Monday, August 20, 2007

MCA: UMNO "Best Partner"

The coverage of the MCA General Assembly yesterday in today's papers in kinda nauseating. Thank goodness for The Sun for giving coverage to the RM4.6 billion scandal at the Port Klang Free Trade Zone. (Yes, you can build nearly 2 new Penang bridges with that amount of money.)

Pak Lah proudly proclaimed that "I want to be fair. I am fair and I will always be fair."

Mohd Said Yusof and Bung Mokhtar gets away with insincere apologies without further action from the Parliament for using unparliamentary language and insulting women. Wee Meng Chee gets threatened with the Sedition, the Internal Security Act, revocation of citizenship, forced extradition, public reprimand and unjust scolding by Ministers. And yet, after the 24 year old student apologised, the Cabinet decides to proceed for legal action. Where's the fairness?

Nathaniel Tan gets detained under remand for 4 days for alleged Official Secrets Act documents which never had, and "official secrets" which had already been published in mainstream newspapers. Raja Petra Kamaruddin gets call in by the police and grilled for 8 hours for allegedly insulting Agung and Islam. Even his wife wasn't spared. But when UMNO supporters websites threaten non-Malays and non-Muslims with blood and murder, when they public published articles which insults other religions, no action is taken. Where's the fairness?

The above are just some simple examples. We can all cite plenty more, and we are seeing it everyday. Just what type of fairness the Prime Minister, Pak Lah is preaching, I have absolutely no clue. The rakyat believed him the last elections. Will they believe him again this time? Is Pak Lah still credible?

Well, MCA thinks he is. In fact, the MCA president, who not too long ago was publicly reprimanded by the Prime Minister on the frontpage of the New Straits Times, asked "party members to stop criticising some statemnents made during hte UMNO general assembly last year". (The Sun)

He said they [MCA members] must accept this reality because there were no other Malay-dominated political parties the MCA could cooperate with.
"We must not lie to ourselves and think that one day UMNO may just disappear. Many Malays still believe that only through UMNO that their rights can be protected and this is the reality."
And as reported in NST:
"Umno is a true ally and our co-builder in the nation’s development, why should we end such a beautiful friendship?"
Yes, birds of the same feather certainly flocks together. A beautiful friendship indeed.
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