Monday, August 25, 2008

DNA Bill Gets Priority

The picture says it all about UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

But the actions weren't limited to Permatang Pauh where the mother of all by-elections is reaching its climax. At the start of this parliamentary session the new "DNA Bill 2008" was introduced to the Parliament for the first reading.

On the very next day, this bill was then placed on the agenda for second reading and placed 4th out of a list of 6 bills to be debated. The first was the "National Kenaf and Tobacco Bill 2008", followed by the "Education (Amendment) Bill 2008", which is currently being debated.

Next due was supposed to be the much "anticipated" "Universities and University Colleges (Amendment) Bill 2008" to be debated.

However, that has just been changed in the order paper today. The DNA Bill has now been moved up, for reasons on the Government would know, while the UUCA Amendment bill pushed back to 5th on the Agenda. This also means that it may be unlikely that UUCA amendments will get approved by the House this week.

Once again, the Government is clearly in a rush to pass the DNA Bill before the room to debate bills end this Thursday as the Budget will be announced on Friday, followed by debates on the Budget after the puasa and raya recess.

To quote one of my colleagues who just smsed me after being informed of the news, "what the hell are they doing? The ass is more important than the uni."


Bentoh said...

Ummm... I can foresee they will get a third reading after the recess by delaying the debate of budget... LOL

Anonymous said...

Anyone sign that BN (especially UMNO) like the gangster?

If they said Anwar can not be PM, why all BN keep talking about him? talk about he personality? Are they really afraid? or Is Anwar really going to be PM? (After so many Bad news about him, i start to believe 90%, anwar can become PM. Now i had release all my share, did you?)****

Few years ago under Dr M, when any election. We always hear BN suggest and propose country growing matter to public.
See what happen now?

What kind of BN is this?

Anonymous said...

Malay tak akan lupus dari muka bumi malaysia, so is other race.

Until now BN still talk nonsense. 20th century time is gone. now is 21st century.

Please let all malay so call bumiputra know, not all malay are ISLAM. bumiputra in malaysia got few race.

Stop talk about ISLAM issue in Politic. Bring MALAYSIA to the TOP.
It our beloved country, not UMNO country only!!!!

Besides, ISLAM is not only owned by MALAY, there are CHINESE AND INDIAN AND MANY OTHER RACE are believe is ISLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Having ones way for far too long just makes it difficult for one to grow mentally. Utterly childish!

The new generations have learnt to read between the lines and, I am sure, is more than capable of knowing what is right from wrong.

If only TOTO had such statistical probabilities of coincidentally choosing the right sequence of numbers, one would be very rich indeed... :p

Hey you out there ... we are not dumb.

Anonymous said...

Today at 12pm, when I surf TheStar website, I read the news about a man in PKR shirt was arrested in Pematang Pauh for attacking an elderly women who try to cast her vote. The news was highlighted in yellow “latest” so it must be on the spot latest news.

My first thought was it was outrages made up story from the TheStar so I ignored it. When I tried to search for the same news an hour later, it was no where to be found.

I bet those stupid editors of TheStar notice that not even a 5years old will believe that f8cking stupid story! You a88hole Editor!

Did anyone else read this news on TheStar Website, I’m keen to know if I got optical illusion or am I dreaming?

Anonymous said...

the ladies in the picture look like uitm graduates

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, 2 days ago I read in the Singapore's TODAY newspaper about the Penang by-election. There was a photograph of 3 flags hung by UMNO.

The American flag, Isreali flag and the Singapore flag. Words were written over them. "Today Answer becomes PM, Tomorrow Isreal opens embassy in KL, US opens base in Malaysia."

I am very very ashamed Tony. This kind of people is ruling my country. My Singaporean friends asked me, what has Singapore go to do with all these, or even the by-elections? They have not spoken a single word even. Why are they the booeyman?

And they asked me, wouldn't there be organised protests outside the Singapore embassy, burning of Singapore flags if Singapore does the same to the Malaysian flag? Our politicians will launch protests and call them "disrespectful".

I had to apologise, to which they said was not my fault.

This country is so backward Tony. We are dragging innocent parties (nation in this case) into our own local politics for no apparent reason.

And we will not let them do the same.

So much for a "fair and even handed race."

Anonymous said...

I believe UMNO must apologise to Singapore for this very unfriendly and ungentlemanly use of Singapore for their own selfish campaign.

No wonder cross-straits relations has been up and down. UMNO has been an agitator who is not playing fair.

UMNO, please apologise to BOTH Malaysians and Singapore for your childish and irresponsible use scare tactics which spoils foreign relations and other country's public image!

Anonymous said...

see all those kurang ajar's monkey...
why police only caught PKR supporters,BN UMNO putra putri act like monkey & barbarian,but never been caught,shit!

l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...

Each time I look at the picture posted. I tell myself ignore it after a few day I can't. I need to comment.

I watch the youtube posted in Anwar Ibrahim's blog, I noticed that he have difficulty going up and down the stairs. I noticed how his wife ran to assit him when he was annouced as the winner of Pematang Pauh. If you noticed that in all the ceramah, Anwar have no problem if he walk on a flat platform but if the platform is not flat then he have problem. You can see that he is very careful taking his steps.

Those beautiful human that believed the story is "STUPID", the more beautiful human that created this is "STUPIER". To me if Anwar is sent to jail for it, this person is the most beautiful human but the "STUPIEST".

Anonymous said...

Is it Halal for a woman in Tundung to point to a man's butts and laugh?

With photographed evidence, these people should be charged in Syriah Court.

dsoulkeeper said...

not all uitm graduates support bn or umno...plz stop streotyping yea???????