Friday, July 27, 2007

Facing & Surviving the Internet Clampdown

Facing & Surviving the Internet Clampdown:
Our Liabilities, Rights and Responsibilities
Time: 28th July, 2007 - Saturday, 3pm
Venue: KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
This forum is organised by Nathaniel Tan and guess what? Unlike typical forums, tea is served ;)

With the authorities’ upsurge of threats regarding the internet, there is a growing need for the public to know its rights, responsibilities and liabilities with regards to what they write online.

Recent cases have also shown that since even the innocent are likely to be targetted, it is also important for those working towards change in Malaysia to be prepared for all eventualities.

Being fully aware of one’s legal rights and a familiarity with proper police and legal procedure could make all the difference in the case of wrongful arrest or detention.

This discussion will explore these issues with the aim of educating the public as to how to stay on the right side of the law, and what to do if the ‘law’ comes after you anyway.

Lawyer R. Sivarasa will briefly discuss laws that apply to internet writers as well as the legal procedures surrounding arrests and detention, activist S. Arutchelvan will talk about what the police can and cannot do to people under their custody, while blogger and journalist Soon Li Tsin will share some experiences regarding activism in the face of wrongful arrest. Recent arrestee Nathaniel Tan will moderate this discussion, which will be largely informal and be more of a dialogue in nature.

We will continue to see if other experts in this field will like to come by and share. An open invitation is extend to Raja Petra Kamarudin, who has been the latest target of the authorities (he mentioned he’s thinking about popping by).

Members of the public who are concerned both about knowing as well as safeguarding their rights and fundamental freedoms are encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served following the discussion.


Anonymous said...

周一报案,警方周三就盘问 (Malaysia Today)惹柏特拉(Raja Petra Kamaruddin,警方的效率忽然快了那么多



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Only tea??
No cakes?

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The police acted so efficiently to respond and record a statement when the report was lodged. Now it's clear open knowledge why there are double-standards. It all depends on WHOM lodge the report. We may as well amend our Criminal procedure regulations to include a specific provision to say only those goons from UMNO are entitled to get their reports investigated. As for the others, go daydreaming. Our police reports are not worth the money they have to spend for the piece of paper and ink they need to use for recording. This is Malaysia in 2007 and they say we have good reasons to celebrate the grand one. What is there to rejoice about? Boycott the Merdeka celebrations!!

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Abdullah Badawi warns that stern action will be taken against people making seditious comments in blogs. But he himself has seditious comments on his site ( Really, we need to question the intelligence of the man. A purported Islamic leader posting hate literature on his website. Just could not find a better word to describe the stupidity being exhibited by a Leader. God help Malaysia.