Monday, October 27, 2008

Hitler's Financial Crisis

I thought this was rather funny, with the global financial markets in a tailspin and commodity prices - metals, oils and grains all tumbling. Nikkei hit a 26-year low (yes, you read that right!) and Hang Seng hit a 5 year low today. And yes, of course our economy's sheltered and we won't hit a recession. Thank goodness we live in Malaysia, heh. So says our ministers. ;-)

Enjoy! ;-)


Hasbullah Pit said...

False Dollar Rally memeningkan hitler?

Saya peminat Paul Van Eeden,

Tetapi saya agak mushkil apabila dia mengatakan harga sepatutnya bagi emas adalah USD 750.

Paul Van eeden pernah mengatakan bahawa harga minyak dunia "sepatutnya" USD 120 berdasarkan M3.

Jika mengikut formula harga emas seaun adalah 15 adalah kali harga minyak setong.

maka, 120*15= 1800

alvin lee said...

we live in Bolehland-meh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hitler.

Me. I believe gold will shoot up more than 1000 per ounce.


Anonymous said...

haha, funny but true to every sense of it...... However, i like the version of BN Malaysia in handling various political situation. Same plot but diff sub title.. let me know if anyone wanna look at it..

Anonymous said...

OK? Ask the palm oil smallholders - They are barely making enough to cover their expenses after making some money for a couple of years.. If they had borrowed money, they are in big trouble...

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is blessed country. Thank God! The BN does wonders that is the envy of David Copperfield, Soros etc etc
Our secret weapon, put our head in the earth and pretend nothing works everytime

Anonymous said...

one thing is not understand is, look at the finance sector in USA, we can see that it is more worst than 1997/98.

Then why News keep saying that it havent reach that level yet? is that true?
If it fault that mean news trying to brain wash us again?

samething like in yearend of nov 1997, news said malaysia market still strong, i go in my life saving. then i saw it up to 708point to feb1998, all a sudden it FALL DOWN TO 302POINTS in KLCI... this is what i trust the news.

Analysis before you buy;

See at the situation in USA, WHY they need BAILOUT???? had they BAILOUT on 1997/98?????

Think it yourself???? THINK TWICE before you invest....

BAD time is coming...

if u buy, sell when profit, dont hold share..!!!

Salak said...

Maybe it's not a crisis to wealthy pigs!

The Government gives banks and big co's money for all the losses. Have they lost anything?

The banks have not been heard to lend again. It's only governments who have special schemes for ordinary folks. Of course lah, the schemes get money from the folks themselves! So waht crisis to wealthy pigs?

Anonymous said...

this two day palm oil up.. just only i saw i start to drop...

but ioicorp still up....


20% profit of share return in ioicorp is enough.... SELL SELL SELL

20k made 5k... i just sold it at RM2.72.

WAIT for another turn

Anonymous said...

My comment to the following report about your following speech:

DAP: Bantahan PAS kerana salah faham tapi berniat baik...
Oct 30, 08 3:29pm
DAP menyifatkan bantahan Pemuda PAS terhadap cadangan supaya dimansuhkan 30 peratus pemilikan bumiputera dalam syarikat tersenarai sebagai berpunca daripada salah faham walaupun berniat baik.

Begitu juga dengan bantahan PAS Selangor terhadap pelantikan Low Siew Moi sebagai pemangku pengurus besar Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS), kata setiausaha publisiti DAP kebangsaan, Tony Pua.

Menurutnya, ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS pusat, Salahuddin Ayub berkata ekuiti 30 peratus itu mesti dikekalkan dan "perlu dipertahankan walaupun jika sasarannya telahpun dicapai".

"Menurut beliau, sebelum tahun 1969, ekuiti orang Melayu adalah hampir kosong dan selepas 40 tahun, ia hanya mencapai 19 peratus. Jika ini berterusan, kita memerlukan 20 tahun lalu untuk mencapai
sasaran 30 peratus itu," kata Pua yang juga ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara.

MR PJ Utara is now like MCA MPs who defend what UMNO had said/done to Chinese. Ha! Ha! I am very disappointed.

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Anon 4.26,

I'll post my statement after this. But I think the Malay news report above from Mkini is a little off in its translation/structure.

For immediate clarity, check the MInsider version.


Anonymous said...

i am a CHINESE diploma student,

my family only support me until finish education. from 1994 till now my family never give me anything money.

i get my first salary on 1994, that is RM900. that is my first saving and property in bank.

i work and work and saving and saving.
FROM THAT RM900, now i can get own car, own house and with RM1.5mil in bank.

tell ME why bumiputra need 30% equity? why can not they start from a base salary?

This 30% equity is GIVEN TO WHO?