Monday, October 20, 2008

Better Mum or Dumb?

This piece of parliamentary interaction (Hansard Pages 64/65), which I thought quite amusing, happened last Thursday while Azmin Ali [PKR-GOMBAK] had his turn debating the 2009 Budget, and was emphasizing on the fact that the budget is already rendered irrelevant due to the changes in the global economic circumstances.

Dato' Abd Rahman Dahlan [BN-KOTA BELUD] was eager and anxious to interject GOMBAK a few times, and was finally given permission by the latter.
[KOTA BELUD]: Terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua, terima kasih Yang Berhormat Gombak. Tadi pada mula perbahasan Yang Berhormat Gombak ada mengatakan bahawa pihak pembangkang menuntut Menteri Kewangan yang baru untuk membentangkan bajet yang baru berdasarkan keadaan ekonomi semasa dunia. Saya ingin hendak tanya kepada Yang Berhormat Gombak pada tahun 1998, pada waktu itu Ketua Pembangkang yang berangan-angan menjadi Perdana Menteri sekarang ini adalah Menteri Kewangan. Pada waktu itu situasi ekonomi dunia juga meruncing seperti sekarang ini.

Saya hendak tanya kepada Yang Berhormat Gombak, Ketua Whip yang berangan-angan menjadi Menteri Kewangan kononnya. Pada waktu itu beliau adalah setiausaha sulit kepada Menteri Kewangan tetapi pada waktu itu saya tidak teringat walau saya tahu pada waktu itu Menteri Kewangan yang Ketua Pembangkang sekarang ini tidak membentangkan bajet alternatif walaupun pada waktu itu ekonomi dunia merudum dan pasaran saham jatuh, kadar faedah melonjak angkara Ketua Pembangkang menaikkan interest rate. Pada waktu itu Kementerian Kewangan, Menteri Kewangan yang bertanggungjawab tidak membentangkan bajet alternatif. Ini adalah satu hipokrit, satu putar belit, lidah bercabang, talam dua muka. Tolong jawab.
And rightly so, GOMBAK went straight for the “kill”:
[GOMBAK]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua saya gembira kerana memberi laluan kepada Yang Berhormat Kota Belud sebab kalau dia tidak bercakap tidak nampak dia tidak cerdik. Akan tetapi bila dia buka sahaja mulut nampak kedangkalan dan kejahilan seorang pemimpin UMNO. Apa yang berlaku tahun 1997, 1998 boleh check rekod dalam Dewan Rakyat. Dalam menangani krisis kewangan pada ketika itu Menteri Kewangan membentangkan dua kali revised bajet dalam Dewan Rakyat. Masa itu dia budak hingusan di Sabah sahaja dia tidak tahu.
And I couldn't resist adding further:
[PETALING JAYA UTARA]: Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Gombak.

Adakah benar bahawa pada tahun 1997 pada masa itu kita tidak ada pergerakan harga minyak seperti pergerakan yang kita tengok hari ini. Di mana harga USD140 se barrel turun kepada USD70 . Pada masa itu harga minyak adalah hanya antara USD12 dan USD15 sahaja. Pada masa itu hasil negara kita, hasil kerajaan negara kita tidak rely kepada hasil daripada Petronas kita tidak hanya lebih kurang 10% sahaja. Tidak macam hari ini di mana Petronas sumbangannya lebih kurang 46.4% daripada kesemua hasil negara kita. So situasi sudah tidak sama. Tidak boleh gunakan isu 1997 untuk 2009. Terima kasih.
KOTA BELUD sank low in his chair after that, and not adding anything else during GOMBAK's 40 minute speech ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha.... Good one. Serve them right for doing their homework before opening their fat mouth. Any MP should back their arguments with facts and figures, not fairy tales or 'what i remembered' facts! Thank you for the comedy. Those MPs never cease to delight me.

Anonymous said...

Why DPM said economy stable, and still pump in 5billion to valuecap?

Why DPM said " vowing to defend till the last drop of his blood the supremacy of the Malay race." WHILE MELAYU the majority race in MALAYSIA, and THERE IS ""NO"" RACIST OR INTERNAL WAR in MALAYSIA???????????

Adakah MELAYU akan pupus diatas tanah Malaysia??? TIDAK! Sebegitu dengan Cina dan India dan others.
Yang Menjadikan Melayu Pupus is because the country is built under CRONY ASSOCIATION!!!!!!
Melayu will still poor because of this CRONY GROUP.

TODAY We had to ask ourself, how many GRAND, MEDIUM and SMALL project is not under BN CRONY?

We melayu should ask ourself, Perdana Menteri kita yang lepas dan sekarang; Dia 100% Melayu?????
If not then why they keep saying protect and fight for Melayu? while all their CRONY become one of the RICHEST man in malaysia????
When they not longer PM, their CRONY also become NOT the richest man in Malaysia. WHY?

Biar pun DATUK SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM is liar or not, i still pun my hope on him.

I percaya dengan pakatan sesama party, Hapuskan KRONY, then only we had to chance to stand up.

What we want is to live in peaceful, happy, rich and clean enviroment.

Shawn Tan said...

Goal!! 1-0.

I sometimes wonder what kind of people we end up sending to parliament. It is kind of sad that the rakyat rarely has a choice. Then I realise that we can only place the blame on ourselves, the people who do not want to involve ourselves in politics.

Anonymous said...

These hallow minded MPs are not dumbed, therefore, the cannot keep mumed but, they are SCUMS!

Anonymous said...

rely = bergantung (for your future references)

Anonymous said...


Don't always know hw to critise ppl only...Pls look at the mirror 1st...U have been elected for 6months already...and v have yet to c u perform in the parliament..What Happen to the promises made during election(eg: challenging Khairy for fiery debate)?....We regret chanting ur name "TONY TONY ~~~" during the ceramah at SS2..

Pls shut the hell up n concentrate on fighting the interest of all Msians..

Concerned Msian/Singapore PR(Redhill, Singapore)

NEO said...

Finally, BN Government has announced a RM5 Billions Plan to save the "under value" listed companies in Bursa Malaysia.

But to save which company? Commerz? Gamuda? ....

It look like they using the Rakyat $ to save their own comopanies, just like what they did in 1998 crisis.

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi 'Fan of Tony Pua'

Umm... you want me to "shut the hell up" but you also want me to speak in Parliament?

And umm... have you been reading the papers on what I've been saying in Parliament?

My speeches are all published here on my blog in case you haven't had the opportunity to read the online Hansard.

I've made plenty of media statements to raise awareness and demand actions on national and local issues, and take the BN leaders, Khairy included, to task.

I'm still queueing 'desperately' since Wed last week to have my turn to debate the budget, which I assume I'll only get my chance earliest tomorrow.

So what else do you want me to do? Get myself arrested under ISA and earn my badge of honour?

I've even used my own expenses to go where you are earning a living now in Singapore to lobby for investors to come to Pakatan states and speak to leaders there.

I'll shut the hell up now.


Anonymous said...


Can you please elaborate a little bit about PAC.

Is it made up entirely of Opposition Law maker to confer check & balance to government expenditure?

Good one on giving Jib the mid fing3r wrt PAC & Euro-Copter deal.

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...

Good on you Tony to tell this bloke 'fan of Tony Pua' off. Ignorance is no excuse. I have supported DAP since its inception, I am aware as Opposition MP you work doubly hard.
Let me add my say to this bloke, if you have nothing better to comment, just shut up and no one will think you are dumbed!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tony.

Great points and and even better timing - these debate situations really separate the men from the boys in Parliament.

Keep up the good work (and don't waste your time with malicious comentators). We're rooting for you guys out here!

BTW, I sent you some material on the DNA Act (to your yahoo email address), just in case it is helpful. I am aware, though, that your focus is on the economy, and probably someone else will focus on law and human rights etc.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Ummm...RM5bil for ValueCap. Let see which company considered undervalue.

I doubt this is actually a bail out. A bail out to their rich friends. Especially the construction/property.

TsuChong said...

This is why i always say that an MP must be intelligent, not just all-talk.

Way to go Tony and Azmin!

Anonymous said...

Hey "Friend of Tony Pua",

You better do lots of homework and studies before barking at our genuine PJU MP who has taken thousands of "Road Less Traveled" Before March 8th, Now & Forever.

Wonder how you can easily get hold of Singapore PR with such kind of shallow thinking?

P.S. No Reply is Required.

lan said...

nice one, straight into Kota belud's head! next time they should think before they speak other wise they are just making a fool of themselves

Anonymous said...

That "fan of Tony" properly dump a lot money in share market... and he now awit for the return.

While pakatan keep query the government about the budget, which had no news until now.

At the moment, buy blue chip, earn then faster sell.. 10% is enough.

People are still jobless USA, then how the jobless people pay the bank loan???? then how the bank can earn?????
In china, company close down, CEO jump off from building and die, people demonstration outside building for their salary... etc etc..

So profit taken.... learn the lesson....

Anonymous said...

noted..I hope u can post all your parliamentary debates to YOUTUBE.COM.....U have to show to the people who voted for u that u r indeed doing works for the rakyat of PJU...Else, no ppl knows wat u r currently doing..I hope the earlier ourburst will motivate/spur you to work harder for us....

We need ppl like u to fight for the interest of all Malaysians....
At 1st i think of giving up my Msian Citizenship and upgrade my PR status to Singapore Citizenship.....

But, after 8TH March 2008, the election results sent a strong signal to the rakyat that there is still hope in Msia 1 day.....

I will settle down in Msia, should DAP dethrone UMNO, and bcome the federal government of Msia...

Hope you don dishearten by the comment which i hv made earlier...

Keep on fighting for us...I challenge you to turn Msia into a developed nation and displace Spore as the global finance hub....Penang is now under DAP, hehe..

I wish to apologise if i sound too harsh...

Concerned Msian/S'Pore PR/
(DAP Cheras Life Member)
(Redhill, Spore)
Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 150168

AWKS said...

Padan muka Si [Kota Belud] !!

Say NO to bail out !!

Using ppl money in EPF to save big corporate? Did these big corporate do anything in return to the society and country?

Anonymous said...

@"fan of tony pua",

Wow, spoken like a true (wannabe) singaporean. Your post reads like one of those PAP speeches: "need people like you to fight ...", "I hope this will spur you on ...", "I challenge you to ...".

If you talk like a pendatang and walk like a penumpang, who's to blame for mistaking you as a malaysian chinese?

Tony's ass is on the line. Whose sake is this for? The healthy who fight for their self-respect? Or those who have lost all sense of 'face'?

Did you take your own advice and look yourself in the mirror?

Can you stand what you see?