Monday, April 20, 2009

Kelana Jaya Football Field Development

Before - Kelana Jaya FAS field, as it stands today

Most Petaling Jaya residents will know of the football fields at Kelana Jaya SS7 which used to belong to the Football Association of Selangor. This field has actually been converted into commercial land since 2003, and the developer is planning to execute its development plans.

After? What it may look like in the future
(The condominiums in the background are existing, as per "Before")

Included in the plans are 20 units of 6½ storey shoplots, 72 units of 4½ storey shoplots, and most critically in a subsequent phase, two 15 to 28 storey office blocks with 8 levels of podium.

In December last year, the residents in the vicinity held a peaceful protest over the proposed development which is located in an area where the level of traffic congestion is already intolerable. Even the traffic consultants employed by the developer classified a few roads there with a "F" status.

For this project, the MBPJ has taken pains to ensure that all parties are heard before the development plans are approved (or rejected). Despite initial notification hiccups which were later properly rectified, a public objection period was provided and the council held its first public hearing on the issue on the last Monday, 13th April.

I had during the hearing asked the traffic consultant to take into account not only the impact of the initial proposed development of the low-rise shop lots on the traffic in the area, but also of the subsequent proposed high-rise projects. The assumption of an annual 1.5% increase in organic traffic volume may also not have taken into consideration the other on-going development projects in the vicinity, including "The Paradigm" next door, and various high-density projects in Ara Damansara (across the tunnel).

While the local government is still finding its feet in doing things differently from the previous administration, I'm very happy that public hearings on development projects and issues have become the norm in the proceedings of the MBPJ. Unlike many of the "hand-me-down" projects which I have to look into today, which were clearly not approved with any public consultation at all, residents get their voices heard today, instead of after the project nears completion.

I hope this new, more transparent and accountable processes will become institutionalised in the mindset and administration of MBPJ which can only bring about more sustainable and balanced development in the city we so love. And hopefully with this process, developers will now realise that they will not get their way by "gau tim" the MBPJ officers and councillors, but they will have to listen to the valid and reasonable grouses of the PJ residents.

Hopefully as part of this process, it'll encourage better development strategies (e.g., not cramming the tallest possible building into the small piece of land) but instead creating open parks and spaces, adding value such as ensuring provision of public transport facilities and seeding a better community eco-system within the development area. There are really not many pieces of open land left for development in central PJ, but hopefully with whatever that's left, they can help unwind many of the development hazards of the past.


KY said...

traffic at the area is indeed already very horrible.

Anonymous said...

I'm not against develoment in PJ. The issue is haphazzard construction and traffic congestion, and failure of both developers and the authority to consider the impact on the environment. Air pollution and road congestion are two risks that are often ignored by both these parties. Hopefully the inclusion of an assessment of these 2 factors will be made compulsory for all new proposed developments before being considered. We can also use this as a yardstick to wipe-out those get-rich-quick irresponsible developers. Otherwise, don waste everybody's time.

Ashvin Raj said...

No wonder our soccer standards continue to go down the drain due to development. We simply don't have the infrastructre for sports like football.

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

Please revoke the approval. If compensations were required, hope PR will bring Khir Toyo to task. Force him to vomit the "gau tim" money back to the developers.

Anonymous said...

In the End, what is the outcome of the "Public Hearing"? After the "Public Hearing" will the project still carry-on?

So, what is the different anyway (compare with the previous administration)? If the developer is still able to carry-out the project without taken up any part of "social responsibility". While MBPJ would said, I have done my part, by calling a "Public Hearing"?

Most likely, the developer will said "Yes, I hear you (residents)" but as a management in the company, I need to hear my Boss".

Is this what we want to see by voting out the BN through 2008GE? It seem that the Pakatan is doing nothing on all these Mega project.

Ara said...

What is the plan for the access to Ara Damansara? No news anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Public Hearing?????

This is what the developer said:

Tan Sri Dr Lau Ban Tin, representing the developers, said that the land was "privately-owned" and "was never a public recreation area".

Lau said that "even the existing access road used by residents had not been surrendered to the authorities" and "was in effect still privately-owned".

So, dear residents,

Please be understand that the so-call "Public Hearing" is just a "wayang-kulit". In the end, the developer will continue with it plan!


the so call DAP PJU representatives which call for "Change" in the last election will do nothing! They'll tell you that they have done thier part as the developer have follow all the rules and regulations.

They have no initiative in offer solutions in managing the "demage control".

So, let us vote them out in the next election.

Anonymous said...


No wonder we continue to watch English league. Our bola standard drop so much that we cannot beat Viets. In HK, they have concrete field but here we drink ais kosong.

Why so dense population in that area. How much did MPPJ gets in return for approval?

Anonymous said...

Scary (for me), but I thought the first picture was taken in Singapore.

Calvin Ngan said...

how about buying back the field? leave it an open field for people/kids to play soccer, build a basketball court and more. lots of condo with family and kids living near by.

development is good, somehow we are losing our green. Most cities comes with a beautiful river front or a mountain backdrop, PJ and KL has none to offer.

I say, go green. An open field, prove to the people Pakatan is for the people.

Anonymous said...

We need better public transport.

Yup, Singapore does look like that. That's where the similarity ends. They have world-class public transport - the whole island is going to be well-connected by trains by 2018.

Donplaypuks® said...

Why is it that in blogs like yours you are always scared like tikus to name the developer, the major shareholders, chairman and board of directors so we can exert some pressure on them?

And please answer the most important question. Van PKR/DAP/PAS stop these developmenst where densities have been exceeded or not.

Otw, all these public inquiries are really a waste of time and money!

Seng Hin said...

To Anonymous (4:03pm) and Anonymous (4:13pm), please do not jump to conclusions about the outcome of the 'public hearing' as MBPJ has not come to a decision on the approval plans yet. Please don't just criticise without knowing the facts and please be fair and give credit when and where it is due.

In the previous BN administration, we would never have this chance to voice out our grievances through these 'public hearings', regardless of the MBPJ decision. Development projects would be shoved onto our doorsteps just like the 'stealth mode' conversion of the FAS land status under the previous administration in 2003.

As a resident of Taman Megah Mas who spoke at the public hearing last Monday, I sincerely hope that the problems of the 'illegal tunnels' (notably the north tunnel) and traffic congestion in our taman (especially in Jalan Emas 1 and 2) can be solved as soon as possible.

Our taman used to be known as the 'backyard' of Petaling Jaya but now it is one of the areas with the heaviest traffic volume, no thanks to residents from Ara Damansara, Lembah Subang and the surrounding areas using our roads as short-cuts for their daily activities.

Tony, I plead that you and your team will find a quick and permanent solution to our problems such as maintaining the current available green areas and having a proper access to Ara Damansara etc so that the north tunnel, which has become a curse to our taman, can be FOREVER CLOSED. God Bless.

Seng Hin said...

To donplaypuks® (10:42pm), please don't simply run down this blog as if you have nothing better to do. Tony has put up the link for the development plan in his article. Unfortunately, you had chosen not to click on the link and instead made some unfair and unwarranted accusations.

So, I would suggest you go to the link below to access whatever you need to know about the developer, project details etc.

Btw, have you taken the trouble to attend any of these public hearings/inquiries? If not, then please hold your peace as these are avenues where the grievances of ordinary people like me can be heard.

Anonymous said...

Dear Seng Hin,

I hope you are right! and I hope I was worry to much.

But if you look at the value of these Mega projects (which include the other projects) which run into Billions in $ value! I'm very worry these developers have gang up to offer 10 of milliona to "gau tim" our Pakatan rakyat ADUNs as well. More over, I feel that the Pakatan ADUNS really didn't have interest in defence for the residents on these Mega projects issues!

They always said: "It's already approved prior 308", "Go and ask the MCA developers". "Let the local council handle it!"

Could you accept the above reply?
I hope I'm wrong but I worry they (the Pakatan ADUNS) already "gau tim" by the developer!

Can you rule out this possibility?

Seng Hin said...

Daer Anonymous (8:47am),

I appreciate and share your concern on the Pakatan ADUNS being "gau tim-ed". However, I would like to keep an open mind on the above issues as no decision has been made by MBPJ yet.

I also agree that the ADUNS' frequent answers like those mentioned by you really sucks. They definitely need to do better than that and I believe some of them, especially Tony, Weng San, Hannah and Eli Wong, are doing something about it.

Whatever it is, the ADUNS need to fight for the interests and well-being of the residents while ensuring only proper and socially responsible developments are approved.

If they fail to do so, then they know they will be punished in the next GE. As a former CEO of a PLC, Tony should know that failure is never an option here.

Take care and God Bless.

Paddy said...

How does in work in Malaysia?, I know the land is privately owned, but aren't there any zoning restrictions(e.g. residential zoning, Mixed use or recreational? If the land was previously use to be "recreation" zoning, and then changed to accommodate this development then something is going wrong, regardless if the land is privately owned. However, if the land was always meant for developement, e.g. always zoned for developement. I can't see what anyone can do about it

paddy said...

My bad, just finished reading the whole thing

Anonymous said...

The whols stretch of LDP from Puchong all the way to Damansara-Kepong has been over-build with little public space, too much traffic.

This corner in Kelana Jaya, the traffic is just horrendous day and night even on weekends and hollidays. There are even more development being eyed given that some of the old factories lots are up for sale in the area.

Calvin Ngan said...

opposite of the field is SS4, also known as Taman 'People's Park', isn't it ironic that we don't have a people's park in the people's park?

time for Pakatan to proof that they are for the people. an open field park where kids can roam around, not like those park all over malaysia with lots of bushes for predators.

an open field would be nice for kids living in the condo and low cost apartment opposite it.

grow those 'cherry' like tree found in penang.

SKTAN8888 said...

i hate to pass by that area at 1130am to 1pm and 5pm to 730pm

besides, the trafic is out of control. if one car broke down or a low driver(20 to 40km/h driver, so call "aunty driver") is on road. Terrible jam above 1KM will appear and when jam occur then more driver will jump queue from left and right.

this LDP highway had to re-plan! that should be a solution. i just dunno what the government employ a USELESS planner.!!!

follow china or western way.. see their city... we DONT WANT SNAKE road!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony what is your view on Ken II and Ken 3 and all that development behind SS2 ?
I saw a sign of SS2mall coming up

The traffic in rothmans is already up to the neck.

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