Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Public Accounts Committee - Toothless Tiger?

Further to my post earlier with regards to Deputy Prime Minister's interference over the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), there has been many comments that it's really a toothless tiger.

Well, let me put it this way, the PAC is without a doubt a "toothless tiger". It has absolutely no power take punitive actions or even for its proposals to the Government, is merely that, proposals. The Executive more often than not, ignores these proposals.

However, at the same time, the PAC does have its worth and usefulness, which similarly cannot be doubted. We can call up and questions officers of the Government and they are required to respond.

To cut a long story short, with critical information in hand, which we would otherwise have no access to, it is possible for us parliamentarians to make our statements and push our agenda. And this advantage can certainly not be underestimated. ;-)


Canaan said...

let's make it this way...the exist of this committee is a place for the Malaysian to have 'watch dogs' in the government...let's make it a clean account!

Anonymous said...

In the absence of a Sumatran tiger, I can accept a faithful bull-terrier watchdog.

Tony and other PAC members, thank you for looking out the common people's hard earn cash.

Emily Pratt

NEO said...

Brainless Tiger!

Otak Udang

Anonymous said...

of course "toothless tiger", people working for government. if they didnt listen, will be sack by government, then can not Earn money, no more monthly income.

Please remember Most of the government department worker, GOT MONEY GOT TALK, NO MONEY NO TALK.

besides this, would like to comment on this article.

Please advise Dato Nga and Nga Kor Ming,
the " mengikut Seksyen 425 Kanun Tanah Negara 1965 yang membawa hukuman denda tidak lebih RM10,000 dan penjara tidak lebih setahun atau kedua-duanya."

Do you think RM10,000 is a lot? if ppl chop one pokok meranti with 15M high, how much it can sell? How about he chop 10 trees in one day, then he sell. after one week he been caught. Do you think he will lose money and learn the lesson?

And dont forget, when people made report on the "peneroka", HOW fast the department incharge take action?

THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN TO PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT, their crony chop the trees, after so many trees been chop, million million ringgit earn, then incharge department only take action, then the "chop"per will be sued, they paid RM10,000. Settle the case..

So where is the million million ringgit gone?????????????????

Same as ioimall behind there got the sand "kuali", the lesson permit expire but the operation still on going, only recently after pakatan win the state, then operation temporarily STOP. THIS IS TRUE, CAUSE I HAD A FRIEND WORKING INSIDE, after the kuali close, now he is jobless, waiting for the boss to renew liciense.

HOW MANY MALAYSIAN left? who leave in Malaysia is still LOVING of this country, who take care of this mother earth? Who really want the Malaysia to GROW stronger?????????

People always regret when things happen, why not before????????

Anonymous said...

I had put the remarks snafu-situation normal all fuck up, in my earlier comment, have you heard this one before 'No point arguing with an idiot, you will never win'. JUst see at the DEwan sitting how the BN goons behave, just like an idiots.
Anyway appreciate with your good intention, semoga berjaya.

Ben said...

Hi Tony, please initiate a protest and voice our objections regarding the loan of 5 billion to Valuecap Sdn Bhd. We cannot allow this to happen. What if the money is wasted and what is the value of Valuecap. Where is the transparency and details of this impending loan? We need you to expose another attempt to disregard the rights of the EPF contributors.

Anonymous said...

Besides unseating the ruling government, is there anything else the opposition can do to prevent Najib from dipping both his grubby hands into EPF coffers?

myop101 said...

Dear YB Tony,

I seriously think PAC should query the govt on the whole Valuecap and EPF thing. I did another simple analysis and I wonder if EPF will explain why are they only opting to lend to the Govt at a fix return (this is only an assumption since loans more often than not have pre-defined rates be it fixed or floating) when it could also potentially capitalise on Valuecap "expertise" to make capital gain from the market?

At least let the public be aware about all these "arrangements".

here's my simple analysis on the probably return EPF is getting:


Simon Seow said...

Hmm..I wonder does they have access to all the documents in the first place.

Anonymous said...

But how far and wide can you hunt for information. Frankly I don't think you will find that much on the Eurocopter deal. There is probably some padding of about 10% and it goes to people connected but I don't think the deal stinks that badly.

If you can say look at OTHER purchasing deals (say the Scorpene deal!) of the defense ministry, then it would be interesting. Better yet, get military intelligence report on figures involved in the deals!!!

KoSong Cafe said...

It is a case of something is better than nothing. All these years the oppositionists have been working tirelessly, even when most people have given up hope. Now, we are beginning to see some results, thanks to the opposition leaders' hardwork and perseverence.

There is no doubt that our present government leaders could not care a damn what we think, in spite of March 8.

For PAC to be really effective, the committee members must consist of at least one experienced auditor who is also well versed with parliamentary rules. But, what good is it, if at the end of the day, there is no power to correct any wrong-doing?

The parliamentary sessions, to the layman, appear to be farcical simply because of the ease and frequency in rejecting valid proposals by the opposition. It really takes a lot of knowledge in knowing the pitfalls in the procedures to be able to overcome the inherent biasness of the Speaker.

For all the reasons for not giving in to certain proposals, valuable time was spent in frivolous arguments over petty issues. Believe me when I say this, "Thank God, I am not an opposition MP!" So, I for one, am really grateful to all those tireless MPs who keep them on their toes.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony
Deja vu, with the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police. We could call up and questions officers of the Government and they are required to response. Our recommendations in the Report are merely that, recommendations. Executives have and will continue to ignore these recommendations.