Sunday, August 24, 2008

Full DAP Central Executive Committee

10 new members have been recruited into the DAP Central Executive Committee who were elected yesterday evening. They are selected based on a mix of young and old, different races and comes from different parts of Malaysia.

They are:
  • Teo Nie Ching, MP Serdang, Selangor
  • Thomas Su, ADUN Pasir Pinji, Perak
  • Leong Ngah Ngah, ADUN Triang, Pahang
  • Liew Chin-Tong, MP Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang
  • Jeff Ooi, MP Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
  • Ronnie Liu, ADUN Pandamaran, Selangor
  • Gunasekaren a/l Veraman, ADUN Senawang, Negeri Sembilan
  • Hew King Cheu, MP Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
  • Vincent Wu, Perak
And based on the meetings to elect the various position holders in the party's leadership, the following are the results. I've been elected as the National Publicity Secretary, with Nie Ching as the Assistant. Teresa Kok who was the former National Publicity Secretary is now a National Vice Chairman.
  • Chairman: Karpal Singh
  • Deputy Chairman: Dr Tan Seng Giaw

  • Vice Chairman: M Kulasegaran
  • Vice Chairman: Chow Kon Yeow
  • Vice Chairman: Teresa Kok (new)
  • Vice Chairman: Tunku Abdul Aziz (new)
  • Vice Chairman: Chong Chien Jen (new)

  • Secretary General: Lim Guan Eng
  • Deputy Secretary-General: Chong Eng
  • Deputy Secretary-General: Ngeh Koo Ham
  • Deputy Secretary-General: Prof P Ramasamy (new)

  • Organising Secretary: Tan Kok Wai
  • Assistant Organising Secretary: Vincent Wu

  • Publicity Secretary: Tony Pua (new)
  • Assistant Organising Secretary: Teo Nie Ching (new)

  • International Secretary: Liew Chin Tong (new)

  • Political Education Director: Anthony Loke
  • Assistant Political Education Director: Jeff Ooi (new)
Overall, out of the complete list of 30 Central Executive Committee members, that is after including the appointed members, there are a total of 9 or 30% of new faces in the committee. This, in my opinion is certainly a good sign and represents healthy renewal in the party's leadership. ;-)


Anonymous said...

wah very racist one..
only 1 malay...
i think the only malay also just formality.....aiyaa...said dont want racism politic...but dap doing it

Bentoh said...

I'm hoping Hannah Yeoh could make the cut... :(

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

Congrats to Y Bhg Tunku Abdul Aziz for joining DAP. Tunku is a person of great stature and a very highly respected Malaysian. He has acquited himself in Transparency International.

I hope that this move by Tunku would encourage more Malay Malaysians to follow his footsteps, to make DAP a more creditable multi-racial and multi-religious party, rather being painted as a Chinese party, though agreeably there are more Chinese Malaysian members than those from other ethnic groups. Let us hope that more ethnic groups from East Malaysia particularly would sign up with the party to make it an even more creditable multi-racial and multi-religious party. Nonetheless, before this even transpires, I hope Dap would forever look at issues from the Malaysian views, not through narrow ethnic views. This will help to move more parties away from racial politics! We owe this to ourselves and more so to our descendants.

Anonymous said...

sas, Ahmad Ton is also in CEC, but like Kit Siang he doens't have a specific position. Having said that, I do agree with you that DAP needs to do a lot better than this.

The election result is quite pathetic, success rate over 90%, but zero Malays, how can...?

Anonymous said...

too many vice chairmen and deputy sec gens only show indecisiveness... no consistency in positions some area heads called secretaries, other called directors... perhaps sounds nitpicking but how to organise a future government if the internal party structure looks somewhat messy

Anonymous said...

dear int

plse remember that tunku was appointed not elected..let saytunku was not DAP member, do u think there will be a malay in high rank of CEC council??
sorry to say...its NO!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
It has been quite a while since 8/3 & I am still waiting 2 hear what economic measures DAP n its associates r putting forward 2 arrest the decline in M'sia's economy.RM seems 2 b in a freefall mirroring the world's perception of our lack of direction.If not countrywide,at least 4 the few states tht u control, lets hear abt ur concrete strategies n plans