Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Billboard in SS2 II

Following my post here on the billboard which carried the contacts for Damansara Utama ADUN as well as mine on the controversial SS2 billboard, The Star Metro has taken the case up once again last Friday.
“The company has never asked us for permission to do so. I'm not against them putting up our numbers but I think it was rather discourteous of them not to ask us first,” Pua said.

He also said the company should specify on the billboard that it was sponsored for and not paid for with money from the state or the elected representatives.

According to Dr Cheah, there was no communication between the company and him before they printed his phone numbers. “They even got the name of my constituency wrong. It says Damansara Damai instead of Damansara Utama,” Cheah said.

Setia Media officials could not be reached for comments.
I've yet to receive any communications from Setia Media since the article was published, and I've not yet seen any change to the billboard. We'll see what happens. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I smell some conspiracy here....'busuk'?

Anonymous said...

Why wait???

Just ask MBPJ to take it down.

Does it mean that if the 'owner' put the MB face there it is automatic 'legalised'???

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I hv watched the speech delivered by you in the parliament..ermm..u need to brush up ur Malay.......

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Just a suggestion. Can you please disable the comment moderation ? After all you still have ability to delete any comment which you deemed not suitable.

This is make it more responsive. Otherwise, people like me will get a bit tired waiting to hear other people's view.


Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Ben,

Refer to:

I have no problems with providing direct commenting. Unfortunately, it'll just take 1-2 idiots to create major headaches for us.

And this has nothing to do with negative comments on me. I've always allowed such comments, however harsh, unless vulgar or unsavouray language is used.

Tony ;-)

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Thank you for the billboard clarification. The ad company failed to obtain any permission in the first place.Do ask them to take it down .If they wanted to contribute something tell the company to do something to the people or Selangor.
Do make it a point that the people do NOT want to see any billboards / buntings/banners with a politician face on it.It is nauseating to see one.
I do hope all politicians from the PR group will take note of this.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

For me I think it's ok to keep it there. It is a refreshing change and a much soothing effect on the eye than the previous BN MB's. Since it's money already spent, don't waste the money (and perhaps the good intention of the people concerned) to take it down. Let it serve it's purpose of reminding our beloved YBs and our MBs that you all have put yourself up on the public eye to judge your performance and be prepared to 'contribute' to the rakyat's plight. Leave it there, we know our MB's will not simply spend money on self glorification. Regards, Your friendly neighbourhood supporter DAP-FOR-PJ.