Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Malaysia-Today Censored?

Update: It has now been confirmed. Malaysia-Today has been censored by the Government and it spells the end of Mahathir's Multimedia Super Corridor. When a Bill of Guarantee deemed sacred is infringed, then there is nothing else credible in it. Let's hope it spells the end of this UMNO-led government as well.

I have received information that the ultra-popular Malaysia-Today website operated by Raja Petra Kamaruddin may have been blocked and censored altogether by the Malaysian authorities, and cannot be accessed via TMNet connections.

You can still access the website via the mirror site @

Well, it may look like the end of the Multimedia Super Corridor Bill of Guarantees which has promised no censorship and there may be plenty of truth in the exposé by Malaysian Insider yesterday on the fact that bloggers are being targetted next.

Let's just hope that we are wrong about all this.


Unknown said...

tks for the infor. was suspecting there might be another attack on malaysiatoday website.

Anonymous said...

no, it is not censored. at least not yet. i was able to access the site 2 minutes ago.


Anonymous said...

it's not censored but it seems that the domain entry has been remove from StreamyX's DNS server.

CHee XtheMan said...

YB Tony,

I am really with TM net (steamyx) is doing the blocking. I wonder can i sue TM for failure in
meeting the consumer expectation. As a consumer i realy feel i have been cheated !!

I am going to legal advise and to SUE TM for this.

Anonymous said...

yesterday night for a while the site was almost inaccessible due to massive traffic.

But all in all still business as usual

Anonymous said...

YES. Now I know why I cannot get into RPK's Malaysia-today after numerous attempts. Thanks for the info and the alternative address. Let's see how they are going to censor that!!

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that TMNet is blocking MT site (rather silly 'cos they will just lose business). Censorship of the Internet is a futile attempt (a sign of desperation). Mirror sites will keep popping up.

Anonymous said...

Why do they fear Raja Petra unless he was telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

we should hold a campaign by asking everyone stop writing, the newspaper, the bloggers, the journalist, everyone stop writing! ask Pak Lah and Najib to write about their romantic love story, may be!

NEO said...

It is the "good" job by MCMC.

Will ppe be next blog targeted for censorship?

Pratamad said...

I can confirm that MT is blocked by TM. In technical details, they hijacked the domain name of MT and made the domain name resolve to, which is going no where.

The alternative URL above is temporary.

It started about 6.45pm yesterday, and today there was a brief period of unblocking, then back on again.

There is no legal basis and moral authority for TM to do this censorship. Those good people working inside TM should do something about it.

Bentoh said...

I remember I was in China for one whole month last year...

And I found out I wasn't able to browse any blog site from Bloggers/Blogspot...

Is Malaysia going to downgrade to a Communism-Capitalism state?

I hope not... I hope it's just an accidental mistake TMnet did...

Anonymous said...

Is it got to do with Malaysian Insider website as well?

Anonymous said...

UMNO is digging its own grave deeper and deeper! They just don't learn the lessons! Forever in denial mode!

I'm going to terminate my TM Streamnyx service if they still block MT in the next few days!

Dodgy Inc said...

I'm using streamyx, my internet wasn't blocked

To circumvent MCMC's blockage, replace your streamyx's DNS server addreses to Opendns's DNS server addresses as follows:

Original Streamyx DNS server

DNS server is used for converting web address texts ie. to

MCMC is able to manupulate addresses by reconfigurating DNS server within Malaysia, it has no control over DNS server ouside Malaysia.

Got it?

whisperingshout said...

[Bypass lousy DNS]

Anonymous said...

My Fellow Malaysians,

The bi-election result of Permatang Pauh clearly shows THE END of Pak Lah a.k.a. BOHDOHWI & NAJIS Era!

The time has arrived for YAB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to kick these 2 Bastards to Hell!

Now, let us all focus 100% of our energy to support DSAI towards becoming Malaysia's 6th PM by 16th September 2008!

Makkal Sakthi!

Hidup DAP, Hidup Pakatan Rakyat,

Hidup Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:-

Subscribe to P1 Wimax and throw out Streamyx TMNet if they intended to block the freedom of expression of RPK and intimidate other bloggers with threats!!!

Threats and more threats coming from the most corrupted, dirty & rotten BN Cronies or Umnoputras who are always very selfish and self centred beyond beliefs with their lies and deceits they spun in the MSM they controlled and try to hoodwink the whole nations in order to cling to power beyond their welcome, soon they will be buried in their own filthy shit come September 16th. That is why all right minded Malaysia Citizens no longer believe the MSM as they have all lost their credibility long ago. BN Moron Sakthi please explain the following any justice for the Brutally Murdered Mongolian Woman???

C4, a military explosive, is not something you can buy at a supermarket and can use this to have blown up the Mongolian Woman into smithereens. If the command did not come from the highest level will the policemen and the C4 expert take the commands & instructions from a nobody by the name Razak Baginda to carry out the tasks of the henchmen to murder and took great efforts to destroy the body of the Mongolian Woman beyond any trace but God is great the heinous criminal conspiracy is exposed. There were no motives for the nobody by the name Razak Baginda, the fall guy, the Policemen & C4 expert to commit murder and destroy the Body of the Mongolian Woman except to get cash or seek promotions through dubious means from the one and the only Power with a motive for this heinous crime. Why hasn’t the police found the source from where did the C4 came from and the culprit C4 expert who placed the charges and detonated the C4 on the Mongolian Woman, there could not be many real sources of the C4 and nor are there many C4 experts in Malaysia unless there is a conspiracy to cover up. Also, the Immigration Entry record of Alantuya’s coming into Malaysia was deleted but the Police did not get the Immigration Personnel Culprit who has had the access into the Immigration Computerized System for the Entry Records to have done this in his conspiracy with the Murderers, there could not be many who have authorized access to these Entry Records.

The Malaysian Police are all not only bullying thugs but also all are cowards who are cowed by the mighty high ranking politician and are cowed into covering up for him.
The Malaysian Police are nothing but all bullying thugs who know how to bully the ordinary citizens fighting for their basic rights like fighting for the access road in Cheras and also bullying the ordinary citizens who recently protested the fuels price hikes, which did have a domino effect resulting in price hikes in foods and essentials, which should not have been hiked as well because Malaysia is the nett producer and exporter of Crude Oil and we should be enjoying the windfall profits from Crude Oil like all Oil Producers and Exporters if the Country’s resources are not badly mis-managed by the greedy, corrupted, incompetent & moronic high ranking politician who helm the BN Government to hike the fuels prices not out of necessity but out of greed in order to plunder, cheat & rob the Malaysian Citizens of their Purchasing Power & reasonable cost of livelihood in revenge for their GE12’s losses to the opposition. Throw out that despotic moronic rotten tyranny soonest possible to stop the rot now otherwise Malaysia’s wealth could be decimated in no time with such chronic rotten tyranny.

Petrol price cut at the last minutes of Permatang Puah By-Election is now the very sign of Desperation of the Flip Flop PeeM’s Wrong Doing:=KJ Flip Flop’s SIL Advisor of the Sinking Titanic BN PeeM’s last minutes Flop Flop Fuel Price Cut in great desperation to fish some votes from the present fiasco of their failed campaign in Permatang Pauh

As usual the Flip-Flop and Flip-Flop again and again in desperation to cling on to Power, throw out the rotten Flip-Flop Tyranny come Sept 16, 2008

Sink the titanic BN once and for all come Sept 16, 2008 in a coup de grace

Unknown said...

Other steps to bypass the so-called censorship:

1)Use a proxy site or TOR
2)Access the site using it's IP Address
3)Use OpenDNS
4)If you're on mobile using Maxis etc. use Opera Mini

Anonymous said...

it's just another pea-brain act by the government as usual.

Pratamad said...

I have started a campaign page and The ISP Kowtow Chart at

Anonymous said...

RPK had prepared for this. Its a reflection how others seem to be way ahead of BN-govt...

I really pity them, after 51 years, they find themselves playing catch - up, going the way of dinasaurs...

Anonymous said...

Gomen stupid wan, haven't learned lesson yet izzit? Oh BN, how little have you changed since the political tsunami!

Try to test our patience? Try to stunt democracy?

Desperate attempts! Dear cronies of BN, your days are number. Now that you've digged your own grave, how about a complimentary coffin?

Just lie still, rakyat will do the nailing.

Bye bye BN, good riddance ;)

MalaysianToday said...

In the event that MCMC decides to further implement a full blocking of websites or blogs not friendly to UMNO/BN, the followings can be used as an effective way to circumvent internet censorship:

1. Accessing a mirror site
2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

1. Access a mirror site
For instance, Malaysia Today can still be accessed at this moment at . Using mirror sites may not be effective as they may start blocking these sites too.

2. Using a non-censoring DNS-server
Change your DNS to OpenDNS server or .

Click for more info on how to set DNS.

3. Using a non-censoring proxy server

(i) Proxy Sites
More effectively, this blocking can be circumvented by surfing through a proxy sites, such as:

There are many proxy sites available, just google for them.

(ii) Proxy Tunnelling Software
Another better and most effective way to circumvent internet censor is by using Ultrasurf. It is developed by the people against internet censorship in China. It enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers in the background.

Download Ultrasurf software from:

Then extract the file and run, that's it.

If you are using browser other than IE, then you have to manually change your proxy IP address to with port :9666 .

(iii) TOR and TOR based browsers
For those who are more IT savvy, they can try TOR. TOR based browsers are also available, such as xb Browser and OperaTor. But TOR solution tends to give slower internet surfing experience.

Say NO to internet censorship.

drsd1665 @

Anonymous said...

Talk to RPK about backup plans to circumvent this in any event. He seemed to have prepared for this. He is more than prepared against any conspiracy we all know...

cancan said...

This act comes under trait No.5 in "The traits of the Malaysian Politicians"


Anonymous said...

I just would like to inform everyone who is using Streamyx, to change your DNS setting from using TM to OpenDNS server setting, If you still can’t get through, you’ll need to run the following command at your command prompt, “ipconfig /flushdns”.

After you done that, You’ll not be blocked from assessing Malaysia-Today, and perhaps any other site that the “outgoing-government” decided to block.

Anonymous said...


1. Just type in your browser. Then bookmark it so you can access it anytime.

2. Type then enter

3. Use Open DNS and change your DNS to and

Either one will do. No need to do all 3. Let me know if any one of the above doesn't work. They work fine for me.

It's time for the Government to be afraid of the people!! Free Malaysia from oppression, tyranny, corruption and injustice!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!