Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The UMNO Low-Down

If defending the constitution constitutes "derhaka", UMNO who forcibly changed the constitution, taking powers away from Raja-raja Melayu is...?

Kasi buang Mahathir dan seluruh kabinet pada masa tu dari Malaysia?


Anonymous said...

This is not low....but ultra -low.

The more the UMNO doing, will not only expose their cheap class personalities but make people wonder this is what a 50year old party has learnt from 308 GE.

They deserved to be dissolved coz they dont worth a single cent now.

amoker said...

Quite sad how they treat Karpal. I mean, i am even sad how they treat Abdullah.. so it is not racial.

Anonymous said...

dear yb tony,

someone should jst replace yb karpal image with mahatir?


Anonymous said...

They are so sick. Real thugs.

A nation led by samsengs? Sanctioned by the King. Thanks so much.

- Siew Eng

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Now that abdullah is out of the picture it is a fight between Anwar and najib. It is a straight fight between the two malay leaders.
Correction, it is a fight between a pseudo Melayu and a Malaysian.
Why they want to trample on Karpal Singh ? Is Karpal worse than Khir Toyol and muhdmuhd taib?
At least Karpal never stole from any of us.Karpal merely questions the 'untouchables" .

l藍海 said...


Lee Wee Tak said...

did they get a permit for that?

Anonymous said...

this is cheap & immature politics by bn-umno. new pm say will change...really??? could be another slogan after slogan or nato (no action, talk only) policies like under aab time again.

all the recent release of isa detainees were just political juicing by new pm. the detention should not have been in the 1st place. it is welcomed in good faith but people should not fall into this sugar-coating politics. i certainly do not trust someone who has said will bathe chinese blood with the keris. even if he apologize, which he won't as this will show to the umno-radicals that he is a weak leader.

we must uphold the 2 party agenda for a better & fair democracy. whichever party rules, there must never be another 2004-2008 kind of government. it has shown that by giving bn-umno 90% of the votes, they will turn around & bull-doze the rakyat.

as for the poster of karpal, the p-r should than look at the archives of what bn-umno did back then to de-value the royals & how the media was used to bash them inside out...which eventually reduce the power of monarchs. this is hypocrisy in the open. don't let this opportunity slip. it won't come again.

Anonymous said...


kimanis said...

thanks YB Tony for displaying this banner. it is so funny yet so true. let us all buang thing karpal from malaysia. he not only lawan raja, he also lawan his own boss anwar ibrahim by saying anwar is in incompetent and need to taubat. let us all buang karpal from Malaysia!