Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kelana Jaya LRT Extension Proposal

This is a response I received from transport activist, Moaz Ahmad with regards to the blog post I wrote on the Kelana Jaya football field development. He has made several constructive suggestions with regards to the LRT services which I will bring up in the next parliamentary sitting.

Hi Tony

I wanted to post some comments regarding your posting on the Kelana Jaya football field development. I also agree that the site should be maintained as is, without the development planned. It is interesting to note that the site of the FAS field is not very far away from the RapidKL LRT line, as you can see from the photo below.

Existing track between Kelana Jaya to Lembah Subang (service station)

I believe that it would be beneficial if the PJ Councillors and ADUN and MPs collectively called for RapidKL to extend the LRT line to the Lembah Subang Depot and convert the existing tracks to revenue (passenger carrying) service.

A well-designed station could service Kelana Jaya and Lembah Subang and Ara Damansara, which would improve the quality of life in these areas. It would also increase the value of land and properties in the area - meaning that the council could collect higher charges from developers who want to build near an LRT station. It would also help the MBPJ concentrate development in the areas around the LRT stations - Transit Planning Zones or TPZ to borrow a planning term.

Aside from the immediate area there is also the benefit of future extensions and better public transport service. Lembah Subang is next to the NKVE, giving an opportunity for a fast bus connection to Shah Alam or KL or Subang Jaya. It is also just off Subang Airport road - giving the opportunity for a connection to the Subang Airport. There is also a possibility that the LRT can be extended to the Shah Alam Stadium area, which would be a great site for an intermodal transit terminal (Bus, KTM, LRT).

The cost of constructing the station at Lembah Subang would be very low - the LRT guideway is already in place and there are already platforms with roof structures as well.

Proposed link between Sg Buloh KTM station and the proposed Kota Damansara station
(Which by the way, based on replies from the transport Ministry is at least 5-10 years away)

The same consideration should be given to an extension of the proposed Kota Damansara - Cheras line to the KTM station at Sg. Buloh. Having this extension would allow a better interchange between the new line and the KTM service - giving passengers more choices to help them get into KL or out of KL. Sg. Buloh is also a site for a proposed intermodal transit facility, bringing together the KTM, express buses, and now the MRT.

I and the members of TRANSIT would be happy to give you some information regarding the benefits of an extension of the LRT to Lembah Subang and the extension of the proposed Kota Damansara - Cheras line to Sg. Buloh.

Kind Regards

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad


Dan said...

Try to take KTM (Keretapi Turtle Malaysia) at Mid Valley or KL Sentral then you will know what is the feel!

then you will know "long time" journey!!!

Halo our PM, please do something for wawasan 2020!!!



Anonymous said...

Talk Only No Action.

Anonymous said...

great constructive ideas. we need more MOAZ

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Malaysian.

The overwhelming crowd at the Mid valley (MV)station, especially on a public holiday, really put one off going to MV. Sometimes we may not be able to go inside the coach as it is packed like sardin esp from MV to KL Sentral. Well, we just wait for the next coach due in 15-20 min. The worst part is when the scheduled time arrive, the PA will announce that "due to technical reasons, this train will be cancelled"

Therefore, one will enjoy the "long time" journey as what Malaysian said.

Really pity passengers who are from these groups: old, children, pregnant ladies, mothers with babies and family with >2 children. Also pick pockets are aplenty in such crowded environment.

Suggest that during peak hours, KTM should provide extra coaches linking MV to KL Sentral station ONLY as 60% of the passengers usually alight at KL Sentral Station. KTM will have to think of logistic schedule then as there are interstate coaches, KTM Seremban and others plying this route.

Alternatively, build a pedestrian bridge to link to the Abdullah Hukum LRT station. The bridge near the flats is too far away from either the Bangsar/Abdullah Hukum LRT station.

Anonymous said...

Just returned from Seoul. Simply amazed at their rail system. Bet you even in 100 years we will be no where near what they are today. Maybe Najib should go there and see for himself

Anonymous said...

Check out this blog regarding the ktm situation at Midvalley ;)

True Fiction said...


I am surprised that as a "transport activist", En Moaz and his fellow members at TRANSIT show no awareness that the LRT (Kelana and Ampang) line extension is already ongoing.

So before you raise the matter of "Lembah Subang Station" in Parliament and end up looking like a simpleton, I suggest you check with the Ministry of Finance, specifically Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad on progress of the LRT extension.

Unknown said...

True Fiction

The members of TRANSIT and myself are quite aware of the proposed LRT extensions and these have been profiled in our blogsite at

I hope that you and others are aware that planning for these extensions is without public onsultation. Also, I hope that you are aware that fianl consulting still has yet to occur. Hopefully you are also aware that construction of these extensions will take as many as 6 years to complete.

We cannot wait 6 years for the congestion problems in Kelana Jaya to be resolved!

The short extension proposal described above is a temporary solution that can be carried out within 6-months to 1 year at a very low cost.


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad
on behalf of TRANSIT

Anonymous said...

You guys why want to go to MV when it is very clear that you will be trapped and caught in the jam? You should also complain to MV Management. Afterall they are squeezing and emptying all your money. Lookk at how much of parking fees they collect from all motorists whereas Carrfour get you in freely.They make zilllions and they should invest some money for a proper station and work with KTM to have a transit station there.

Unknown said...

Not forgetting a Park & Ride facility. There seems to be ample land around the proposed station. If the land is private, I wonder whether the developers can be compelled to provide facilities to support transit passengers under TOD ...?

Anonymous said...

there is no interchange for LRT and KTM in Subang to Kelana Jaya area, if people are taking KTM and they want to change to LRT, they need to go futher, it is wasting time. i would suggest government take the money they earn from petrol to build a well manage public transport system like Singapore or London to serve the people who live in Klang Valley.

Anonymous said...

sad to say that the public transport system is there, but without on time and effectively manage it, it is still a dream for us to use public transport to travel to work, that is the reason why most of the people buy car and stuck in a jam during peak period, and yet the bus couldn't running on time due to the jam. so... bad circulation.