Friday, October 24, 2008

Syed Hamid Albar's Pride & Prejudice

Dear Tony,

I needed to bring this to someone's attention and perhaps someone can put Syed Hamid Albar in his place. Read this article in Malaysiakini: Q&A: Home ministers 'burn' themselves for society. I was troubled by the consequences if this news is reported in Utusan or Berita Harian and acceted as the truth. Patriotic Malaysians will be wrongly maligned.

When asked by Malaysiakini: "But how do you suggest making people feel their Malaysian-ness, if they feel that they are being treated unequally?"

Syed Hamid Albar has this to say: "You should see Malays when they fill in their nationality, a Malay would put Malaysian but others would put Indian Malaysian or Chinese Malaysian. Why do you do that? ... "

I'm utterly shocked by his remark and think that he should be corrected or reprimanded. I know with 100% certainty that all my friends and family members don't write in forms "Indian Malaysian" or "Chinese Malaysian" when asked of our nationality. We are all Malaysians and should be treated equally. Period.
It's only when we are queried about our race, which disappointingly is a required field in all government related forms, we'll offer our race information. To begin with, all government and public forms should NOT ask for race information!

I feel sad for Malaysians when we still have Cabinet members and BN MPs that are bigots. I hope the change that we have all been looking forward to since March 2008 will materialise soon. There are so many wrongs to be corrected in Malaysia. AP permits, another RM5 billion of public money for Valuecap (wasn't it established with RM10 billion during the last crisis?), Eurocopter ... The list is endless.


Tony P: This is a clear case of a Minister manipulating sentiments and reality. I've never ever written "Chinese Malaysian" or "Malaysian Chinese" in my life despite having filled probably hundreds of immigration forms. Even for those, if there are those of such persuasion, it'll just be too long to practically do so. This Home Affairs Minister is a disgrace to Malaysians - the BN government are the ones who insist on putting the "race" and "religion" column onto all forms, when we have been asking what's its relevance.

In the meantime, Syed Hamid Albar continues to fumble over the arrest of Sinchew reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng. When asked about this by Malaysiakini, Syed Hamid blamed the media for highlighting the matter.
“I think I would laugh at it, but I will tell you that it was not the core and fundamental reason (for her arrest).

“That was the reason that was highlighted by the media. If you listen to what I said – there is a threat and the police perception of this threat to public order, to security. That is the reason this person was (arrested under ISA).

“Maybe they want to bring her in to ensure that nothing happens to her. I mean this is not the (only) reason – surely you are matured enough to know that this is not the reason.

“A person like me would not use an irrational thing (like this) but I was hit very badly on this thing to say that ‘Oh, it is for her protection’ when it was never the core or the fundamental issue of her arrest,” he virulently defended himself.
Frankly, his answers remained completely un-understandable and irrational, and it's a clear case whereby staying mum is probably a better prescription and talking dumb.


Unknown said...

why listen to botak hamid? for me he is just a clown!

Anonymous said...

It is worrying that a delusional person has power over us citizens. When a person claimed himself to be a candle (as in beacon of light/saviour), something is seriously wrong with his perception of his role in our society. Scary....

Anonymous said...

stupidity to the core.who the hell fills up forms saying CHinese Msian or Indian all of my lifetime I have not come across anyone doing so. while in overseas we always identify ourselves as Msians and only if ppl ask what's ur race ,we say we are Indian or Chinese by parentage but Msian by nationality.

gosh shameful statemnet by a Minister.which world does he live in ?


Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Last month, while having buka puasa with friends, someone sighed and commented how come we are having someone like Syed Hamid as Home Minister? Someone responded "how come we can have someone like Badawi to be PM and Najib, DPM?"...we all had a good laugh!


Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Below is a e-mail I sent to my MP recently. I think it is apt for me to reproduce it here.
To MP of P130

As you are my elected MP, I am executing my civic duty to ask you and your like minded colleagues to ask/petition the Idiot ... err I mean Kepala Batas MP (also current PM of M'sia) to TERMINATE / MELUCUTKAN JAWATAN Kota Tinggi MP's current Ministerial Post.

Kota Tinggi is ill-equip to handle his portfolio and has shown a consistency to cost severe hardship including terrorizing normal citizens through using state sanctioned draconian Laws, e.g, ISA.

Kindly bring this matter up in the august house at the next most opportune time.

Thank you Sir.

P130 voter

Anonymous said...

This Home Minister should stay at home and take care of his home affairs and not of the nation. I just wonder whether he does his homework before he opens his mouth to speak.

As I Was Saying... said...

"Syed Hamid Albar has this to say: "You should see Malays when they fill in their nationality, a Malay would put Malaysian but others would put Indian Malaysian or Chinese Malaysian. Why do you do that? ... "



Why are you so surprised and shocked by Syed Hamid's statement when it is him who made the absurd and ridiculous statement that Tan Hoon Cheng needs protection for her ISA arrest and HINDRAF is a terrorist and extremist groups which liken to Tamil Tigers, Al-Arqam, Al-Maunah and Jemaah Islamiah?

If anything good that comes out of this man via his statements is that any Tom, Dick and Harry could do a better job in his capacity as the Home Minister. He has painted the public perception of him in this way!


Anonymous said...

Is this numskull Syed, suggesting that non malays are so stupid, we don't know the difference between nationality and race?
Personally, I am not bothered to read his utterance. It is is obvious, nothing of substance will come out from his sh*t mouth. What can we do, we are govern by morons and donkeys!

Anonymous said...

I remember,even Income Tax Return Forms has "Race" on it. All Govt agency forms has Race on it,who is he kidding,I really feel so sorry for all these ignorant goons who are in power.

Anonymous said...

Yes YB, so many BN bigots.Disgusting and despicable.
Anyway,just to remind you that PAC must unravel the Eurocopter deal.
Check the decision making process as how the decision to procure the new heli. Not just the NURI crash and decide buy new one, even you buy new heli if the plane is going to crash it will crash, and don't use that to justify new procurement' Remember RMAF has about 29 NURIs in their inventory and some upgrading programme that costs million is in place.
If you know what to look, I bet you will be in a shock and be ready to find out our defense posture.

Anonymous said...

Pls get some evidence from the S'pore immigration and shove it into him! I've never seen one and have never done it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know identify themselves as Malaysian, not Malay Malaysian, Indian Malaysian or Chinese Malaysian. That statement is a load of crap!

WRT Tan Hoon Cheng, if our beloved Home Minister is the one responsible to make the call for ISA actions, why is it that he is even unsure of the reason for the detention?? Maybe its because of this, maybe that .... What nonsense is that?

You're right Tony, better staying mum. Somebody do something! We are becoming a laughing stock globally! Hope outsiders realise that there are still people within M'sia who CAN think and speak logically.

Anonymous said...

it is quite strange. to think that i actually thought that Syed Hamid Albar was sound when he was in the foreign office. but now i realize that he actually he is just plain stupid.
if he is just playing stupid, to support the party an such, my hats off. you ought to receive an oscar.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Malaysian? maybe syed hamid should show us some proof, bring out some documents from the government department, either he is talking cock or he IS dumb.

government form should not specify race and religion... why should they do that in the first place. Between being a first world and king of the jungle, UMNO decided to be the King of the jungle... sad...

Anonymous said...

This really beats me, how on earth we end up with such a moron who speak moronic verses head our home ministry? Do any of you guys understand any of those things he said?. Not only he vomits out those nonsenses but he spits venom too by accusing all the non malay malaysian for not being malaysians. Mr Moron please talk with common sense.

Canaan said...

As YB Jeff says, this is the beginning of the normal this thing happen....+_+"

KIMHO8 said...

He got all that from his dad.
Like father, like son,
vicious circle!

Anonymous said...

I had never come across in a foreign country that indicated we had to state our race in their forms...not even in Singapore....unless the botak think we are stupid not to understand simple English. Only a racist BN government insists us to do that indicating race in all forms.

d'Frog Prince said...

the adage, when you are stupid and don't open your mouth, nobody knows you are stupid.

our home minister is worried that nobody will know he is stupid, so, he had to open his mouth wide, to accomodate his foot.

i for the life of me, never, ever crossed my mind to fill in any immigration forms anything but Malaysian. probably our home minister filled in his form as stupid malaysian.

nothing on his head, nothing in his head either. a pathethic excuse of life form. sigh...

Anonymous said...

The only such 'problem' I had in a foreign country was with the Malaysian embassy. While the foreign government regards me as Malaysian, and only Malaysian, the Malaysian embassy did the following.

1. I went to the embassy and dutifully filled out some kind of form to let them know that I was there and where to contact me etc. On the form it asked for one's race and religion. I hesitated over both but in the end thought...OK, if I need to have last rites, a funeral or a chaplain for some other reason...fine, I'll fill that in. (And after all one doesn't want to risk having one's body 'snatched' as in so many other cases.) I left the 'race' section blank and turned the form in. The embassy staff filled it in for me saying 'You must fill in EVERYTHING lah'. Probably they were just doing their job, but obviously this kind of thing comes from higher up. Even the fact that these sections exist on the form...

2. In translating my birth cert, which I then sent to numerous offices in this foreign land, they translated 'Ethnicity: ... ' which no doubt lead some bureaucrats to wonder about my the point where I was once interrogated by an official who wanted to know if I had any connections to a certain foreign country, to which I answered, er, my great-great-grandfather was from there but I have never set foot in that place. Again, the embassy staff were just translating what is there, but...why is there an 'ethnicity' section in my birth cert? Something that none of my colleagues can comprehend. Here people whose great-great-grandfather came from somewhere else are not considered something else...

Having said all this, this fellow is Home Minister, so perhaps he is not aware of what is happening outside the country.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people give stupid answer is all I can say about this home minister.

Anonymous said...

go to zorro's blog. this clown will be having a crown soon with the impending coronation exercise.
gosh, best stand-up comedian in this country now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yb Tony
i was most happy when u were elected as a MP.Malaysians need peeople like u.we despise the bigots,liars and sickos who rule the goverment of the day.during this difficult times the only comfort i get is when i read blogs by u and others who fight for a better malaysia.march on YB.i was born in malaysia and i will fight and die for this beautiful country of ours.may the force be with us.

Anonymous said...

nope...this one wrong. syed hamid definately wrong..


What to do, most of the public still like to listen to his sweet talk and believe him and VOTE him... This public only learn the lesson when been caught under ISA.

""Shahrir: Penurunan harga minyak dijangka tidak melebihi 15 sen
Oct 25, 08 5:53pm
Penurunan harga minyak runcit tempatan yang dijangka berlaku pada akhir bulan ini tidak akan melebihi 15 sen, kata Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Datuk Shahrir Abdul




Anonymous said...


HE GRADUATE with BTC from dunno university.

BTC = Bo Tak Chek.

shame for his previous university

Anonymous said...

The more he talks the more he fumbles and the more stupidity he shows....
I'm sorry there is no cure for such mental illness.... it's terminal I'm afraid it's Bee End.....

Anonymous said...

i m pleased that we have pkr to stand for us, but recently the BN started talking racism again, i hope pkr can stand out for this eg...changing jaln aor to jln kejora, admission of university is restricted so much to bumiputras, Malaysian chinese or malaysia indians etc

androgenousgerrie said...

Stupid minister doesn't even know the difference between race and nationality. I have never heard of anyone doing this i.e putting their nationality as "Indian Malaysian" or "Chinese Malaysian". I'm a Eurasian - so in his imagination I maust be filling in "Dan Lain Lain Malaysian".

Please bring this up in Parliament

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Never in my entire life have I ever written 'Chinese Malaysian' in any forms or applications. Nor do I know of any person that has written in this manner. It baffels me that a person in such position can consistently make STUPID remarks. He is so so so STUPID!!! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

elberton said...

ever wonder what that botak should fill in the 'race' column for himself?


Anonymous said...

He sounds more and more like someone who has just escaped from some mental asylum, manages to get to Seri Perdana and somehow is able to convince our sleeping PM that he actually makes the best Home Minister in Malaysia. That is why you can see all these weird statements coming out of his mouth.
What a jerk!