Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hanky-Panky With Alam Flora Contracts?

The DAP views the expose by MBPJ councillor, A Thiruvenggadam, alleging that the state divides Alam Flora's waste management contracts to political parties - 40 percent to PKR, 30 percent to PAS and 30 percent to DAP as reported in Malaysiakini a few days ago with grave and serious concern.

I've issued a press statement with regards to the above with regards to the issue, but it wasn't picked up by Malaysiakini. PKR Vice-President R Sivarasa had a response to the issue (which is not the position of the DAP) which is published yesterday.

The Selangor State Executive Council must immediately investigate the veracity of these claims which poses serious credibility threats to the Pakatan Rakyat state government. We would like to call upon the executive councillor for infrastructure and public amenities, Datuk Dr Hassan Mohd Ali, who is in-charge of Alam Flora waste management services to confirm or deny the allegations.

The allegations, if true, will put us on a slippery slope to become a Government which condones on patronage and cronyism, no different from Barisan Nasional. If the allegations are however, found to be false or misguided, then Thiruvenggadam must apologise for his allegations.

The DAP strongly condemns any move which condones patronage politics where politicians get to decide the contractors get the jobs for public services contracts. We are firm in our belief that these contracts must be tendered to all qualified parties in an open, transparent and competitive manner. Only then will the rakyat receive the best quality services at the lowest possible prices.

The DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat Government in Penang has taken great pains to ensure that politicians are not put in a position to indulge in patronage politics which promotes corruption and nepotism. Even in the face of strong political opposition within the Pakatan Rakyat component parties to reserve plum positions such as MPSP or MPPP president's post, the Penang government has stuck to its guns to promote worthy civil servants instead. This serves to ensure that our policy of competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) is not only preached, but practised.

Hence, regardless of the allegations, the Selangor Government must dismiss any lingering suspicions over the manner in which sub-contracts by Alam Flora are “allocated” by announcing implementation of a competitive tender, even if it's limited to Class F contractors, to ensure that corruption and cronyism will not take root under Pakatan's administration, and the rakyat receives the best deal.

As such, we disagree with the position taken by Sivarasa today who said "...we see nothing wrong in different parties recommending names, individuals recommending names or the parties themselves recommending names. But the fact that all the three parties recommend names, shows the work will be spread out. "

Political parties have no position, business or role in putting forward names of preferred contractors for the purposes of municipal council contracts.


Anonymous said...

Fight on. The people reject BN's corruption and cronyism.

truthfully one said...

Simple, you go ask Ronnie Liu to tell you the real truth. ( I mean not the politcal language but from his own heart)

Richard Cranium said...

These PKR buggers are no different once you scratch their outer veneer. These blue-PKR people still bleed Umno-red.

Sivarasa is being pedantic (just like a lawyer) when he say Alam Flora is free to appoint anyone they wish when one of the ruling party "recommends" a name to be used.

Just call for a open-tender and evaluate the best providers. Is that so hard to do?

Eric said...

I cannot nearly express how delighted I am that you took up this fight. I, and I believe most people, support PR only so far as it is an improvement over BN's incompetence and corruption.
If PR is just meant to replace BN cronies with PR cronies, then tak payah. I may just stay home, make money and emigrate in the end (pretty much what BN people do by the way). Tony, and DAP at large I hope, keep up the good fight, we will keep supporting you.

1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.

Anonymous said...

What about the allegation of malpractices by DAP Seberang Perai South Division Head? Care to comment on that too.....

matt said...

Tony all that the councillor said is true and the worst part is the councillors are also invovled.The thing that pr leaders should be vary about is the civil servants(heads of dept) in the local councils as they are really the most corrupt ones.

Don't tell me that like sivarasa said to give letters of recommendations,everything is ok.What siva fails to see is the fact that this letters are used to make procedures look right.I have written to most of the pr leaders but sadly to avail.

Anonymous said...

It is not enough to be clean. Pakatan must be seen to be so.
There must be a transparent process in the awarding of jobs and contracts.
Confidentiality ends when the awards have been made and all documents can be scrutinise.

mat t said...

Tony do some reserch and then tell us why after 8/3 the 2 most powerful civil
servants in Selangor namely the ss and state financial off who were khir toyol cronies not transeffered

I will give u a hint as sama kampung with pr bigshot ma.

Anonymous said... the end its $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$that matters

makan mesti cari said...

politician, be it from BN or Pakatan Rakyat, still need to cari makan what!!

You think politician feed on air?

Don't pretend be be naive.

NEO said...

I'm a DAP member prior to 308GE

I have paid two year membership fee expiry on 14 Jan 2010.

I would like to say that I will not re-new the membership.

The performance of PR Perak and Selangor have disappointed me a lot!

Lot of newly elected EXCO have started showing the symptom of Power Crazy & Stupidity.

If they want to get rich, then just go into business!

Anonymous said...

open burning in klang & illegal mining operations still going on all over in rawang, btg berjuntai, puchong, kundang, kajang, etc etc. no difference to umno-bn led state. sad to say.

Anonymous said...

ahli politik,pelakon yg handal.
rakyat biasa,bukan senang nak bezakan siapa mereka yg sebenarnya.
berjuang utk rakyat?bangsa?negara?atau demi kekayaan diri sendiri?
siapa yg tahu?

[ the 3RD PARTY ] said...

YB Pua,

It's always good to see you given spontaneous response to spontaneous issue raised out by your rival.

Have you ever heard about “无间道" ? Being a politician, you've been well taught by your "boss" - YAB LGE to be always caution in picking up your Pakatan aide to assist your government; be alert of any uncertainty and get ready to "chop-off" anybody who you (DAP/Pakatan) believed was an enemy in state!

For the Malaysiakini NOT pick up your statement/article which suspiciously contradicted against your/DAP partner - the PKR, don't be surprised of their so called "justice" and "freedom of speech" ! These twos they claimed to consistently support !!
Btw, for more of the ridiculous nonsense and deception by the so called "integrity" newsblog, check out here and here at:

You should knew better than me what's the Malaysiakini newsblog represents? People don't voice not mean that they don't know.


[ the 3rd PARTY ]

Lee Wee Tak said...

" These PKR buggers are no different once you scratch their outer veneer. These blue-PKR people still bleed Umno-red. "

- correct, so we should just vote UMNO instead?

funny people are quick to jump on PKR or other PR side whenever there is a hint or actual "caught in the act" of corrupt practice but they forget who introduced, entrenched and consolidate the corruption culture here?

all Malaysians now grow up in a corrupt environment

rant and rave all we want but can we hear some heart warming true stories where people turn down offers, reported the case and good guys get rewarded while bad guys get punished? (this include cleaning the ranks within PR parties)

LGE has started to RM10K program and until MACC is under PR control, I doubt we can see anything substantial and meaningful in our fight against corruption

Not to say that I trust 100% PR would eradicate corruption but I do not trust BN would eradicate corruption though, so prove me wrong, a tax payer says

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep Pakatan on the straight and narrow path.

We don't have enough leaders like you. Thank you for your good work.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Open air burning - please ask your daring PKR Environmental Minister - Eli Wong!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Did you get the DAP's portion of the contracts?

Anonymous said...

For your information on open burning, the responsibility lies with the Department of Environment and is within the jurisdiction of the Federal Minister and not a state matter.

The State Exco responsible for Environment has no enforcement jurisdiction nor the legal muscle to catch the culprit.

This fact must be embedded in everyone's mind. You cannot hold Eli Wong responsible when the Federal Minister responsible for environment is keeping mum like a mouse on this open burning issue.