Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dikir Barat

Can you find me? I'm the only Chinese in the picture.
(But I'm certainly not the fairest of them all ;-))

Haven't managed to find the time to blog properly, what with the many Hungry Ghost Festival dinners all around Petaling Jaya being held these two weeks ;-)

But I've just reconnected with a friend from school in Singapore via Facebook and he had some old photos that certainly brought back some sweet memories. The one on top is after a Dikir Barat performance, probably on a cultural performance night(?) in Raffles Junior College while the one below is the combined team photo of all the inter-faculty Malay language debating teams. ;-)

You'd hardpressed to identify me in this photo as the faces are quite small.
I'm sort of the back row, 4th from the left.
I was representing the Arts Faculty which won that year ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Nice pics :-) Facebook is great...

So are you for or against Anwar? DAP is saying they are "all out" for Anwar, but you have said in an interview that DAP's position is against crossovers. Now Anwar is saying that Sept. 16th is still on... so apa macam? September 16th is only about a month away. This isn't academic anymore.

Curious to hear your thoughts on this, thanks.

l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...

That is what Malaysia should be and must be to be next first world nation.

All races as one in mind, culture and mixing freely - not base on race and religion.

Malaysian Artist For Unity

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

It's refreshing to see you blogging something of the past other than politics for a change ;-) Yes, school pics always bring back many fond memories and tend to put an instant smile on our face upon looking at these old photos again. Now that you mentioned RJC, I recall vividly a fine bunch of medics from RJC during my university days in UK. They were probably from your year too. Likewise from ACJC, NJC, CJC, etc(!) and boy, were they competitive in their faculty then! Needless to say, just like you they are all doing well in their respective field and now based in different parts of the world. By the way, I presume you're an ASEAN scholar? Truly a blast from the past!

All the best to you :- )

Anonymous said...

Indeed a good picture...

You must be an active student

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua is second standing from the left back row!