIPs will go with him. Therefore, he must be saved at all cost. That has been materialised by the court judjement. OKT maybe ask to step aside since he has exposed too much and might be exposing more? so he must be stopped at all cost. This is a game of BN and it will be playing on and on and over and over again until they are put to "sleep for good". The only answer is a royal commission but that too can be swept under the carpet as proven by the 'corek, corek corek ' issue. If the leader is a crab (jalan tak betul) dont expect a clean and clear path of action. It has to be a 'crab path too'.

TaxPayer said...

Ya, I think this Super Tast force is another attempt to cover up the scandal. Already have the tast force by Transport ministry, so why another task force? Why not a Royal commission( which should be above the cabinet)? I am sick of this as a citizen. Pls Mr PM, don't try to drag this matter(the PKFZ scandal)too long. We want the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH!

Richie Oon said...


My group of audience of the politics in M'sia would like to have your view on the issue of "penang" stake claim by LGE.

We're sure your view will clear most of the the doubts in our minds now.

Anonymous said...

What new task force? you mean "cover-up" task force?

Lee Wee Tak said...

when u have this task force and that task force, it suggest to me

1) a lot of simple things are not being done according to rules, procedures and commonsense

2) waste of taxpayers' money in setting unnecesssary ad hoc set ups

3) suggest the present administration is in a fire-figthing mode and we can forget about structured, systematic strategic plans are in place and being carried out

4) another sign of present day's administration characterise by many slogans, postering and shiok sendire without the result to show

Anonymous said...

where's the mirror site to Malaysia Today?

Anonymous said...


What's your opinion on 1Malaysia F1 team ?

Do we expect to see 1Malaysia F1 in the pole position with Ferrari, McLaren & Renault ?

Or in the last position ?

Anonymous said...

They are all acting (they all are good actors), delaying the PKFZ case by passing here and there to handle.
They hope the people will slowly forget and also they will simply put a guy there as a scapegoat. Just like many BIG cases involved the top gun in the country.
They practice this for more than half a century and they too used to it.

This is the weakness of the good Rakyat also in fact.

I remember I bumped into one DAP MP and he asked me opinion for the next election if PKR able to win. I explained:
1. Rakyat Malaysia is very forgetful. We understand and cannot blame them as more of them are really working just for their living. Living only, not to say have good saving. All this is due to all the government policies for the past half a century. The country lost her competitiveness and the resources too. Rakyat will hope to have comfortable life and whenever BN give them “sweets”, they are more than happy already even though the BN is “acting” to lure their support.
2. BN will try ALL ways to avoid them from losing in the next election. I really cannot and dare not imagine what they will do to achieve that!!!

Anonymous said...

How to post the 18pages government document for the PKFZ here?

Anonymous said...

for the past 50 over years..they always have this mind set:
1. if i bought Lotus, i am engine expert, mastering the automotive technology.
2. if i buy fighter jet or submarine, we will be one of the strongest in the region
3. if we send someone into space, we are a nation that sit on par with US, Russia, China, India etc in aerospace industry.

They don't know hong long Havard and other outstanding Uni in the world had established their foundation...with so many REAL smart brain.

For more than 50 years, we still cannot have a firm policy for EDUCATION. Sometimes the IT course needs 4 years, sometimes 3 years, then changed back to 4 years. Sometimes English, then Malay. Sometimes Bahasa Malaysia, sometimes Bahasa Baku (I can't remember the spelling)...Japan, Germany, Russia, China they all can advance using their own language just because they are real hardworking, smart, and know where they stand from time to time. Not like certain people like to boost without knowing how much they know...
Spend the 1 billion every year for good of the country, how many unit of lap top, library, school, books etc etc can be purchased with those F1 expenses. I heard the 1 billion is sponsored by private companies..why not take 1 % of it for social welfare and charity rather than asking NGO or GLC setup booth in hypermarket to ask for helping hand to donate money to those who needs help???!!! Or should ask the Menteri-menteri to donate too.

Anonymous said...

Can Pakatan Rakyat, with Anwar Ibrahim, Lim KS, and Mohd Hadi Awang on a united and front and call a Urgent Press Conference and DEMAND that action be taken the people who robbed and raped the rakyat off the RM12.5bil? Because it seems that some people are more interested in chasing the good people who told us the truth about this PKFZ scandal.

Anonymous said...


Why Lim Kit Siang is not shouting at Najib now ? Or Tiong King Sing ?

Like he used to be with Ong Tee Keat ? Why ?

Lim Kit Siang must continue name calling or post 3 questions to Najib's Super Task Force to keep this fella in check.

Unknown said...

A nigh gone government couldn't do any good to its citizens. People have been cheated for 52 years. No more trust on them after all these years. Kick them out is the only choice for people of Malaysia to take on.
Chinese can not depend on MCA any longer. DAP and PKR is the right pick of party. Even Gerakan is occupied by a band of nincompoop. They are enemies of people. What could they do to upright the wrong?
Let PR does the job to clean all the messes left behind by BN. Give PR the power to carry it out by giving it the power to form next federal government.