Monday, July 07, 2008

Wedding in Bali

Congratulations to Sophie & Adi

Ting Fong and I were attending our friend's wedding in Bali last weekend, my fourth trip to the island destination, and I must say, it's a great place to hold your big day if you can actually afford it. And it's certainly the destination, if you actually have family, colleagues and friends that cuts across some half a dozen nations - Malaysia, India, Singapore, China, UK, US and more.

The party decor being set up at the Villa

Sunset Dinner @ Villa Atas Ombak

The wedding was held at the luxurious Villa Atas Ombak by the Seminyak beach. The villa comprises of only 5 bedrooms, where the newly wed as well as their closest relatives stayed. The rest of some 150 guests stayed at the various villas and hotels all around Seminyak.

The newly weds, the best men, the bridesmaids as well as the flower girls

And for those who are contemplating getting married, whether locally or at exotic overseas destinations, you can contact Ng Shen Yi of "I Do Weddings" wedding planner. She planned and coordinated this "international" wedding, which was not only held overseas but brought together 2 families from India and Malaysia, while the bride and groom were crisscrossing London and Singapore. It's certainly no mean feat!

The flower girls: Megan, Xin Ying & Isabella

That's a kite flying by the beach

That's the missus, the princess and the one with a lot of grey hair ;-)

And for those of you heading towards Bali for a holiday, in need of a trustworthy and reliable driver (Kijang), do give Wayan Lena (+62 812 3961705) a call. I've been using his services since 2002. ;-)


KIMHO8 said...

I very envy lo!

We rakyat miskin have to jimat-jimat and go the protes rally to show our support.

Don't like you affordable group can go attend somebody wedding at overseas and enjoy life.

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Sagaladoola said...

Nice Deco ... Especially the balls with some green strips.. Looks pleasing being blown by the wind.

Anonymous said...

nice shirt :D

Anonymous said...

then study hard, work hard and save lots of money rather than envy.

people can afford go holiday because they could afford it.

and most of the times, overseas wedding are sponsored by bride.