Thursday, April 23, 2009

Election Commission - A Stooge?

I wrote on the Election Commission helmed by the new Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof here and here earlier, questioning its credibility over its dubious decisions.

Sdr Lim Kit Siang earlier today lambasted the Election Commission as a "mouthpiece and appendage of the Barisan Nasional government" and asked for an explanation to be given to us, in a meeting was held later in the afternoon, which I had attended.

(By the way, 10 MPs from Pakatan Rakyat turned up for the meeting including 6 from DAP. PAS Elections Director, Mustafa Ali was also present. On the other hand, in the same briefing/meeting with the Barisan Nasional component parties in the morning, only 4 junior officials turned up. It certainly reflects how much they take the Elections Commission for granted.)

Of interest was the rationale behind the delay in the announcement of the Penanti state seat election status. For the first time in the history of Malaysia, the Election Commission failed to make an announcement on the vacated seat after its meeting. Instead, the EC promised only an announcement next Monday, 5 days after its meeting.

I raised the question on why something so odd is happening and it's giving the impression that the EC has to wait for a decision from UMNO Supreme Council meeting to be held this Friday in none other than Permatang Pauh itself, before it can make any formal announcements!

The EC chairman responded that he's totally unaware of any such Supreme Council meeting, or when it's being held.

He further provided the reason that the delay was due to the fact the schools and venues for nomination and results announcement have yet been finalised as these schools have not yet given formal "consent". Hence, the EC has to wait til Monday before being able to announcement dates and venue of the by-elections. This is of course the first time in its 43 years of history that the EC has been unable to secure confirmation of venue for its by-elections during their meeting! (Says a lot about Najib's "performance now" mantra). That is of course, if you chose to believe his excuse.

But he did assure us that the by-elections is definitely "on". However, when pressed, he refused to make the announcement that it is "on" first, followed by its details on Monday. This was despite our advise to the EC that by at least announcing the confirmation of by-elections, it'll help remove to some degree, the negative perception of the EC as an appendage of UMNO.

So there you have it. Make your own informed opinions. ;-)


Anonymous said...

the EC is a law unto itself and is turning into a lawless agency.

how can someone be so thick skin and not feel ashame with such blatant lies? truly amazing how one prostitute himself just to keep his position. in Japan, the perosn would have hanged himself. Here, they feel so proud for being an idiot.

Jason - Puchong said...

Do you agree with the proposal by Tan Keng Liang (Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief) which wanted the penalty of RM50k for ADUN and RM100k for MP if the resign without good reason?
Dato' Mukhriz (deputy minister of MITI) had also agreed to it and it has been reported that EC is considering this proposal.

I personally find it hard to believe that EC chairman is so serious about a proposal sent by this small chief in gerakan.
I think we must work hard to tell EC to stop all ridiculuos proposal.

Anonymous said...

Time for Bersih II?

Anonymous said...

They should be called UC instead of EC. UC = Umno Commission.

Anonymous said...

YB, the truth is if you and the rest of PAKATAN MPs move around and visit all the government departments and agencies, you will find the replicas and the behaviour of all the so called head who are ever willing to prostitute their profession and be the UMNO/BN stooge. The main reason why we are behind time and the worst think is, mostly they are mediocre.
Surely you know when incompetency and mediocrity have infiltrated the organization, what will be the outcome? Tiada harapan la YB as too many of them around..!

Anonymous said...

No. Worse than a stooge. The EC chairman is a charlatan.

Anonymous said...


While u busy blogging, there are comments on you at this blog.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of stooges around to safeguard certain interests! Just look around.....
It is a system that take care of itself ( or more the upper echelon)
Its $$$$$$$$$,,,,follow instructions and keep your mouth shut and there will be more $$$$$$$$$$$

Shawn Tan said...

But hoh, isn't Fairus's resignation only effective on Monday? If that is the case, then I think it's fair that the EC doesn't say anything until the resignation comes into affect. Don't you think so?

Unknown said...

Umm... Shawn, his resignation effective some 2 weeks ago la...

George from Sunway said...

I have just read MStar Online just now and notice that Tan Keng Liang (i.e. the Gerakan Kedah Youth chief) stated that the Chairman of the Election Commission, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusuf and his deputy, Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar were only acting professionally to consider the view of all Malaysians in order to improve the elections law in Malaysia.
In defiance of Lim Kit Siang statement (especially calling is proposal to SPR silly), he totally disagree with the criticism made against the Election Commision.

Do you think that SPR was acting professionally these days?

Perhaps you can write something on this SPR of Malaysia.

George from Sunway

Anonymous said...


All parties in PR should be informed that BN has use institutions like Polis, Judicial and EC to put up obstacles against PR. Rather than taking a defensive mode PR should be ready to pounce against them.

Tell them, who pay taxes?

Anonymous said...


some people are of the opinion that the existing 5 years penalty now for assemblyman is good enough to stop the unreasonable resignation by them.

BUT what if the assemblyman is no longer interested to be assemblyman in the next 5 years? i.e. he just resign to be businessman, or to further studies. Then he come back to contest 5 years later?
Isn’t that unfair to Malaysians?

I think that there must a greater punishment for unreasonable resignation by assemblyman. I don’t agree with Tan Keng Liang's penalty idea of 50k/100k for adun/mp as the punishment is not strong enough.

Those politician like Fairus and Anwar is just wasting people’s money and time.
I am actually from Penang and a strong DAP supporter BUT i m very sick of PKR problem at Penanti. How can he just resign after 1 year in office? (just because he want to study and spent time with his family. Even his alleged corruption case is not even brought to court yet. And now MACC had clear him).
Very irresponsible.
So, what punishment has Fairus got? The 5 years ban is nothing is his situation.

Unknown said...

this is an extract of a report by an independent journalist which shows that the Election Commission is just PRO BN! If you support this report, please cut and paste on every group in every BLOG n place in this world. Thank you.

"The same views have been echoed by no less than the Election Commission (EC). Plus, the EC has openly supported proposals by some BN leaders such as Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and Tan Keng Liang to prevent "unnecessary" elections. These include suggestions for stricter laws, and penalties for elected reps or their parties should an elected representative resign for reasons other than what's stated in Article 48(1) of the Federal Constitution."

Lee Wee Tak said...

didn't the new PM mention something about "performance now"? why the delay? part of his reform?