Friday, July 25, 2008

The Maid

This is hilarious. We members of parliament do often trade horror stories of our experiences with some of our constituents on the type of complaints we receive in our respective offices. Having heard many, I dare say, this one by Gobind Singh, MP for Puchong must rank right up there.

This lady walks into Gobind's service centre with a stack of documents to file a complaint. She started the tedious process showing her documents of her maid application, receipts of payments, the maid's photo and medical report made as well as other documentation to Gobind.

After a while, puzzled by the lady, Gobind then asked, "Well, everything looks to be in order, and you have got your maid. So what's the problem?"

The lady replied, "You see, this maid that I got, she wakes up at 7am. How can a maid wake up at 7am? "

Gobind raised his eyebrows, "Yes...?"

"She should be waking up latest 6.30am! Where got maid wake up at 7am one!" the lady complained.

Absolutely stunned, but maintaining his ice-cool composure, Gobind asked, "Ummm... yes, and how may I help?"

Without missing a beat, the lady responded, "Well, I voted for you in the last elections, so you must come to my house and knock some sense into the maid's head!"



And when the lady left later, Gobinds assistants who heard the conversation outside came into his office sheepishly with tears in their eyes. I certainly have tears in mine now!


Anonymous said...

my my what a funny story ...that's a good tea-break story for a dull day at the office !

Anonymous said...

haha this is really funnee..smoke gets in my eyes..

Anonymous said...

this is really funny!

Francis said...

This one got the attitude of BeEnd creatures...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Easy! Just advise the constituent to pay extra allowances every day/week/month for waking up early and finishing up the chores early. The payment can be made privately between the maid and her employer or between a middleman(i.e. the agency). Money talks!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB, I am not sure you are right to publish this. After all, what was confided to Gobind covered by client lawyer privilege. I may be wrong but then if I am..


Anonymous said...

Is the lady a Singaporean?

As far as I know only Singaporeans demand the weirdest services, just because they pay!

Anonymous said...

Okay.This is one funny story.=p
Well, I guess these experiences come with the package as the elected!

Anonymous said...

Not only our politic requires transformation, citizen of Malaysia also need to be transform.

Our MP time is valuable to every citizen, please don't use thier time for your own personnel interest.

A lot of Malaysian able to afford luxury car especially those stay in PJ and USJ area, but thier driving attitude and considering of others driver using the road is very bad. Double park lar ... not following the queue ... block other people car and don't go where ... illegal U-turn ... suddenly cut into another lane ... got car park also don't park in thier box. Some of the are highly educated.

Jarod said...

cant blame. That woman dun know wat does a MP do. Still left waaaaay behind.

Is time the public educate those citizen who is still blur. I pity him.

Anonymous said...

So reaffirm!

Please be reminded that YOU ARE YANG BERKHIDMAT!

Hope She does not come the next time around and say "My servant is sick and unable to work. So come and be her substitute until she gets better"

Watch out berhormats - This is called Occupational Risk

Anonymous said...

Send this joke to the Readers Digest and they will pay you money!

WY said...

this is our 3rd world nation. time to tell our mommy and daddy that MPs are to make laws, and help with public affairs...not silly maid problem..

Anonymous said...

Same happen to Hannah Yeoh(ADUN Subang Jaya)!

l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...

Whatever you address yourselves, will come back to square, we are Malaysian.

For this, I encourage all Malaysians, especially Malay brothers and sisters, to participate in Dr. Hsu’s Forum,

Dr. Hsu, a Gerakan member, is Bangsa Malaysia of the ‘truest’ sense. Whether you agree or disagree, I believe in diversity, ‘DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH’ fellow Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she wants the maid to wake up earlier than 7am, No!

bayi said...


l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...

LOL!We are tired of the S-word drama, at lease this one can make me laugh...goon one!

Anonymous said...

i'm not staying in puchong nor voted in puchong constituency, and if I'm to stay there, i would ask when will the mp and dun bring that toll down, just like the toll in cheras .... very very $$$ especially puchong ppl travel to sunway and pj....

Anonymous said...

Is the lady a Singaporean?

As far as I know only Singaporeans demand the weirdest services, just because they pay!

Don't slime the neighbour without first looking ourselves in the mirror.

If we are first exhibiting signals of contempt and illwill, we cannot expect goodwill from others.

And unfortunately, no Singaporean can approach a Malaysian MP in Malaysia. They have to approach their own Singaporean MP in Singapore.

It is one of us.

Anonymous said...

Gobind, in a gesture of goodwill, should get her an alarm clock as a gift. Nothing expensive, can be the pasar malam type. This will ensure that she tells the story a hundred times and get more votes for PR. How often does one get a gift from their MP?

Anonymous said...

You have put up the same stories with another two in the China Press. I pity our New Pakatan Rakyat MPs as they thought BN MPs are longkang MP. Now they themselves expeience such demand from the constituents. The people/voters are very unrasonable.

Be careful, if the MPs are not able to get the right Town Councillors to help out, the MPs and ADUNs, be BN or PR, will all be longkang MPs.

The appointment of Town Councillors are vital in this matter.

Who will laugh last?