Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Chasing Dreams

Here's the article I wrote for Oriental Daily on 7th October entitled "Chasing Dreams". It was basically written to encourage more Malaysian students to seek an education at some of the top universities overseas, and the fact that I believed that my own choices have made a huge difference to me personally. I also compared the success enjoyed by Singaporeans in gaining entry into the world's top schools as compared to Malaysians.

I certainly look forward to the day where our own education system places emphasis on encouraging our Malaysian students to achieve excellence as well as the schools providing the necessary guidance to help them do so.











Chen Chow said...

I stand to be corrected on this by others, but from what I heard, there are 4 new first year student from Malaysia at MIT vs 1 from Singapore.

While this is just one example of when there are more Malaysian admits compared to Singapore admits, I have to agree that in general, Singaporeans do outnumber us by a great margin in most top universities, especially in US. Don't forget that we have 6 times bigger population than them. So, what goes wrong?

So now, the question is how can we match them or beat them? Or rather should we encourage more Malaysians to get into those top universities? If yes, how can we do that? What role can each of us play?

Guess I am putting more questions than answers, but hope to trigger thoughts by the readers of Tony's blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Pua!

Just a thought... How do you manage to maintain the standard of your chinese language after studying in Singapore & overseas for such a long time? I have been in Singapore for almost 4 years (graduating soon) and my Bahasa is quite horrible now - though Chinese is still ok as I speak chinese at home. Haha.

- Ming

Anonymous said...

(Didn't realize that comments are moderated)

Anyway, here's my email:

- Ming

Golf Afflicted said...

Umm... for one, my Chinese is pretty much work-in-progress. I wasn't from a Chinese school, although I grew up speaking Mandarin.

So while I write my own articles now, they get "edited" by the right people ;)