Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kicked Out of Parliament

Just a short note to say that I've been kicked out of the parliament today for the stupidest of reasons by the Deputy Speaker, Datuk Wan Junaidi.

The flash reports in The Star and Malaysiakini is just a little inaccurate, saying that I've been kicked out for refusing to sit when seeking clarification from Pasir Salak who was speaking.

Sequence of events:

Pasir Salak talks about Ong Tee Keat having already answered his questions on PKFZ. He follows that up with the fact that Proton is of such importance and is a critical success for Malaysia.

I stood up during that time to seek clarification. I remained standing while waiting for a signal from Pasir Salak whether I can or cannot interject. No signals from him.

After a couple of minutes, the Deputy Speaker got upset for one reason or other with me standing (I was the only one) and asked me to sit.

I replied that I'm standing to seek clarification, (and that's the protocol in parliament). I said that if Pasir Salak refuses to let me interject, I will sit. But he hasn't made known his intentions, so I wait.

The Deputy Speaker then went ahead to scold me for standing, telling me that it is Pasir Salak's floor. I told the speaker, I'm fully aware it is his floor, hence I stand up politely (e.g., without banging tables or shouting) to wait for him to provide me the opportunity to ask my questions.

The Deputy Speaker then scolded me again, to say that when the Speaker ask me to sit, I must listen to the speaker and sit.

I responded that if the Speaker asks me to sit, I will obey and sit. But please do not scold me for standing up to seek clarification, because I am not in the wrong. I asked him to be fair to me.

The Deputy Speaker then sternly asked me to sit. I sat i.e., I obeyed his instructions contrary to what he explained to the press.

Then the Deputy Speaker went on to make some unfair, cryptic remarks about misbehaving MPs etc (details which I'll get from the Hansard tomorrow) and I got upset.

I stood up again to say that his remarks were extremely unfair and uncalled for as I was not in the wrong at all.

The Deputy Speaker then suspended me for the day. I can only assume that it was because he couldn't stand losing face on the argument.

I shall end here for now and keep the rude language to myself.
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