Thursday, April 09, 2009

All I Have To Do Is Dream..

This remembering of nostalgic songs from the past is making me feel old...

But I can't help but be reminded of them with the rather hilarious antics of MCA over the past few days.

On the 5th April, two days before the tri-elections, MCA had the "audacity" via a junior little-known leader, deputy secretary-general, Datuk Loke Yuen Yow to call the new Prime Minister to create a 2nd Deputy Prime Minister position, and of course, proposed his party boss, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat for the post.

This move was expectedly ridiculed by their UMNO masters, led by newly elected vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.
Umno vice-president Hishamuddin Hussien poured cold water on the idea, according to Berita Harian yesterday. "I have never heard their (MCA) leaders raising this in cabinet, BN management meetings or BN supreme council meetings," said Hishamuddin, who is also education minister.

Similarly, ousted Umno supreme council member Rais Yatim said Najib has better things to do than to entertain MCA's suggestion. "A second deputy prime minister post does not exist in the Federal Constitution. What is more important is to help win the by-elections," said Rais, who is also foreign minister.
I'm sure the retort would have been more scathing if not for the fact that there were the elections going-on. 

But what's most ironic must be the fact that within 2 days, MCA had to call for an emergency presidential council meeting to beg the Prime Minister to retain its current 4 ministers and 6 deputy ministership within the new proposed cabinet, which is now expected to be trimmed to 3 ministers and 4 deputies!

Talk about taking a tentative, calculated step forward only to be hit 3 steps back! It's really a case of All MCA Has to do is Dreeeaaamme.....
I need you so that I could die
I love you so and that is why
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream
Dream, dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream
 Here's looking "forward" to Najib's new cabinet to be announced in a few hours time. Lets repeat the chorus now... ;-) Dream, dream, dream...


Anonymous said...

If US can have a minority president and S'pore used to have a Indian DPM, how come M'sia cannot have a Chinese DPM?

Simple, the same old reason - "Ketuanan Melayu" proves the rhetoric crap of Najib's 1Malaysia (which is a copycat version of DAP's Malaysia First).

Eric said...

Let's drop the Ketuanan apa-apa bangsa/ minoriti, people should be where they are because they are the best in the job.

I am fine with a 100% Malay, Indian, Dayak or lain-lain cabinet if you prove me all of them are the best in their job.

Anonymous said...


HHEHE said...

hehehee Tony...

This Loke Yuen Yow is no kuci rat, he was Deputy Minister of Finance Malaysia (1986 – 1995).

That time we're too young to remember heheheee...

Anonymous said...

Hoping for Wee Ka Siong to be kicked out !!!!

Anonymous said...

Nojib just finished reading his list of cabinet. Not inspired, still the same old divide and rule. Nojib still want to hold onto Finance minister post, Tsu Koon got a unity post, Mamak Kutty got a Timb Menteri post for his son, PJU ousted-MP got a deputy minister post too.

None for Khairy - a first for the UMNO Youth! A retired military-man in-charge of religous affair, also a first! Must read the whole list and make sense out of it. On the surface looks like Nojib has drawn up a list of suporters, nothing else.


Anonymous said...

MCA is like stray dogs begging for more food.

Anonymous said...

he is not a junior leader. he is a DATUK!!!

Anonymous said...

The issue of individual from which race should assume no.1 post shouldn't arise.

The most important thing is whether the individual is supported by most of the people if not all the people of Malaysia or not. I simply echo what TDM has said.

Even Lee Hsien Loong has once said that most Singaporeans are not yet ready for a non-Chinese PM. It does not mean a non-Chinese cannot assume the office.

If a Malaysian Chinese were to be a PM, he/she must be the one who is supported by almost all Malaysians.

Credibility is the next important criterion.

If any individual who has these two criteria, he/she should be qualified to assume no. 1 office in the country.

Anonymous said...

Of course its dissapointing. You think he does not know that? With Najib, its 80:20 rule - 80% spin, 20% real. But the idea is overtime it adds up to be enough. At the end of it, he can admit its more spin than real but all the changes still adds up and claim victory.
Its also a bet that Malaysian are pathetic as far as expectation are concern because they can be made to lower it.

Its a war of attrition or divide and conquer still. He is betting if he does not make sensational mistake, PR can't make progress and will fall apart if they can't move forward.

Anonymous said...

MCA = Money Collecting Association
UMNO = U Must Not Oppose


The Unladen Swallow said...

Perhaps our country is not yet ready for a non-Malay prime, or even deputy prime minister. Sorry fellows, but maybe not in a long, long time.

Though if you want to push for one, I would suggest you start with a Malay female prime or deputy prime minister. Now wouldn't that be a step in the right direction? Just a thought.