Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sightings in Beijing (I)

The imposing presence of this ancient incense-burning pot
@ Hongluo Temple in the outskirts of Beijing

Guarding the Supreme Harmony Gate (Taihemen) @ the Forbidden City

While these pair guards the Heavenly Purity Gate (Chaoqingmen) @ the Forbidden City

Let's learn the pose in preparation for 916... oh, are we too late? ;-)

The imposing 15th century Arrow Gates of Qianmen of the Ming Dynasty inner city walls
overlooking the newly renovated heritage street along Qianmen Dalu

The Temple of Heaven Park was a hive of exercise and activities in the morning

Early morning Chinese Chess @ the Temple of Heaven

Musical basking galore all over the Temple of Heaven park

The Red Gates with Lion knobs stands between
all who enters and exits in Imperial China

The Olympic Badminton Drum outside the Temple of Heaven

年年有余 - As literal as you can get ;-)


Surind said...

Thanks for the lovely photos, keep em coming ;-)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the pics. thanks!

OMGGosh said...

Wonderful picture and picture are taken in nice angles . Waiting for your Part II

Anonymous said...

Let's learn the pose in preparation for 916... oh, are we too late? ;-)

Bad idea. That's a China Communist propaganda statue. Malaysia is not interested in communism or some repressive form of socialism.

Anonymous said...

"Lets learn the post?" r u a f-ing commy?

NEO said...

How about Beijing II?

Anonymous said...

wah..tony pua rich...
can travel around the world