Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DAP's Next Big Catch?

When I joined DAP earlier this year, Jocelin Tan of The Star labelled me as "a real catch" for DAP, although, I'm pretty much just a rookie. But now, rumours are running on overdrive that DAP is reeling in the next big catch, the godfather of blogging in Malaysia himself, Jeff Ooi.

All these, thanks to a comment piece by Oon Yeoh which was just published by Today newspaper in Singapore entitled "DAP Gets New Blood".
The first major coup happened in February when Internet millionaire and Oxford graduate Tony Pua joined the DAP as economic adviser to Mr Lim. Although a political newbie, Mr Pua will be contesting in the next general election.

"People like Tony are not the kind of people who you'd normally expect to join the DAP," Mr Lim says matter-of-factly. "This is an indicator of things to come."

In the coming weeks, the party will be introducing a fresh line-up of candidates for the next general election to complement the old guard.

It's widely expected that Mr Jeff Ooi, the country's most famous social-political blogger will soon be joining the ranks of new DAP election candidates. Mr Ooi, who declined to comment, is currently a member of Gerakan, a component party of the Barisan Nasional government. If the rumours prove to be true, a high-profile defection like this would generate a strong positive buzz for the DAP.
Ah... the last time Jeff was queried on this possibility by Jocelin in November last year, "seems neither as willing nor as ready." He insisted "it’s too premature at that point."

In fact during the Ijok by-elections, there were also strong rumours of Jeff joining KeAdilan (PKR). So strong was the rumour that apparently one of the Gerakan bosses contacted him personally to seek the "truth".

This time round however, Jeff appears a little more coy about the "rumour". He even asked, shall I say, cheekily, "You think I have a cause to join them?"

Well, until the day he makes the official announcement and submits his membership application form, anything goes, I suppose. But I would absolutely welcome with both arms (and legs), his entry into politics and in particular into DAP.

One of the recent additions was a Dr Cheah Wing Yin, who does not have the online brand name of Jeff, but is a most respected professional in the medical profession. He was formerly the President of Private Medical Practitioners Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur and the President of the Malaysian Mental Health Association. I have found him to be one of the most prolific party volunteers in recent months.

After having joined the party for a short 7-8 eight months, I've certainly enjoyed my time taking part in as well as organising party activities. Are there shortcomings in the Party? Sure, there are. Many are as bright as daylight. But I'm certainly not going to sit around and whine about the Malaysian opposition parties and their weakness, and not instead play my part in strengthening them so as to better serve the Rakyat.

(Starting a brand new party or standing as an independent as some have suggested, are absolute non-starters, so I wouldn't even dwell into that)

In the little time I've spent with the Party, one of the most acute weakness is the clear lack in talent and human resource. The handful of headquarter staff has to perform everything from statement translations to office organisation to newsletter publications to attending meetings to running political events (e.g., forums) to maintaining a website to yes, even being the occasional drivers. And I heard it was even worse before.

Since I've joined and started working for the Party on a pro-bono full-time basis, and I would like to think that I've contributed a little bit to all of the above to make DAP a better party. And I strongly believe that if and hopefully when Jeff joins, he'll make the party even stronger.

I used to tell all my new recruits during interviews at my ex-company. "Don't let me tell you how the company works or what the culture is, besides the goals that the company sets for itself. Play your part to mold the company into one which you'd like to work in".

Well, I share the goals and ideals of the Party which I have joined - which I've roughly categorised as democracy, equality of opportunities, integrity and social justice.

The party leadership has also played their part in promoting and giving space to the young 'uns. Now, I'll play my part to make sure that the Party can better achieve its goals. And I certainly hope more talented Malaysians will do the same, for only then, will we be able to build a better Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

At last, the prodigal son comes over from the dark side!!!

OK so I was a kid in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

Don't think he will join DAP. I think he is not the kind of person who would give up personal principles for the cause of a political party.

Anonymous said...

I found this on the comments section of my website early in the morning ...

Investigate Malaysia Today Allegations On Muhammad Muhammad Taib Petition


I found this on the comments section of my website later in the noon ...

New Petition...

Citizens In Solidarity with Raja Petra and Freedom of Speech !

Please publicise for us !!!

Anonymous said...


This petition,

calls for investigation against Malaysia Today.

While this one,

is supporting of freedom of speech and against the close down of Malaysia Today.

Those who support freedom of speech should sign the 2nd petition, NOT the first one.

Anonymous said...

I have this piece of advice for MCA or Gerakan wannabes. If you want to go far and join the ranks of the government you can of course join MCA or Gerakan. But there is a catch - you have to kow-tow to Umno Youth. Umno tells you to bow, you bow, Umno tells you to shit, you shit. So, anybody still want to join these parties? The better bet is to join DAP.

Anonymous said...

I must say, it is not an easy decision to make - joining the opposition. Pua has make the first step, and much earlier before all the current crackdown came pouring in. With Nathaniel and Raja Petra being summoned by the not-so-unbiased police force, Jeff will have to be cautioned with every steps he take.

Raja Petra, does not involved in any political party as far as i am concerned. Nathaniel is with PKR. Jeff, at the moment is with GERAKAN. So if Jeff really move over to DAP, he might be the next target of the so called "clean and free" government of Abdullah Badawi.

My questions to Badawi: Where are all your pledges? How can you sneak out of the country ala-Thaksin to Australia with so many outstanding issues in your country? While i am happy with your second marriage, the honeymoon should be over by now, and recall your own statement that "a happy man works better," not slacker.

Trashed said...

I think Jeff would serve himself better remaining non-political as he is doing an outstanding job as a responsible blogger.

I'd hate to see him have to tow the party line if in disagreement (and that will happen in any organisation).

Tonberry said...

I dont think Jeff is happy with Gerakan's policy which is akin to being UMNO lapdogs either. Why not take this opportunity to explain to him about DAP's objective.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, whoever joins an opposition party deserves our respect, because there is no matured and real democracy in Malaysia where opposition political party members are respected by the ruling party members. Instead, opposition political party members are intimidated and hounded by the ruling party members who abuse the entire government system to their advantage and personal gain.

Our PM is totally immersed in his numerous rounds of honeymoon overseas. Although he declared "a happy man works better", he now aspires to be a happier man in order to work best. He is oscillating between erection and election: the moment of decision will be out soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear All Opposition Parties in Malaysia,

Focus your energy on what matters -fight corruption, fight for freedom of speech, freedom of religion.

31st August - Let us dance in the street.

31st August - Let us end corruption

31st August - End of NEPotism

31st August - End of Cronism

31st August - Reclaim Democracy

31st August - End of the dirty BN government!!

Yours sincerely,
Betrayed UMNO cybertroopers

Anonymous said...

Please register as a voter, today!

I address all right thinking Malaysians, the people who inhabit this most beautiful land, country and nation that we call Malaysia. Our nation is in danger, extreme danger of being swamped by the insatiable greed, utmost dishonesty, blatant corruption and gross stupidity of those whom WE (including me) have helped put in power. I have none other to blame except myself. Never before in the history of our young nation have the lives and the future of so many millions been at the mercy of such a handful few incompetents. We must eradicate this unfortunate condition from this country and make sure that we are never put in these same circumstances again. The time has come to act.

With almost all avenues for free speech and expression tightly controlled by the Government, there is only Cyberspace left open to us. And we are thankful that it is a huge amount of space that we still have. A few good men and women, the ‘Band of Bloggers’, are leading the charge in Cyberspace to correct the things that are wrong with the leadership. This leader has to go out the window into the tong sampah with all the other soiled pampers.

The time has come for all Malaysians who are of voting age to make sure they are registered to vote. This is no more our civic or patriotic duty. It is a matter of life and death. If we wish to live well then please get yourself registered to vote. Tell your children, family, friends and relatives to go and get registered to vote. Do it fast while the voter registration rolls are still open.

And also when the time comes, please go out to vote. Rain or shine, thunder or squall, we must all go out to vote in the upcoming General Elections. And please vote wisely. Recently in Johor Bharu Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad called upon all Malaysians to vote wisely.

Every vote is counted and every vote will count. We have heard of electoral rolls being rigged and elections being stolen - this has happened on all sides - but let this irritation not hinder anyone from voting.

To the Malay voters, you are the largest voting group. Look around and see all that has been wrought. If you are happy, then vote your conscience. If you are not, then show your disagreement.

To the Chinese voters; the large majority of whom are strong supporters of BN; do not be afraid to vote as per your conscience. It is not the end of the world if you do not vote BN. The Chinese have always been a practical people, who are rightly concerned about their wellbeing and the future of their children. After all, in the final analysis, that is all that matters. But because of this the Chinese have frequently been subject to blackmail, coercion and threats. The Chinese fear too much that without a BN government there will be chaos. So they toe the line. Perhaps it is time to step out of line just a little. Not too much but maybe just enough. Trouble only starts if we create it. So let us not create any trouble. Let’s just go about our businesses and go about voting our choice without creating any trouble.

The Indians have always been the most loyal supporters of BN. Their almost undivided loyalty to the BN is legendary. Never in the history of elections in Malaysia has the Indian vote ever been successfully split or deviated away from the BN. But the Indians too must consider carefully where exactly the country is headed. It does not look as if the country is headed anywhere anytime soon.

Having been born and bred under a BN Governments since Independence, many of us are too comfortable with the BN and do not want to see the BN lose in the elections. But the BN has become too much of a dinosaur. The BN is either too constipated or suffers embarrassing incontinence. Too many of us now feel that the time has come to reduce the size of the BN. The excess fat, the sluggish, the snobbish, the corrupt and the fools have to be culled. The time has come for some drastic carving with a meat cleaver.

Tun Dr Mahathir said vote wisely. What does it mean to vote wisely? We must remember that the urban constituencies are only about one third (approx.) the importance of the rural constituencies. This means a rural constituency with 10,000 voters has as much importance as an urban constituency with 30,000 voters. This means one voter in a rural constituency has as much power as three people voting in an urban constituency to determine our future.

And remember that the strength of the BN is in the rural constituencies. This means that even if the BN loses all the urban constituencies but wins all the rural constituencies, they will still rule, thanks to the delineations carried out by the Elections Commission. Therefore BN supporters in the urban areas can be more flexible or generous with their voting preferences this time around. Don’t worry. Even if you don’t vote BN in the urban constituencies, BN will still rule from the rural constituencies. Don’t worry. So vote wisely.

We voters cannot give all our support to BN any longer. If there were three friends voting BN, let there be one less vote for BN this time round. If there were five voting for the BN before, let there be two less now. If a husband and wife both voted BN, let there be only one only time. And to all voters, if there are two seats on the ticket, a Parliamentary seat and a State seat (DUN), give just one to the BN. We have to reduce the size of this dinosaur that we the BN supporters have created. We have to do this to save the BN from self-destruction and from destroying the country in the process. For the good of the BN and for the future of this country, reduce the support that we have given to the BN.

This is the power of democracy. This is the power of each individual vote. Register as a voter. Voting is your right. Vote wisely.

Ibnu Hakeem

Chong Zhemin said...

I thought u were half joking when you wrote this post, as there are a lot of rumours and speculation long time ago. It's official now right? Jeff ooi joining DAP next tuesday? I just read it in merdekareview! congrats for DAP!

Anonymous said...

Well, if its true, I think it will be a good thing for politics in this country. I only hope that if J/O joins DAP, he will be allowed to blog without fear or favor.

Also, DAP needs to recruit some high profile Malay and Indian candidates as well if nothing else than to send a message that it is for all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

to Jeff Ooi please come to puchong and help us in coming selection.