Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shout, Shout, Shout It Aloud...

The by-election results call for the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly, signifies the continuing irrelevance of race-based politics and demonstrates the lack of confidence in our newly installed Prime Minister.

The most decisive and convincing manner by which Pakatan Rakyat have won the two by-elections in Peninsula Malaysia, particularly in Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat where the majority increased by nearly 100%, demonstrates without a doubt the aspirations of Malaysians. Together with the overwhelming results from Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu in the past few months, the people have sent the following very loud messages to the Barisan Nasional government.
  1. The results are a clear endorsements of the Pakatan Rakyat 10 month-old Perak government for its multi-racial and multi-cultural policies benefiting the rakyat from all segments of the community. 

    The Kuala Sepetang polling district where the Chinese community comprises 97% of the 2,311 electorate voted 84.3% for a PAS candidate. This is an earth-shaking result demonstrating that barriers to racial and communal politics are being torn down and are being replaced by the politics of good and quality governance. 

    This is an indisputably historic result of enormous significance on the continued relevance of Barisan Nasional race-based “model” of governance.

  2. The sizeable increase in victory margin for the Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin clearly sends the message to our newly installed Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak that the people wants the Perak State Assembly to be dissolved for fresh elections. The Prime Minister had on 6th March said that he wanted to “build a democracy responsive to the people’s needs” when he was commenting on the roles of the “new and old media”. 

    It is therefore high time, as a new Prime Minister, to do the right thing for democracy in Malaysia by ensuring that the people of Perak gets a Government theythemselves elect via the dissolution of the current state assembly.

  3. Finally, despite the tremendous odds – the feel good factor from a newly installed Prime Minister, a “successfully” concluded UMNO General Assembly, the 'pop star' presence of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, allocations amounting to millions to Chinese and Tamil schools which would not have resulted if not for the by-elections and the sudden release of some Hindraf ISA detainees, Malaysians in the Peninsula have voted for Pakatan Rakyat, a year-old coalition, which can only represent a dismal lack of confidence in our 6th and new prime minister. 
Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has his work cut out for him and it is quite clear that Malaysians will not give him a 100-day honeymoon period to perform. He must hence immediately institute firm and resolute measures to eradicate corruption, overhaul archaic and repressive laws and dismantle discriminatory policy tools antithetical to his “One Malaysia” agenda.


Anonymous said...

Yes Brother Tony!

My message to ALL Malaysians please vote for DAP, PAS & PKR, together let us stay united and KICK OUT Barisan Najis in the upcoming GE13!

Makkal Sakthi!

Hidup PR, Hidup DAP, Matikan UMNO & Barisan Najis!

Anonymous said...

people of perak has spoken once again. not to forget the bros in kedah. not only to najib but also to tdm. he thought he could make a difference (he really craves the attention). they got it all wrong.

god only knows how many millions najib & co spent to try to win these 2 bukits. batang ai was kacang putih to BN & was expected to win as majority are Ibans. these are hardcore poor & can't blame them for being seduced by BN oil-$...from Terengganu/Sarawak/Sabah.

after this, let's hope the bn-government will move on & stop all the political attacks on opposition party held states. being puppet to tdm will not be easy.

Anonymous said...

The message is very loud, but certain parties pretended not to hear!! ( as expected)

bla bla bla said...

"The Kuala Sepetang polling district where the Chinese community comprises 97% of the 2,311 electorate voted 84.3% for a PAS candidate. This is an earth-shaking result demonstrating that barriers to racial and communal politics are being torn down and are being replaced by the politics of good and quality governance."

Is MCA (Malaysian CHINESE Association) still relevant if the Chinese do not support them?

Anonymous said...

Unprecedented 84.3% Chinese vote for PAS! Shocking! New hope for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

we win!!! yes.

but the monster BN is still very strong. so don't be careless while enjoying the victory.

Anonymous said...

The Bukit Selambau win was the most impressive I thought. 15 candidates, a basically unknown candidate, Dr. M's homestate and he no longer is the dividing factor within UMNO, and the margin was even bigger.

Bukit Gantang was a good win but not within the publicity that was spinned before the result. It by no means guaranteed that 3 years from now, PR will win the state again and even if it still can, by a wide margin.

But Batang Ai is a whole other story. Sarawak and Sabah is far from within grasp of PR. It can still make in roads but I put it to you that PR biggest issue in East Malaysia is simply money and quite a bit of it.

Frankly, PR is in trouble. It needs a renewed strategy. Somehow, it either got to find a way to win Federal Govt without depending on Sabah and Sarawak OR it must find a way to get a lot of money to be channeled into Sabah and Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

t is moments like this tat I am proud being a Malaysian

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


People can see further on the hills
They can recognise those with skills
Not so easily fooled by entertaining thrills
They want those responsible to pay their bills

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080409
Wed. 8th Apr. 2009.

Unknown said...

Hidup PR!

Unknown said...

I have already said before.

Even if you put a good PAS Malay against an MCA candidate in a Chinese majority seat, I'll still vote PAS.

MCA still exists today because there is an UMNO to prop it up.

Anonymous said...

Let us enjoy the UMNO song here before it becomes irrelevant:
Bersatu Bersedia Berkhidmat

Bersatu kita bersatu
Dengan setia berganding bahu
Jiwa teguh berpadu
Kita rumpun melayu.

Bersama kita bersama
Mendukung hasrat semua
Berjasa pada bangsa
Agama dan negara.

Lambang kita yang gagah
Dipandang mulia dan indah
Bersatu, Bersetia, Berkhidmat

UMNO terus mara
Untuk rakyat malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone who has worked so hard!

Now back to work - I would like to see a shadow cabinet formed to keep BN-Nojib on their toes. You may not get it right straighaway, but we will all learn something. We will also know where the speciality gaps are and all the parties will have enough time till the next GE to recruit Quality people to join their parties, and be prepared to rule should the Rakyat give you the keys to Putrajaya!


leedon said...

Racial politics is still very much alive in Malaysia. When BN harped on the racial card and played up the Royalty sentiment, the suceeded in genting the Malays to vote for them. Looks like the Chinese has had enough of BN after 52 years. When confronted by a snake and BN the chinese will kill the BN first. What DAP needs to do now, is to get some credible Malay members and field them as candidates in the next GE. That way, PR can send BN into oblivion. By the way, time to get PR registered as a political party.

marcus63 said...

tony, yes savour the victory for a few more days and then get back to work for the rakyat. the battle is far from over. until and unless umno is no longer in power, only then they know the true meaning of reform, otw they only know the divide and rule strategy of using race, religion and royalty (only if it suits them).
i would like to comment on anon's observation that pr needs to work harder to win over east malaysia if it were to succeed in taking over the federal government. you missed 1 important point that batang ai was not won by umno, but by the local sarawak bn, which interestingly, kept umno out of the picture and that was why they won, although there was also speculation that there was vote fraud being committed. but in any case, the rakyat has shown through these by-elections the score of rakyat 4, umno 0. the pattern is clear - where there is umno presence, the rakyat have consistently rejected it, and this will include sabah, but not sarawak.
yes, the work is cut out for pr in ge13, but it is not such a big hill to climb. the focus is to bring down umno, and the component parties in sabah/sarawak will think twice about staying in bn, or they can opt out to join pr.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

But too bad that the folks of batang Ai voted differently.
It is hard for us to understand the Borneo side plus the mind boggling logistic to reach them.
Are we that weak in Borneo?
Only bandar Kuching we can be proud of.

PR ,keep up the pace and excellent work .It is good to see that the people are supportive of having 2 party system . States/County held by PR will be training grounds for our PR future ministers.
Now is just a probation period.
Or incubation time.
The potential is there , we just have to wait for a snap election or another 4 years.
(but i dont think najib can last 4 years without an early election)

Anonymous said...

MCA is negligible when compared to UMNO, the rakyat knew that. It does not matter anymore how loud MCA shout at UMNO. When UMNO does not change, MCA is like a speck of dust that nobody noticed.

Anonymous said...


Since PR and DAP are vote into Government especially like Penang and Selangor, PR Government has to deliver - downturn is here and PR Government have to do something to ensure people are not impact badly. As State Government, they are not soley responsible. But if PR can shows that they are beeter planers and doers, the next federal Government will be yours>

gina said...

I was in Kuala Sepetang over the weekend and listened to the resident's conversations and sure enough, YB Nizar won! They were given free newspapers, free rice, money to register and free makan with lucky draws for free bicycles!! And no one give a shit to vote for BN also! Hahaha!

I wonder what will happen to the "promise" to grant the squatters living on the railway of old KTM as stated over the newspapers that, they will be granted land title as soon as the by election is over?

Anonymous said...

I think we are getting closer and closer to the unevitable big change.. Its long coming and i believe the change will offer all the Malaysians a better future.

So Tony, remember not to give up even you face with tough challenges.. because we are all in the process of the biggest history making in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

bn is still doing selective hearing...so let it be. majority did not buy the '1-malaysia' mumbo jumbo. this is just slogan after slogan from bn. above the 1-malaysia will always be ketuanan melayu whatever that means in a modern society. it is racist. it's equate to white-supremacy. but when it is called white-supremacy...burn down american flag & all that. but ketuanan melayu...eh, different. does it not translate to malay-supremacy? if that is not racist, then white-supremacy is neither.

ketuanan rakyat is still original. our new pm just try to copycat p-r philosophy. still think that rakyat is like those living in jungle. i am sure if the ibans in btg ai have internet access, the votes may be different. problem is they depend too much on bn spoonfeeding. this is the root of the problem for p-r i believe in states like sabah / sarawak where the interior are so helpless they are afraid to face the wrath of bn on them. they need a very strong leader there to pull them out of their shell to see the light.

Anonymous said...

have more by-elections...it will bankrupt najib (bn). looks like more millions down the smart tunnel again.

anyway, time to get back to serious governing now that all the by-election circus is over. time to take stock, re-strategise & get rolling on the shadow cabinet. who knows, suddenly putra jaya sink & take the entire cabinet with it. we will need a back-up government to run the country within 24hours. just like usa, the vice president is a substitute president should anything happens to president. life is good being a vice president...do nothing throughout the term, play golf, enjoy tax payers perks...only wish nothing happens to president.

Anonymous said...


The 13th GE should be in 3 years time or maybe less, please make sure your PJ DAP team start preparing now. We dont want MCA to come back.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Perakian.. proud of you!

Tony, the message is loud to BN, but it is also loud to PR, don't just shout with other's inefficiency, how about PR??

You guys are still far away to what we want... A true democratic system which will not allow BN, PR or whoever to corrupt.

No celebration even if BN fall, they just deserve it, but the fact is, PR is not deserve for a greater winning yet. your alliance need to evolve....