Friday, June 27, 2008

Billboard in SS2

For those staying in SS2 or who passes SS2 regularly might have noticed the above billboard right opposite RHB Bank, at the traffic light junction.

It's huge billboard, initially put up with just the mugshot of the Selangor Menteri Besar, the Selangor Government crest, and the backdrop of the Shah Alam mosque, and interestingly enough, Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel (whom I had initially thought paid for the billboard).

When newspapers covered the story, with concerns that the state government was extravagant with its expenses, it was found that the billboard company, Setia Media was the one who put it up.

And when residents complained that the billboard would have been more useful if the representatives' numbers were published, the company put up both Dr Cheah Wing Yin (ADUN for Damansara Utama) and my contacts almost immediately.

I don't have a problem having my service centre hotline and email details published. But I thought it was rather odd for the billboard company not to have the courtesy to inform us in advance. Hence I wasn't aware of it till I saw it for myself last week as I was passing by. Worse, they even got Dr Cheah's constituency wrong - it is published as "Damansara Damai".

And possibly more importantly, the billboard company should state clearly on the advertisement that it was sponsored by the company, and the state did not pay for anything for it. This will certainly go a long way towards clarifying to residents that the local politicians did not waste precious tax-payers money to "glorify" themselves.
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