Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deja Vu

Anwar has been taken in by the police.

It feels a little like 1998 all over again.

I won't write in detail because the issue is being discussed right now all over blogosphere ad nauseam.

My little wish:

1. The Royal Malaysian Police with conduct its investigations in a fair, controlled and professional manner.

2. That Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be treated with total respect and decorum as an individual who is innocent until proven guilty under Malaysian laws. We do not need another black eye for Malaysia.

3. That if he is charged, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be given a expedious, fair and just trial under an independent judge of integrity. Justice must not only be served by be seen to be served.

All the political brinkmanship, drama and threats today while superficial, has downgraded the perceived stability of this country which will only result in a further weakening economic situation, especially in the light of the existing turmoil in the global economy.


Anonymous said...

How can one expect fairness when the IGP of the Ploice Force, the Attorney General of the Country and also the DPM of the Country all have vested interests in DSAI being sent to jail!!

ONly an idiot would believe that fainess and justice can exists given the above circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I too wish the same.

But my trust with police and this government is completely shattered.

l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...

Just hope the police and authority are 'human' enough to handle this case.

Anonymous said...

If DSAI is guilty. Then charge both Saiful and DSAI and sent both to jail. The trial and investigation must be fair. Likewise, allegations against Najib and Rosmah must also be investigated in fair manner. If Najib and Rosmah are guilty, send both to jail too.

I better stock up on some rice and instant noodles.

Anonymous said...

Anwar must be save!

Anwar is the only hope Malaysia has now!

Anwar is the only person who can unite Malaysia now.

Malaysia must be save!

Anonymous said...'s time to be Patriotic.Time to fight till the end and PR take over govt!

Anonymous said...

Police only listen to BN govertment. If you are a person with some IQ, you think Anwar will give a fair trail.

NO HOPE TO BN and POLICE FORCE. Wasting all the energy and rakyat money on one person. Please focus solving actual rakyat issues.

Anonymous said...


If u think logically, IGP Musa Hassan will definitely send Anwar to jail before he can become the next PM.

If not when Anwar become the next PM, IGP Musa, AG & DPM Najis a.k.a. the gatal fellow will be the main target DSAI will take on his revenge and send them off to jail.

Therefore, it's not a surprise at all to see DSAI being recaptured for the 2nd time.

There is totally "NO CURE" for this political journey to fight for justice unless a Major Nationwide Street Protest is called for by Pakatan Rakyat government NOW!

Makkal Sakhti!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this what they talk in parlimen?
Why waste time to discuss it at parlimen? is khairy kecut already?

((("Perbahasan Khairy sekali lagi menjadi kecoh dan hangat apabila beliau berkata janji Anwar untuk menurunkan harga minyak sebanyak 50 sen jika memerintah negara adalah satu pembohongan dan putar belit.

Khairy berkata ini bertentangan dengan janji parti itu ketika pilihan raya umum lepas yang mengatakan akan menurunkan harga minyak kurang daripada RM1.92.

"Tapi semalam (pada debat Anwar dengan menteri penerangan Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek) pembohongan terdedah bahawa beliau hanya mampu janji turunkan 50 sen dari RM2.70 kepada RM2.20 yang mana masih lagi tinggi daripada RM1.92 seperti yang dijanjikan pada pilihan raya," katanya.

Kenyataan Khairy itu kemudian dijawab oleh Mohamed Azmin yang mengatakan bahawa apa yang disebut Anwar itu adalah langkah awal dengan mengambil kira keadaan ekonomi sekarang.

"Dalam keadaan ekonomi hari ini, mana mungkin kita hendak turun secara mendadak, ini peringkat awal dan sekiranya suasana mengizinkan kita akan turunkan lebih rendah supaya rakyat dapat manfaat," katanya. )))

Anonymous said...

it will NEVER be a fair trial - served or perceived. No word from the authority / government can convince me that that they will be fair and will be based on facts and evidence. IT WILL NOT.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the damage caused by the political brinkmanship but the problem is the 'game' being played is getting stupid just plain senseless.

The whole case against Anwar is already tainted because most evidence is already suspect especially all the talk of DNA but yet the authorities and BN politicians don't deem it necessary to raise their standard of behaviour and arguments?

If this is Najib's idea, it just more proof to me the man is NOT qualified to be PM. Dr. M is wrong. Najib is not weak BUT he is a high risk. His ideas are pretty bad. The man qoute his track record when its pretty lousy. He comes close to 'clear and present danger' to the nation as far as being PM is concern.

Anonymous said...

I am just a normal citizen. Reading the news today, that Anwar complain of back pain after sleeping on the cement floor.

My question is, if the sodomy happens, he will need lots of pain killer after that.

I think the people that are trying to hang Anwar on this, does not have commonsense. One thing for sure I know, people outside Malaysia are surely laughing at these people.

Anonymous said...

BN will not give up control of the country. There is so much at stake. Losing control of the government means losing control of the judiciary and all other agencies like the ACA and the Police. They can't afford to have the Opposition digging up the crimes that they have been covering up all these years and having to answer them if they lose control. The Rakyat knows the large scale corruption that goes on in government agencies. The recent Immigration scandal didn't come as a surprise to most of us. ACA only got wind of it 2 months ago? Ask the patrons at the mamak stalls, the patrons in the kopitiams, the people in the pasar malams. They can tell the ACA all the scandals in the country. Remember the "lesen terbang" (driving license & JPJ) scandal some years back? It is still happening! ACA doesn't know that this is still happening? This is common knowledge to the Rakyat. What happened to the Intelligence from Special Branch? Try the Land Office. There are lots of worms to be dug up there as well.

SOP said...

What's your thinking on the latest sodomy charges against Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ?

Express yourself @

Anonymous said...

The country is like a house heavily infested with termites. Although the structure still look ok from outside but beneath the surface it is filled with rooting and decomposing wood..

Called Ridpest! To eliminate and fumigate these termites

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Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to believe Anwar has been framed by the government.

But have you all thought of other possibilities?

1. Why Mrs Anwar has the photos of Anwar's personal secretary meeting up with Najib's adviser? Don't you think it's weird? If she has the photo before hand, why didn't she expose this before everything happened?

2. Why on earth did Anwar hire a student who couldn't even get a proper degree?

3. Why did he still hire a pretty boy if he really 'KNOWS' UMNO is going to frame him like what he claimed?

4. Do you really think UMNO is that stupid to use the same stunt again to bring down Anwar?

5. Why did Anwar hide in pro-western Turkish embassy? To bring more coverage from the western press?

And BN's action is also questionable.

1. Why so serious? (Use commandos as if they were to catch Osama)

2. Why didn't the police bring Anwar to custody? Why should they give Anwar face? I challenge you all, if someone pressed charges on you, what will the police do? Isn't that immediate action the only way?

I'm not pro-gov. But Anwar is equally dubious. He's ambitious and let's no forget what he has done during mid-80s and his time as the deputy PM.