Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MCA Supports Bar Council Forum?

For once, that's very good to hear. But please tell that to your Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and best friend, UMNO!

We have read with interest that the MCA leadership has come out strongly via statements to the media the party was “extremely upset at the protesters' actions” which resulted in the event having to be wrapped up early. They said the forum should be respected by everyone as the council had conducted it in a rational and peaceful manner.

Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting was quoted to say that the “forum never intended to question the special position of the Malays or Islam as the religion of the federation as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Never once were the organisers, speakers or registered guests critical of Islam”.

However, at the very same time, both the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and other top leaders from UMNO has been unapologetic and even threatening in their condemnation of the forum conducted by the Bar Council.

The Prime Minister said the Bar Council had been advised against holding the forum that touched on sensitive matters like religion and race. He has state that he“hope[s] such an incident won’t repeat itself. Last Saturday’s forum is proof that issues relating to religion and race are sensitive in the country.

The Deputy Minister went further to say that the Bar Council’s persistence in going ahead with a forum on conversion to Islam has triggered extreme reaction from certain quarters, which in turn would threaten the country’s harmony.

The country's top leadership has even not discounted the possibility of utilising the Internal Security Act against the forum organisers, clearly a threat which is no less “extreme” compared to the actions of the demonstrators!

Therefore, while we welcome MCA's views on the controversy, they must face up to their responsibility to challenge the views of the Prime Minister and UMNO, who are clearly abusing the race and religious card recklessly to create an atmosphere of fear. It is noteworthy that while the protesters were condemned, no comments were forthcoming on the opposing views espoused by the UMNO leaders.

Without doing so, it would appear that Barisan Nasional is perpetuating its system of divide and rule, where UMNO stokes the racial and religious sentiments of Malays while MCA plays its subservient role to placate the minority communities. That, will only strengthen the case that MCA has lost it total relevance in Barisan Nasional.

The DAP stands firm that there are probably no better party to organise and lead discussions on the Constitution and the laws of Malaysia than the Bar Council. It was also a constructive forum to ensure that unintended victms as a result our laws will be given humane and justifiable treatment. It will make a complete mockery of our legal and judicial system if its very practitioners are denied opportunities to discuss or explain our laws.


Anonymous said...


Be gentle a bit lar with MCA, they've just coming out of their cocoon. I agree with you its good to have them speaking out for minority.

Now we must give them a little more space so that when they are fully unleashed, then DAP can have a worthy opponent to spar with.
Otherwise, no fun.


Anonymous said...


You have to keep your own house in order first before you criticize others. What you have to say about the PKR member of parliment involvement and the provocative insults to the Chinese, meaning you and me?

If PAS,UMNO and PKR can joint force and attack us, Why can't DAP,GERAKAN and MCA jointly defense us.

Think about it YB.

Anonymous said...

Its the party elections. OTK is just trying to convince people he is different because Chua Soi Lek has a reputation of speaking for MCA grassroots. It don't mean a crap.

The PM statement is just a continuation of his bankruptcy of idea. He really don't know what to do and so he took the default UMNO position, the weak one, the lame one - the giving up one. He knows its weak otherwise he would not sound righteous about it and instead have to explain it. He has no deep insight to the complicated issue that it is and is most afraid people will know the hollowness of his views.

Anonymous said...

I am so full of disgust on this issue that I have decided not to write lest write irrationally in my blog: http://malaysianreturns.blogspot.com/

Maybe when I calm down enough.

Anonymous said...

Now that the MCA and PAS Research centre has come out in support of the Bar Council forum, we have a very interesting consensus: if it is up to a vote, I think the population will split 50:50 or even 60:40 in favour of the forum if there is less spin from the media.

However....even at 50:50 vote, the forum should have been held.

In a mature democracy, the voice and rights of the minority should be given special priority given that the voice of the majority is likely to drown out the minorities’s voices.

In a fledgling democracy, the voice of the majority always will try to exert their priority. But the stakes are a bit more complicated when there is no clear cut majority, especially when the non-Muslims ( who comprise 40%) are in favour and the Muslims as a group are divided on the issue of dialogue. So there is no clear cut two thirds majority.

Notwithstanding religious sensitivities, is Msia a mature or fledgling democracy?

Unknown said...

Hi Anon 8.16am

Umm... my position has been clear, it doesn't matter whether the wrong doers are from PR or BN, if they are wrong, I'll make my criticisms.

As for the PKR MP, in my earlier statement, I've already used the phrase "completely brainless". What else would you want me to say?


Anonymous said...

This is so true. We will be always treated as second class citizen as long as BN is still in rule. They can question us but we cannot touch them. Just a forum (no wrong or right answers), they say racial/religious sensitive and threaten ISA.
No thanks MCA...

Anonymous said...


I understand these religious zealots of UMNO,PKR and PAS are trying to score points for their political gains.Infact,it would be cannoning back themselves as in the eyes of the non-malays

The narrow-minding thinking ot these rowdies does not augur well for Malaysia.It would only worsen the malays and the non-malays.If the lawyers could not discuss the issue on closed door,who else can - you tell me!

Anonymous said...

The bar council is making such forum on the wrong time. Its is wrong to do so when it is done in a suitable time as now the situation in political agendas are not stabilize and this issue may be used for party's advantage which could create riots and fights among races and religions.

Anonymous said...

PAS and PKR support Bar Council Forum? Both BN and Pakatan Rakyat are not taking any serious move to deliver thier promises made in 308 but to capitalise every opportunity to gain politics capital. Please leave the neutral parties like bar council alone to safeguard RAKYAT's interest!!!

Anonymous said...

sick is the only word i could describe rakyat's feeling toward the current political development. rakyat were sastified with the 308 result as it created a healthy watershed for the future of malaysia; the implementing and checking are well-balanced...everything seems wrong atm,both side busy with gaining political capital rather than brainstorming to tackle the econimic woes...pkr cries for dsai, bn cries for pak lah, yet who cries for RAKYAT (i knw there are some respected plp like tony etc does, yet is it sufficient for rakyat???)???

solidleong said...

Dear YB,

Just be yourself and act according to your conscience and without fear or favour. Just bear in mind, your majority is not bad.....so dun let them down. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony Pua,

I am currently working oversea. Think of coming home for good but with current political climate, I shudder at the thought of living my life at the mercy of some neanderthals who act in the name of their religion and race. Many politicians are just snake heads. You are one of the few truly educated and polished. Keep up the good work and maintain ethics.

KinWah.lai said...

hello ... come on , give me a break.
already 50years independence, we still talk about protect Malay or protect Chinese or protect Islam, cant we have unity that not based on race?

i think next time Bar council should hold the forum on a cruise or outside of malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Don't just talk at your blog. Go to PAS Ulamas and tell them we are against Hudud. Chinese voted for PAS because they hate BN and they were misled by DAP, e.g. Tony Pua. Chinese are against PAS who would ban gambling and alcohol. Tell Ulamas and PAS bodohs that Chinese were misled by you, DAP to vote for them in the last election. With so many DAP & PKR ADUNs in Perak, you allow PAS member to be the MB. You are so young that you do not understand the politics (even though you are graduate from Branded University, Khairy is also from branded university). Now you have made Kedah models (advert) covered with tudong,
you will make Selangor Chinese to wear baju kurung and songkok. There will no pork selling at SS2if you "tidak sedar lagi".

Anonymous said...

What statement that you have issued? What is the difference between your statement and kopitiam politics if you did not deliver your statement to PAS Ulamas, to PKR Kulim's MP? I wrote to Utusan/Berita even though they might not publish my comment in their papers. But sometimes they did. I sent to Dewan Bahasa too in the 1970s. Mr Lut Ting Yu also did it. DAP members should do that as well.