Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kicked Out of Parliament

Just a short note to say that I've been kicked out of the parliament today for the stupidest of reasons by the Deputy Speaker, Datuk Wan Junaidi.

The flash reports in The Star and Malaysiakini is just a little inaccurate, saying that I've been kicked out for refusing to sit when seeking clarification from Pasir Salak who was speaking.

Sequence of events:

Pasir Salak talks about Ong Tee Keat having already answered his questions on PKFZ. He follows that up with the fact that Proton is of such importance and is a critical success for Malaysia.

I stood up during that time to seek clarification. I remained standing while waiting for a signal from Pasir Salak whether I can or cannot interject. No signals from him.

After a couple of minutes, the Deputy Speaker got upset for one reason or other with me standing (I was the only one) and asked me to sit.

I replied that I'm standing to seek clarification, (and that's the protocol in parliament). I said that if Pasir Salak refuses to let me interject, I will sit. But he hasn't made known his intentions, so I wait.

The Deputy Speaker then went ahead to scold me for standing, telling me that it is Pasir Salak's floor. I told the speaker, I'm fully aware it is his floor, hence I stand up politely (e.g., without banging tables or shouting) to wait for him to provide me the opportunity to ask my questions.

The Deputy Speaker then scolded me again, to say that when the Speaker ask me to sit, I must listen to the speaker and sit.

I responded that if the Speaker asks me to sit, I will obey and sit. But please do not scold me for standing up to seek clarification, because I am not in the wrong. I asked him to be fair to me.

The Deputy Speaker then sternly asked me to sit. I sat i.e., I obeyed his instructions contrary to what he explained to the press.

Then the Deputy Speaker went on to make some unfair, cryptic remarks about misbehaving MPs etc (details which I'll get from the Hansard tomorrow) and I got upset.

I stood up again to say that his remarks were extremely unfair and uncalled for as I was not in the wrong at all.

The Deputy Speaker then suspended me for the day. I can only assume that it was because he couldn't stand losing face on the argument.

I shall end here for now and keep the rude language to myself.


Anonymous said...

Bravo. Tony.

This joker is a joker afterall.

They will somehow find ways to hentam you one.

So we must hentam the whole godfathers of PKFZ to JAIL.

Do share with us your Oxfordian rude language :)

brewtherock said...

can't wait for the next GE!!!! quick !!!!

Anonymous said...

So THAT'S what happened. Good grief, we've got kindiegoers for Speakers.

Marsha Maung said...

no no no, don't keep the rude language to yourself. we all need to hear it because it's been rolling around in my mind and mouth all day!

Yih Ven said...

Unreasonable. The ejection is to save the speaker from further embarassment because he is not able to engage in civilised and rational discussion and debate.

I think he was utterly speechless and had to distorted to such tactics to save his face.

What a shame that we have such a poor quality creature to chair the parliment.

kopitelp16 said...

Stand your ground, Tony. This faggot from the other side of Malaysia is a real joker and I trust you will have the last laugh.

Another fine example of Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

consulted your lawyer to take legal action on their inaccurate reports?

You might be a millionaire :)

l藍海 said...



Anonymous said...

This is typical UMNO culture, let's them choose betw "Maruah" & "Kebenaran", they choose "Maruah", There is not "Truth" in UMNO dictionary.

yes said...

This is the sort of behaviour that will help to bring BN to the ground.

It is ok guys, with such rediculous behaviour from the speaker I am sure we can get a few more votes from the one that is sitting atas pagar.

Thank you for making it public, we will remember this in the next election

PJU Voter said...

Hi Tony,

1) You're a MAN & please take it like a MAN. Stop behaving like a SPOIL BRAT crying over spilt milk. Are you expecting sympathy or what??? Or are you just a plain 'BAPUK' (faggot). If you wanna argue then don't complain.

2) If you wanna argue regardless whether is politely or rudely, then, you ought to take its' consequences. Trying to act like a WARRIOR only to get kicked out of the House like a STARY DOG is certainly NO WARRIOR. It's plain STUPID.

3) You're slowly but surely becoming a PUSSY WANKER. Why??? All you're capable of doing are just merely stupid things only to get BASHED in the end. Take a look at the PJ Candlelight Vigil & other stupid events of yours. Bottomline: Nak tunjuk lagak tapi selalu kena belasah.

4) To commentator MARSHA M, please tell all those vulgar language to DONNIE TAN (you should know who I'm referring to). If not tell it to ya sister (KAREN M)

Anonymous said...

We do not call the Star toilet paper for nothing. Good for wiping ass.

Malaysiakini also got it wrong or inaccurate? Em....

Unknown said...

I just watched the broadcast of the parliament scenario in Berita.

The deputy speaker of parliament who are chairing the meeting has the Final power to "kick" any member based on his own judgement.

Ist, the YB is not like new recruits is army. It shouldn't be like Sarjan said "Duduk" and any hasitation by recruit will result in punishment.
Come' on they are our YB!

2nd, When the reporter after Deputy speaker for explaination, Datuk Wan Junaidi said "i had been in parliament for 20 years, i couldn't be wrong"
Pls la, say any nonsense better than flashing your arrogance.

I am listening curiously for YB Tony's question. Before he could ask, he was sent out...

Tuan Speaker,
Bagi YB tanya dulu baru hantar dia keluar le.Tengoklah, sampai sekarang rakyat pun tak tau ape YB nak tanya..

lisa said...

Your arrogance is unbelievable. You were asked to sit twice but you had push the issue by continuing to stand.
As an Opposition MP, you know that the Speaker would be biased against you but you persisted in antagonising him.

If your question was so important, you would have made sure that you had the opportunity to ask it by behaving with some humility towards the Speaker. Instead of which, you got yourself thrown out of Parliament like a hooligan.

Did you really have a question or were you so intent of making a spectacle of yourself for "political mileage" that you didn't care that it makes you pathetic in the eyes of the electorate?

Stop with the cheap antics and do your job because for all the noise you're making, we're not seeing any results.

Anonymous said...

Perverted parliamentary protocol from so called representatives of the people. It is all leading to the creative fall of this pseudo leadership...... in the not too distant future. The bigger they are the harder the fall!

Anonymous said...

Tony, why did you feel obliged to post PJU Voter's disrespectful comment? If your intention is to expose his character, I believe people who have been following your blog know that already. Please spare us his ilk who have nothing informative to say beyond revealing the paucity of their brains (which serves us no purpose since he - pretty sure it's a he - remains anonymous and safe from the scorn he deserves were his name known). In a real live setting, no one would be hanging around to hear what he has to say.

And thank you for sparing us your french. PJU Voter's foul mouth is enough as it is.

You don't owe him anything. If he has no substantive comment but verbal abuse to give, please ignore him.

Lisa, on the point of arrogance, I think UMNO's is the one that is unbelievable and that we have allowed to fester, no thanks to the BN lackeys and the intimidated civil society. Even after 8 March the same abuses occur.

Hooligan behaviour has been accepted all the time in Parliament when it's the UMNO goons at it, escaping with half-hearted apologies when pressured by civil society.

Tony didn't deserve to be thrown out "like a hooligan". He did everything by the book. When you have done no wrong, how can you let someone else escape with slander? Why are you supporting the biased behaviour of the Speaker? The more people enable his bias the more he will continue to do so. Why should Tony, the victim, enable the Speaker's unfair treatment?

Sometimes the means matter more than the ends and is an end.

- siew eng

superman said...

BN congress man...will only know how to react with childish behaviours...such as banging table, shouting at you, say foul words, talk cock, and most unexpectedly illegally bringing in the cops...which is another "uncivilized" committee members...LOL

PJU Voter said...

Well said, LISA (commentator)!!!

All Tony Pua & his fellow DAP wankers are only good in gaining cheap publicity. Moreover, they are indeed talking more than working.

1 thing for sure is that DAP & Tony Pua will be VOTED OUT come the next G.E.

PJU are fed-up with Tony Pua's cheap stunts. He deserve better to be in the CIRCUS instead of politics.

Lisa, are you voting in PJU??? If yes, I foresee you'll be voting Tony Pua OUT just like me.

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua has my vote.

Anonymous said...

mr pua, this is your blog, why are you still allowing PJU Voter to abuse it and continue hiding behind the anonymity he chooses even as he throws cheap shots at you?

how about requiring your posters to aspire to your standard of decorum as they would in a face-to-face encounter?

others can find some other place (public toilets?) to relieve their 'frustrations' with you.

- siew eng

Anonymous said...

(Commentator)PJU Voter,

Sure go ahead and vote for your IDEAL POLITICIAN representing your area.

May be MCA & Chew MF. Go for it PJU Voter. Why come back here ?

Go OTK blog and leave your suggestive comment. GO!

Anonymous said...

Siew Eng,

This commentator PJU Voter is another joker. He behaves identically with his gang in BN.

Let it barks!

Lisa said...

Siew Eng,
The purpose of this blog supposedly, is for Tony Pua to post his involvement in various issues and to get feedback on public sentiment to the issues. It should not be a forum for simpering supporters to make adoring comments. You seem to have an issue with PJU Voter using a pseudonym yet have made no objection about the other commentators who have also used pseudonyms or are plain "Anonymous". Presumably because you found their uncritical comments agreeable to your point of view.

If Tony Pua wants to retain any credibility he would think very carefully before preventing unflattering comments from being posted. The Opposition has been quick to make scathing comments about censorship, especially at Mahathir and his Che Dat blog in which apparently, all the comments are swooning tributes.

So what if BN goons get away with poor behaviour - there is no excuse to sink to that level, not least when the Opposition is trying to establish themselves as the anti-BN. More dignity in Parliament would be a good start.

What exactly did Tony Pua achieve by getting thrown out of Parliament? Now we will never know what question he wanted to ask about PKFZ because of the opportunity has been lost.

I don't know about the rest of you but I want to know where all the money for PKFZ went. If the Speaker had not let allowed him to pose his question when the appropriate moment arose - as was Tony Pua's right - then the Speaker would have been undeniably in the wrong but by getting thrown out of Parliament - as was the Speaker's prerogative - it served no purpose whatsover.

I elected Tony Pua to do a job - be my representative in Parliament but what exactly has he done so far? Go off to Perak and agitate there; take part in street demonstrations and get thrown out of Parliament.

For the record, Chew Mei Fun was a good MP - my only issue with her was that she was BN. We all wanted a change but what change is there when there is no progress because the elected rep isn't doing his job.

Anonymous said...

when bn MPs shouting "bodoh!, Bocoh!, Monyet! etc.. Did those speaker chase them out?? NO.
Double standard!! Come on rakyat, lets inform our friends how double standard are they. when GE comes just SAY NO to BN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys,he(Tony Pua) is not superman! We all knew he is trying his best to serve the RAKYAT. He needs more time.Never expect a human could do something like superman does.
Hi, Tony, dont be upset! I guess you need more time, courage and confident! We all knew that you are trying to fight for RAKYAT.
Keep your chin up! You have the strong support of RAKYAT.