Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kicked Out of Parliament II

As per my earlier post on the sequence of events leading to my being ejected from the house, the Deputy Speaker has confirmed to reporters that he suspended me because "he[Tony] was arguing with me."

Indeed I was! But I was protesting my innocence and protesting the fact that the Speaker was making unwarranted disparaging remarks about me while I was already seated.

I reiterate that I was only standing to wait for the opportunity to raise a clarification to Pasir Salak who was speaking, and little else. But the speaker chose to reprimand me for God knows what reason.

On the other hand, when Pasir Salak and Bintulu (the Kuala Dimensi owner in the PKFZ scandal) was creating a total ruckus in the house, shouting and banging tables when Lim Kit Siang was delivering his speech, absolutely nothing was handed to them. Not even a reprimand from the same Deputy Speaker!


Bentoh said...

Ughhh... But why is your story kind of different from what was reported? Interesting...

Anyway, one can definitely argue with speaker in the house, no?

kopitelp16 said...

C'mon YB Tony, what do you expect from a joker?

I'm proud that you stand your ground and I know many will support you.

Anonymous said...

Democracy in Malaysia has yet to be practised in full mode. So, the unreliable, lowly integrated and 'low class' speakers like Pandikar Amin and Wan Junaidi always have the tendency to abuse their powers and rights.

There are two questions here;

1. are these speakers really vested with immunity?

2. Why couldn't Sivakumar order 10 lawmakers to get out from the Perak Legislative Hall on that day?

int said...

you were right to protest... the unfairness of the speakers really stinks so bad that it's clear to anyone who watches the videos on youtube.

this is not a recent development either, this pair of speakers have been very unfair for a while now. Is there any Parliamentary procedure to call for a vote of no confidence against a speaker?

If there is such a thing, I think now is the time, seeing as the DNA bill also only narrowly scraped through.

Anonymous said...

Lesson learned in Parliament - Speaker and Deputy Speaker are Gods.

Lesson learned in Perak's DUN - Speaker and Deputy Speaker are Gods only if they are on the correct camp.

Gods can decide who is guilty and who is not. Crime depends on which side you are on, not whether you are right or wrong. That's Malaysia's Gods.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony:

Thank you for voicing out and fighting for us, especially over the issue of PKFZ and Proton.

Please don't give up! That's why we voted you in! You are doing the right thing! LKS has been bugging them on PKFZ since 2007 and we appreciate that! Give them no rest or else we and our children would have to bear that debt for generations!

Some of these people probably hope that you shut up, but don't worry, come the next GE, it's our turn to kick them out!

giam2020 said...

This is selective prosecution,that
why Barisan has being loosing
support.Minor mistake are noted and
acted upon whereas sexist and racist
remarks by backbenchers are ignored
and excused.They think the rakyat are
stupid and ignorant.We are watching
and waiting for the time to act.

Anonymous said...

What it is, is they are frustrated by their own impotence and lost control of themselves.

Welcome to the thrown-out-of-paliarment club. Its a badge of honor and you would not be a respectable opposition if you did not get thrown out sooner or later...

Threat it like all the As you got in schools...

nic said...

deputy speaker go back learn more law !!!!! nak cakap pun tak boleh mesyuarat di parlimen for what ? NAK TUNJUK MUKA YtDP DI SIARAN LANGSUNG KE ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony for your good job.

The MACC is an insult to the country for protecting the culprits of the PKFZ scandal.

UMNO/BN is truly hopeless!! I will continue to educate the young voters to vote them out!!

Keep it up!

MCA life member that voted Pakatan Rakyat

Anonymous said...

Just a short note to say that I've been kicked out of the parliament today for the stupidest of reasons by the Deputy Speaker, Datuk Wan Junaidi.
Yes YB Tony you were kicked out for being STUPID by defying the order to sit down. If every parliamentarian is like you, where everybody can stand as they like, what would the parliament be like? Low Class like what Nizar projected the other day.


ps. every opposition member tries to outdo each other by getting suspended

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Please post the Hansard as well as the video of the incident. The deputy speaker was never any good at keeping the House under control. Stay cool, my brother.

Dewan Observer

Malapetaka said...

Typical double standards by BN and yoke.

Chin up and keep your fighting spirit, Tony.


NEO said...

Dear YB,

This is Malaysia!

I was just informed by my "source" to accumulate "Satang" asap. My "source" told me that the ED of this Co (A chinese Dato') was called by Mr. Perdana Menteri and requested him to join "Gerakan" as they're now part of the team for new venture.

At the moment "Satang" is a PN4 counter. But Mr. Perdana Menteri already prepare a "big plan" to boot up this counter. They have submit a "right issue" proposal and will soon be announced by "Security Commission". According to the right issue proposal they will issue xxbillions of new shares at RM0.50 per shares. A month or two from now will proof that what I wrote here is correct.

Then, they will inject MinDEF (Ministry of Defence) contracts into this "Satang".

I was told that the share price will be reach RM2.00 a shares if I prepare to keep this counter for two years or until next general election.

This "Satang" will be the similar to "Scomi" the Star of Bursa Malaysia during the Mr. Dollor as Mr. Perdana Menteri.

I have put myself at risk to write this Post. Please do not delete it.

Thank you.

wandererAUS said...

Yb Tony P, there is no explanation required when you were disciplined by a sub par ape... presiding as speaker. Sad that this country, has degraded itself to a underdeveloped nation Perliament...thanks to UMNO goons!

caohd said...

haha, another prove of the best practitioner of "Double Standand" in the world.
Keep it up, Tony. ppls are clear minded on what's going on, and we all hopes that there's a change for good in the future, for a better tmrw.

CPK said...

It is very obvious to all who have eyes that it is a very uneven playing field. These goons take the rakyat for idiots.

I just can't wait to see the end of the arrogant and corrupt BN federal govt. To this end, your work will continue to have my moral and financial support.

Please keep up the good fight. The country's hope lies in the new generation of leaders that you represent so well.

PJU resident and voter

eowhuan said...

dont expect our Speakers to behave like speakers... They're just one of the BN hoons...

int said...

Fedup (anon 5.52pm), I think you are being unfair in this situation. I agree that in general some opposition MPs can brush up their approach in Parliament.

But behaving in a civil way is not the same as kowtowing to authority. The speaker was out of line here... so, we must fight... and from Tony's account of what happened, it sounds like he fought back in a proud, controlled, gentlemanly way.

I hope there is some video footage to prove it.

Mankind said...

Well, listen to what Charlie Chaplin got to say about them

Jolene Lim said...

Dear YB,

Firstly, congratulations on your baby! I hope that both mother and child are doing great, and that your firstborn is adjusting well.

I’m writing just to thank you for serving our nation and Petaling Jaya Utara. I do firmly believe that you (and your team) are making a difference and an impact in our nation. You are doing a lot more than just providing check and balances to the ruling party, you guys are walking the talk.

I’m sure many things happen throughout the day that will disappoint, frustrate and thwart your agenda and plans. My husband and I would like to encourage you to press on – many are supporting you and upholding you and your family in prayer.

Thank you for being a blessing.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

On the other hand , pls do let the people know why so many of our PR MPs are missing on the DNA bill day.
It is more absurd to know that 30 are missing on that crucial day.
It is more crucial than being kicked out which is a norm when the speaker panicked.

Anonymous said...

I think you should press charges. I know that Gobind has pressed charges. Perhaps, you too....Those extraordinary judges has made history by creating an extraordinary judgement in which the judicial can now interfere with the legislation process.
Lets see how they twist & turn this time


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Whoever currently sits on the chair
Decides on the pulling of any hair
So it's difficult to ask if it's fair
When selective action doesn't come in pair

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250609
Thur. 25th June 2009.

Anonymous said...

what can we expect when the speakers are all BN loud mouths after all. when BN MPs make sexist remarks, etc & being disrespectful to all handicaps, nothing was done. here, our MP is trying to fight for truth gets thrown out. guess BN is not used to sharing the house with others since they had the opportunity to have orgies there for the past 50 years - no disrespect to TAR, his time may be exceptional.

Anonymous said...

Memang menjadi "Bahan-Bualan-Jenaka" di kopitiam..!Dewan ini macam Klas Cikgu Sekolah minta murid-murid duduk, maka kena duduk diam-diam barulah dikatakan Hormat Cikgu ..Hormat orang tua..!
Orang tua itu mungkin dah lupa berada di Dewan-Budak-Besar masih berlagak macam Cikgu berada di sekolah rendah...yang mengawasi "Budak-Budak-Besar-Tua" seperti budak-budak-kecil sekolah lagi....!
Semua ini akan berubah menjadi "Dewan Sebenar" yang wakil bersuara untuk "Kepentingan Rakyat" Keseluruhannya tanpa sekat-halangan Cikgu-cikgu berkaitan agar tidak terasa tergugat tidak dihormati..dengan macam-macam peraturan tak masuk akal..serta pilih-kasih..Selepas Pilihanraya akan datang sabar..Doa..sahajalah!