Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adjournment Speech on Crime in PJ - Ministerial Response

I blogged on my adjournment speech on crime in Petaling Jaya earlier, and I have received the verbal reply by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Dato' Chor Chee Heung on the issue.

By and large, I was disappointed with the Deputy Minister's reply on 2 aspects.

Firstly, with 1-2 exceptions, the Deputy Minister didn't give specific answers, especially with regards to Petaling Jaya but instead just gave very generic answers such as "the government will increase police staff", without mentioning how many are planned for Petaling Jaya. Without such information, we can never tell if the government's plans will or will not be sufficient.

Secondly, the Ministry appears to continue the emphasis that part of the blame for the high crime rates has to fall on the victims themselves for being careless, and the solution to that is to have more seminars. In addition, the Ministry and the police kept also harping on the fact that they need public co-operation to reduce and resolve crime. While I'll agree that yes, co-operation is necessary, it's not the most important of factors which is causing the high crime rates. There is little or no mention on how the police force can be made more efficient or more effective in fighting and preventing crime.

Anyway, read his reply copied here as a whole and judge for yourself his response.
Tuan Yang di-Pertua, Ahli Yang Berhormat Petaling Jaya Utara adalah membangkitkan isu-isu mengenai situasi jenayah yang semakin berleluasa di negara ini termasuk di Petaling Jaya dan langkah-langkah bagi menangani.

Sebagai maklumat Ahli Yang Berhormat, indeks jenayah bagi Petaling Jaya untuk tahun 2007 adalah sebanyak 10,357 kes ataupun 17.67% daripada jumlah indeks jenayah bagi negeri Selangor. Dari jumlah tersebut, 2,241 kes melibatkan jenayah kekerasan dan 8,116 kes adalah merupakan jenayah harta benda.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, jumlah keanggotaan anggota polis Ibu Pejabat Daerah Petaling Jaya pada 31 Mei 2008 adalah seramai 1,338 anggota daripada 10,246 anggota di seluruh Kontinjen Selangor. Nisbah anggota polis dengan penduduk bagi daerah Petaling Jaya bagi tahun 2007 adalah nisbahnya setiap seorang anggota polis untuk 1,300 orang penduduk dan sehingga Mei 2008 adalah setiap seorang anggota dan penduduknya ialah 1,279.

Polis Diraja Malaysia sedang berusaha untuk menambah perjawatan keanggotaan polis di seluruh negara terutamanya yang melibatkan perkhidmatan kepada masyarakat.

Cadangan penambahan perjawatan di semua balai polis seluruh negara telah dikemukakan kepada agensi pusat dan akan dipertimbangkan mengikut keutamaan. Bagi Kontinjen Selangor terdapat 55 buah balai polis dinaiktarafkan dan penambahan perjawatan anggota polis dilaksanakan bagi mengurangkan beban tugas pegawai dan anggota.

Ini secara tidak langsungnya dapat mengurangkan nisbah antara penduduk dan polis negeri Selangor.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, Polis Diraja Malaysia juga sentiasa berusaha menyelesaikan kes-kes jenayah. Walau bagaimanapun penglibatan dan komitmen daripada masyarakat juga perlu bagi membantu pihak polis dalam mencegah jenayah daripada berlaku.

Berdasarkan kajian, pihak polis mendapati bahawa terdapatnya peluang yang membolehkan jenayah itu berlaku. Kelalaian dan kecuaian pemilik harta contohnya penyebab utama kepada jenayah harta benda. Sehubungan itu, kesedaran masyarakat perlu ditingkatkan lagi agar menyedari betapa kerjasama daripada mereka dapat membantu pihak polis dalam mencegah sesuatu jenayah.

Dalam mengurangkan kadar jenayah, Polis Diraja Malaysia mengambil beberapa langkah dengan meningkatkan lagi perondaan bit, MPV dan motosikal, mewujudkan balai ataupun pondok polis baru dengan sewaan bangunan, kedai ataupun perumahan di kawasan yang mempunyai kekerapan berlakunya kejadian jenayah. Maklumat melalui Rakan Cop dengan penghantaran sistem pesanan ringkas dan sistem pesanan multimedia dan menambah kehadiran polis di kawasan-kawasan yang berkenaan.

Polis Diraja Malaysia juga mengadakan kerjasama yang erat dengan Kerajaan Tempatan dan lain-lain agensi kerajaan seperti JKKK Daerah, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri dan Ahli Parlimen, mengadakan kempen-kempen ceramah dan pameran-pameran berkaitan senario jenayah, menggunakan sistem kamera litar tertutup CCTV di kawasan tertentu, mengadakan kerjasama dengan NGO dan juga Malaysian Grant Prevention Foundation dan juga mengenakan tindakan undang-undang termasuk Undang-undang Pencegahan terhadap penjenayahpenjenayah.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, pembukaan 60 balai polis dan 55 pondok polis komuniti baru bagi kontinjen Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor dan Pulau Pinang adalah merupakan strategi pendekatan oleh Polis Diraja Malaysia dalam usaha membanteras jenayah dan mengawal
keselamatan penduduk bandar. Dengan kewujudan balai polis dan pondok polis komuniti ini, dapat menempatkan anggota-anggota polis di kalangan masyarakat dan dengan secara tidak langsung, kehadiran polis dapat menghalang kegiatan penjenayah dan meningkatkan lagi keyakinan masyarakat.

Selain daripada itu, kewujudan balai polis dan pondok polis komuniti ini juga dapat mendekatkan masyarakat dengan pihak polis serta memudahkan masyarakat mendapat perkhidmatan polis. Masyarakat boleh turut membantu pihak polis dalam menyalurkan maklumat. Melalui kewujudan balai polis dan pondok polis komuniti ini, pihak polis dapat bertindak dengan pantas dalam menangani sesuatu isu. Polis Diraja Malaysia juga merangka Pelaksanaan Command Control Communication and Computer Integration System di bilik-bilik gerakan setiap kontinjen di seluruh Malaysia agar bantuan dapat disalurkan dengan lebih cepat dan sistematik. Dengan adanya sistem ini, respond time dapat dipendekkan dengan purata lapan minit bagi setiap laporan.

Sekian, terima kasih.
To be frank, I'm feeling a little helpless on how to help reduce crime, besides getting the residents to take the necessary measures to protect themselves. The government don't seem to have any specific directions in do so. I did speak to the Deputy Minister after that to request for specific numbers for PJ, and he said to write in again for the numbers.

So, what can we do next?


Anonymous said...

Jawapan mcm itu perkara biasa lah dalam politik malaysia. Jawapan yg tak tepat dan samar2. Tujuan jawapan itu untuk mengelirukan orang.

Rember you are not dealing with rational and objective are dealing with politicians who are good or trained in the art of deception.

The grand masters of deception are in the likes know who?
No prize for guessing. They will lie to the grave and beyond.After all no one came back from the dead to tell how hell is?
Enjoy your life Yb TP

Anonymous said...

Tony, a student reported how BTN create lies and twist the truth about the opposition and the history of the country. Comments which are Anti chinese, and anti indian comparing indian with snakes. Same comment like the BN state assembly woman of perak about Malaysian Indians. All indians if u have read this do not vote for BN for the rest of your life please spread this among ur community. Racism is being promoted to malay government students.

The link on this is Below posed.html

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace! Can't do their job while and simply place the blame on the Rakyats. What an easy way to get out of it.

Have the YB forgotten that rakyats in PJ pay their taxes and assessment. Thus it is their right to demand for a safe community. And that is the role of the police in this country and the responsiblity of the Home Minister.

In the corporate world they would be shown the door for failing to carry out their responsiblities.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when AAB became the prime minister and Finance minister and Internal Affairs minister before, does he do it because:
1 He is very very capable?
2 He is greedy for power?

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,

Although increase the number of policement and police stations, I think people in M'sia has little hope on our policement fighting crime.

Incident happen in my father, robber came 2 times to rob my father new house, 1st time they didn't manage to take anything from the house becouse my father arrive, sad is they use sammurai sword to chop by father and run away. After 3 days they came back again. And we already make police report.

No hope for ours policemen, they think they are Raja di Malaysia.

No hope for BN minister, sleep in ours parliment meeting, no constructuve suggestion, and don't listen to Rakyat.

Time to remove this buch of useless minister to manage ours contry and miss use ours tax money.

Strong DAP Supporter

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

You might want to give some considerations and thoughts on setting up a neighbourhood watch of sorts in PJ Utara akin to the previous Rukun Tetangga night patrols.

Anonymous said...

Please ask the Polis walk around the street like Hong Kong Police. Not just riding and sitting in the car or hiding after the traffice light. Malaysians are also with no ethics even though Moral Edu/Islam Studies are compulsary subjects from Primary to Colleges. Polis may not be able to catch the thieves, but they are very good in bullying layman or innocent rakyat.If you dare to make complaint against them, they will blacklist you.

Anonymous said...

Police in Malaysia are a bunch of thugs, who, instead of protecting the people, join forces with the baddies to exploit the rakyat by not taking action.

I am sick of all this! Why can't the police force do their job? Day in day out snatch thieves patrol my area hungry for his next victim. I've even lost count the number of times my neighbours fell victim to snatch thieves.

Lazy, corrupted, and below par - these adjectives aptly describe our police force. What a shame and what a disgrace. Increase the number of police stuff my arse!

Please lar Minister , all talk no action. Do we have to wait till 2020?

Tony, please do something about this sorry state of things!

Anonymous said...

why dont we send this Chor fella back to PKA. At least, he has to face the RM4.7 billion corrupted white elephant daily Guess, he wouldnt even cringe at this creation, in which he played a major part.

Anonymous said...

Crime is a systematic problem. There is no simple solution when the system is broken except to have an alternative competing system.

The other day I was in Bangsar and a group concern about crime remarked how they are giving their children as young as 6years old hand phone just to make sure they know what is going on.

My suggestion to them is to have a gated community and prepare to take law into their own hands. Basically have their own system to monitor and tackle crime even if they need to have their own judge and jury informally. Let say they catch a child rapist or other violent criminal in their midst, they should just have a communal court with a lawyer as a judge.