Thursday, June 04, 2009

Muhyiddin Needs His Head Inspected

I wrote on my Facebook update on Monday that 'Muhyiddin needs his head inspected. He said domestic and violent spousal abuse allegations by Manohara "is more of a personal matter" and the government would not investigate the claims.'

It attracted a response of 30 over comments, but what caught my eye was one by a pro-UMNO blogger, Azeeza Abdullah who asked "do you personally think so.. I dare u proceed with press statement on this... would u?"

Well, I thought about it for 2 seconds and said "yeah, that's not a bad idea!". So I issued the press statement and it's up on Malaysiakini and TheNutGraph (who did a cute image of our Deputy Prime Minister).

The Indonesian and international press have been extensively covering the story of the teenaged US-Indonesian model, Manohara Odelia Pinot, who has returned to her family in Indonesia with tales of abuse, rape and torture at the hands of a Malaysian prince, following her dramatic escape with the help of the Singapore police.

Manohara has claimed that she was subjected to a "daily routine" of rape, abuse, torture and occasional drug injections that made her vomit blood. She has even alleged that some parts of her body were cut by a razor.

Her mother, Daisy Fajarina, also blamed the Malaysian and Indonesian governments for trying to cover up the alleged abuse. Daisy has also alleged that the Malaysian government ignored her pleas for access to her daughter and blocked her from entering the country.

All of the above are extremely serious allegations, regardless of whether they were made by a local or a foreigner. However, we are even more shocked by the remarks given by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin when AFP reported him as saying that the Malaysian government would not investigate the allegations.

"I think this is more of a personal matter. To date we have not been dragged into it, so we want to leave it as it is," he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.

(Here's a translated Indonesian version from Detik:

Deputi Perdana Menteri Malaysia Muhyiddin Yassin mengatakan, pemerintah tidak akan menyelidiki klaim Manohara tersebut. Demikian seperti dilansir kantor berita AFP, Senin (1/6/2009).

"Saya pikir ini lebih merupakan masalah pribadi. Sampai saat ini kami belum terbawa ke dalamnya, jadi kami ingin membiarkannya seperti itu," katanya kepada wartawan di Kuala Lumpur.)

The Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Senator Datuk Shahrizat Abdul Jalil or her deputy, Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, must immediately reprimand the deputy prime minister for such an irresponsible and callous statement on the issue of domestic violence.

While the truth of the matter has yet to be ascertained, the allegations of serious domestic violence must be investigated or Malaysia will be regarded as an international pariah for treating domestic violence as "a personal matter".

Shahrizat must inform Muhyiddin that domestic violence is a criminal offence under the Domestic Violence Act 521 (1994). Domestic violence includes causing physical injury to the victim by such an act that is known, or ought to have been known, would result in physical injury.

In addition, compelling the survivor by force or threat to engage in any conduct or act, sexual or otherwise, from which the survivor has a right to abstain is also criminal under Malaysian laws. Those found guilty of domestic violence are to be sentenced in accordance with our Penal Code.

To redeem our international reputation, Muhyiddin must immediately apologise and withdraw the remarks he has made. He must instead ensure that a thorough and independent investigation into the allegations is conducted to ensure that Malaysia's international image does not suffer from this ugly episode.

While no police reports have yet been made on the matter, that is not an impediment for the Malaysian police to commence investigations as the allegations have appeared around the world. The police could also file their own police reports on the matter, as they have done in many recent police investigations.

In addition, Shahrizat must take this critical opportunity to educate Barisan Nasional ministers on issues of domestic violence and crime against women to ensure that such contemptible statements tarnishing Malaysia's reputation are never ever issued again, especially by the country's top leaders.


Malaysian said...

Don't you know in Malaysia all UMNO VIPs and the Monarchy enjoy immunity from crime?

pinsysu said...

duh ... nothing inside his head for inspection ... more like he needs a head transplant. juz wondering if any of the ministers can pass IQ test. i cry for Msia.

Anonymous said...

Domestic violence is a crime, but it doesn't apply to:
1. The Royalties
2. Foreigners

So, marry into royalty at your own peril, esp foreigners!

Anonymous said...

Evidence ? Evidence ? Evidence ?

Anonymous said...

Well said YB. Why is shahrizat quiet ---isnt she in charge of women"s affair or is she in selected amnesia.

Anonymous said...

Well this is how our DPM handle things.... don't you see it... ;-) When big brother not around the little one simply don't know what to do..... wait until big brother is home!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure there is really a case? Even the accuser had failed to report to the Indonesian police even after they were requested by POLRI.

Or was it just because it involve a royalty family member? Just another double standard comment from a racist based party like DAP?

Why not let Manomara filed an official report with the POLRI?

Anonymous said...

Well you know UMNO has been known to have child-rapist, wife-beaters etc. among their top leaders. Some of the known women-haters are still in Parliament and even won pretty big in the last UMNO GA..

So what is so surprising...

joenathan said...

I think Azeelah Abdullah too needs a psychiatric evaluation.This case now has drawn world attention,it's no more a private matter.There is a claim of domestic violence,therefore it is the duty of the authorities to investigate and not just dismiss is it as a private matter.Women need to be protected from abusive husbands or partners.,Manohara is still a very young lady.So investigate to find out the truth and charge the culprit.If she is lying than charge her and vice versa.

We seem to be scoring so many dubious distinctions lately.All these issues are reflecting poorly on the credibility of our criminal justice system in the eyes of the world,this in turn would definitely have a direct effect on FDIs.

Anonymous said...

Do you watch closely her press conference ?

Say cheeseeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Most of Umno fellas need head checked anyhow, what is the different of Muhyiddin and Nazri? Right! no different.

True, this is personal matter, don't get too involved. If you don't agree with me, go ask Lim Guan Eng. We still need you to look at PKFZ, and your family need you around to change baby dippers.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

When her rescue was done by the US embassy,Indonesian embassy and the Singapore's police .
It is no longer a personal issue.
It is world affairs.
The whole world read it.

Anonymous said...

hmm... How is our Super-Minister Mr.Koh gonna grade our DPM? F+, maybe a yellow card.

I can't wait for the report card.

Anonymous said...

how to put this into our minister's KPI ? btw, none of the women ministers came out to say a word about this & they claim to be champion for all women ? podah. typical of BN = beyond normal. they are more worried about their positions in the cabinet. anyway YB, i suggest not to waste your time on this & leave it to teresa kok or hannah yeoh. this should be their arena. let them put pressure on the women ministers.