Friday, June 12, 2009

Double "Sexy" Standards

This blogger has in the past voiced out opposition to any attempt to severely restrict dress codes in public places, regardless of whether they were issued by universities or municipal councils.

So when Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun issued a statement against the Kota Bahru Municipal council for putting up restrictive dress codes, and got challenged by PKR renegade MP, Zulkifli Noordin, I was contemplating issuing a statement or blog post in support of the Deputy Minister.

However, before I could do so, the All Women's Action Group (AWAM) has issued a statement slamming Chew Mei Fun for double standards. See here and here.
MCA Wanita chief Chew Mei Fun has been accused of double standard for criticising PAS’ policies on women’s clothing while turning a blind eye on similar policies by the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

“We’d like to remind Chew that regulations on women’s clothing have flourished under the BN government, of which the MCA is a coalition member,” said All Women’s Action Society (Awam) president Sofia Lim.

“There currently exist dress codes in all public universities, and libraries, similarly for women presenters and entertainers on television, and women in public service.”
So, now instead, I'd like to hear from the MCA Wanita Chief on whether she will issue any challenges against existing government regulations e.g., those for RTM or other TV stations for all the restrictive dress codes, beyond just those affecting the PAS government or it's just another political gimmick.


Anonymous said...

In view of the ever declining moral standards in our society, as a woman, I fully support a dress code as a guideline for all. It should read formal, informal, casual. And defined fully. No plunging dresses ala J-Lo or skimpy hot pants like in Japan. Mothers should really tell their children, esp girls, not to bare their panties in public!

Emily Pratt said...

I support apparel guidelines for both sexes. Dressing should be appropriate for that particular event

Skimpy dress/trousers at the beach... OK.

Skimpy dress/trousers when attending a funeral or church/mosque sermon = NO NO!

Emily Pratt

mob1900 said...

Moral standards based on who's?
Yours or the rest of of 27 million Malaysians'?

If you liked being told what to do or vice-versa, you might want to look up 'Domination' and leather whips at shops.

Lee Wee Tak said...

As a man, I would say, let the ladies wear whatever they want. I might get attracted by ladies who wear eye-catching attire but there is respect, restrain and self control within me that would never enable me to harm a lady.

Even if she let me look, she has not consented for me to touch; even if she allow me to touch (shake hand or a pat on the shoulder), she has not consented for me to act as someone she loves.....

It is a sad reflection on men if the ladies can't wear what makes them feel great.

Frankly at this age & climate, attire are more attractive but men should be more mature, restrain and respectful as society progress. Notice less sex crime in Singapore than Malaysia despite the way they dress down South?

Unknown said...

As a parent and husband, I only support dress codes deemed fit by my wife and children.

Our children are a reflection of our upbringing of which I have a responsibility.

I don't want other busy bodies to regular what is basically a personal choice and preference.

joseph said...

bankrupt MCA leaders talk about equality in treating women, pls Mei Fun, go and sound your BN leaders that made more sexists remarks.

i wonder which group who commented AirAsia stewardess' skirt too short?


Anonymous said...

I refer to a letter to Malaysiakini published yesterday;

What is MCA's position on this?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said...
"In view of the ever declining moral standards in our society, as a woman, I fully support a dress code as a guideline for all."

A dress code?? Really? And who do you think should draw up this dress code? The religious morals police? Think again!

Do you seriously believe that we should let loose on society a gang of men who will get to decide whether Malaysians are adhering to this "dress code"?

Do you seriously think it is right for strange men to haul in your daughter and subject her to god knows what?

Have you forgotten what those ugly authoratitive figures did to those poor girls they dragged out of a KL disco just a few years ago? They made them parade around while vulgar remarks were bandied about.

Do you remember how one of the girls wanted to relieve herself but they refused to allow her to do so and finally when she could hold it in no longer and relieved herself in the truck (which they were held in), some of those ugly characters pushed aside the covering she had kept for privacy and actually took photographs of her as she relieved herself?

Do you want characters like these policing Malaysian women and, I REPEAT, doing god knows what!!??!!

Anonymous said...

Chew Mei Fun can only take shots at the opposition. Since when did she have the guts to take shots at her own party or BN. She is basically an opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Dress code for guideline in a park ? Our society teaches them following the code is not sexy & cool....

Following the America is cool. Buying their products is cool.

That's our society.

umnoisshit said...

JUST 5 words.
We Don't Need Moral Teacher.

Government's job is not to be moral guardiant. PERIOD

Anonymous said...

To be fair to either side means to be unfair to the other side. So, compensations to the latter are needed to make things even.

In this case, just follow the dress code and make sure you get compensated for your willingness to tolerate to others' sensitivity on this issue.

Anonymous said...

We should invite (ex-YB) Chew Mei Fun for public debate with Awam or other women NGOs on this topic: Double Standard in BN's Policy for Women.
Right, MCA politician views are just double standard for the sake of 'strike' PAS policy. Chinese voters are smarter today towards PAS policy.

Anonymous said...

having this dress code is assuming that women can't think for themselves while men are unable to control their basic natural instinct. self regulation and common sense should be applied and we are no longer in cavemen/Victorian?medieval ages....

isn't this insult to all sensible Malaysians? sure, we have some animals among us but that does not mean all of us are like that. while at the same breath, we tralk about human capital, knowledge economy, glocal, 2020 and whatever hocus pocus.

those screaming for dress codes are those that are uncomfortable with their own sexuality and other people's.......

if skimpy attire is a problem then why not the JAKIM or whoever whatever go and raid and close down all mall,s boutique, pasar malam stalls that sell camisole, spaghetti straps, G strings etc?

we should also ban farang tourists because their women wear bikinis, spaghetti straps etc

yeah, ban all of them...

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

aiyo . u all forget meh , this auntie mihun only have a recognized degree meh.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Chew Mei Fun whether her Wanita MCA uniform is a dress code or not.


nana said...

The whole episode shows us only 1 thing - women are not treated equally or fairly in our patriarchal society.

Simple example here. How can a society which allows 1 man to marry 4 wives be equal? Vice-versa, can a woman marries 4 husbands?

Dress code or whatnot, it's a simple rule created by men to control women. Any differing views are welcome.

Here is still considered quite ok though as there are still some elements of moderation with check and balances thru different media. The situation is even worse in hardline MidEast (S.Arabia?) where women are totally powerless and hapless.

Until we have a female PM, thing will remain the same. And I don't think UMNO will allow a female president nor there'd be any daring female to come forward to challenge for the post for fear that it will undermine the 'testosterone' of the male counterparts.

Puteri and Wanita posts? Nah it's just a ring for more catfights.