Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Economic Advisor @ DAP

There's a new economic advisor to DAP secretary-general in town. It's a position I've held for the past 18 months helping the party boss and DAP itself with economic policy-making. Well, in the light of the developments over the past 6 months since elections - the fact that I've been elected an MP, and am also now the DAP National Publicity Secretary - it's time for new blood to take over ;-)

Let me then introduce to you our latest "catch", Teh Chi-Chang.

Chi-Chang, 37, was the Director, Head of Malaysia Equity Research before being promoted to the Director for Utilities and Media, Asia-Pacific Equity Research at Citibank Investment Research, his last held position.

Prior to his experience at Citibank, he was the Executive Director cum Head of Research at Hwang-DBS Vickers Research in the country.

He received his MBA from Cambridge University in 2002, is a certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and graduated with a first-class honours degree from University of Warwick in Accounting & Financial Analysis in 1993.

His introduction in his new blog states that:
I decided it was time to put more "life" into the work-life balance and give back to society after 14 years in the equity investment world. I have been lucky - I have had to work very hard but scholarships and good jobs have come my way. It is my dream that all Malaysians will have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potentials. My contribution to realising that dream is sharing my economic and investment expertise with those working to make a difference.

Hence my decision to sign up as Economic Advisor to DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. Reasoned debate backed by sharp analysis and incisive critiques will make for better decisions and a thriving nation. And I hope my actions will inspire other Malaysians to also join in and share their talents.
His credentials are certainly impeccable and I'm certain that he will contribute greatly to DAP's policy-making credentials and competence in the months and years to come.

He blogs @ Analyst At Large, and he has also written on why he has decided to join DAP. Once again, a very very big welcome! ;-)


Anonymous said...

impressive! surely he would assist alot in advising DAP

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
It's great to hear more professionals joinning DAP. I hope that more malay professionals would be joinning in droves too. To ensure DAP is a truly multiracial party.
One good catch would be Zaid Ibrahim. He is more suited with DAP than the other twos


Anonymous said...

Glad to know Mr Teh Chi Chang joined DAP.. be patient when facing BN-moron. DAP need more people like u.
*Dont let corruption spoilt your prinsip.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! We need more talented professionals like you Tony and Chi-Chang to run the country. SYABAS!

Anonymous said...

WIth due respects to you, I think Chi-Chang will make an excellent Econ Adviser to the DAP.

I'm sure he would have been able to walk into Khazanah or ISIS if he chose to.

amoker said...

Yeah man, vs our finance minister and current UMNO crop .. this chap has the 'liao;. Good catch.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why there is a sudden rush of 'volunters' among the investment bankers especially after the financial crisis in US and EUROPE.
Are these guys out of jobs now ? that is why they are signing up for DAP?

KoSong Cafe said...

I think Penang under DAP's Lim Guan Eng will be a showcase in terms of transparency and progress, provided they are not hampered by unnecessary and unwelcome interference from the Federal government.

More and more intellectuals and technocrats are joining because they know they will be appreciated, instead of for show and 'rubbished' whenever circumstances suit the politicians.

warongtalk said...

Hi Mr. Teh,
Congrats. I may not be a Cambridge grad. I'm just an ordinary warong talk-kaki lima kinda person. But I can predict a slump and a crisis to hit the Malaysian financial and banking sector in the next two months, followed by the construction and property sector. My predictions since 2006 have been 110% correct. I have never been to Cambridge, but once walked the halls of the East-West Center and foresaw the dire need for a Congressional salvage of the U.S. financial sector. So, the U.S.$700billion bail out came as no surprise to me. Another tip: the automobile sector will come in next after the property sector. Energy, commodities, food, a.o.k. but not electronics. So, be forewarned. Cheers Mr. Teh.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It's indeed smart for DAP
Getting best thinking caps
To be readily available on tap
To close all socioeconomic and political gaps

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 061008
Mon. 6th Oct. 2008.

Anonymous said...


Heartening to note that home grown talents are drawn to play a good cause for the country in the years to come. I am from Singapore though.

Anonymous said...

My wish list for cross over:

Zaid Ibrahim to DAP and as your legal advisor (give him a senatorship)

Tengku Razaleigh to PAS

Muhiddin Yassin to PKR.

WY said...'s certainly hard to match the CV of the boys/girls that join DAP these days. I hope you guys get Zaid Ibrahim, the best lawyer in town as well.

:) Well done Tony.

Anonymous said...

I had not idea who is teh chi chang, i also 37 years old, this my first time vote and the first time i vote in subang to PKR then PKR win. haha.

It is good to employ a specialist advisor to incharge in his specialist while politician can concentrate in the public issued.

Regards to Teh Chi Chang even i dunno him. WELCOME. Made DAP proud and for yourself proud also.

Life will more MEANINGFUL when all people know you.

This few days TWO BIG brothers in our country facing problem:-

1)Anwar will go to court later.
2)PM will announce today or tomorrow..

Anyone got extra money, please safe it instead dump in to stock market at the moment.

NEO said...

Welcome to Rocket!

I hope his past working experiences will not limit himself in the Equities, Bonds (Debts) and Money Markets.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony.
Good day to you..
Congrats and it is good news to hear that DAP has so many professionals.
Way to go

k said...


Anonymous said...

DAP is the best!!!
Tony - you are the man!
Pls rope in more professionals especially among Malays to give DAP some depth and teeth

Anonymous said...

I was depress with RPK and Najib news but the new DAP economic advisor news truly brighten up my day. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Probably just being cheeky, but here's why we should not trust impressive banking experiences ->

But congrats on securing a talent!

Anonymous said...

Welcome on board TCC,Malaysia need professional like you guys. Cheers.