Monday, July 09, 2007

Doing My Little Part

I've been granted a short weekly column with the Chinese newspaper, Oriental Daily which will be published on every Monday. ;) This has started since they "revamped" the paper into tabloid size last week. Yes, it's a Chinese paper, and I wrote in Chinese, although whatever I wrote goes through "heavy" language editing by colleagues. I'd post here my columns a week after they have been published ;)

So, here's my debut piece, a little introductory piece on doing my part for the country ;)







两周前,欧盟驻马来西亚大使蒂里·隆梅尔(Thierry Rommel)发表如何加强马来西亚吸引外商投资的建设性意见,尤其是有必要消除保护性及歧视性的政策。我国政府领导人不但没有感激隆梅尔所发表的逆耳忠言,反而还警告他别干涉我国内政。



Chin Wan said...

Cool! Too bad I can't read Chinese. Closest thing I can get to reading your column is by using Google Language Tool.

Anonymous said...

Well, didn't know you can write in Chinese too :P

But anyway good job in getting a column! Looking forward for more interesting post :D

Anonymous said...

can you post your version and th publised version so taht we'll know how much of the article is "censored" or edited.

Anonymous said...

Care to translate this piece?

Anonymous said...

so how the moderation thingy going on? do you still get a lot of thrash mail by trolls?

im sorry that i cannot understand written mandarin, wish i could though! nevertheless, i reckon that after the next GE, you will se KJ more often in parliament? any idea where you will bertanding or are you?

publicma said...

Hi Tony

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether this translation is 100% correct or not... (I've combine both Babbel Fish translation and Google translation and edited a few broken sentences here and there since I myself can't read Chinese either... Lol.)

People always ask me: Since your conditions are so good, why bother to enter politics? My answer is very simple. Malaysia is rich in resources and population. It is a vibrant country. However, we are not able to release the greatest potential, and are also wasting a lot of valuable opportunities. Among the biggest factors is that the ruling authorities are incompetent!

In recent years, our country has lost among the most precious resources, namely the loss of human capital to abroad. Our most talented people, regardless of race, starting from the age of 12 have been attracted by other countries. For example, Singapore's annual ASEAN scholarship provides hundreds of scholarships to our students to pursue their studies in Singapore's leading universities. I have many friends in Singapore who are now residing there. Among them are specialists, university lecturers, and some even made it to Singapore's top corporate management.

Some migrates to Hong Kong, London or New York, but their skills and intelligence are usually recognized and appreciated. Those who return to the homeland and contribute to the country like me is extremely rare.

In recent years, our country’s talented people left the country one after another. We were once the most attractive location for foreign investment. In 1996, our foreign direct investment reached 7.3 billion U.S. dollars. However, in a short span of 10 years, the amount of investment plunge 45.6% to 3.97 billion U.S. dollars. If compared with Singapore, the Singapore foreign direct investment of the same period increased from 9.7 billion U.S. dollars to more than double to 209 million dollars.

While our neighbors and competitors have strengthened themselves, we have fallen behind. Earlier, we can be proud to compare with the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. Now, we can only desperately compare with Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Two weeks ago, the EU Ambassador to Malaysia, Thierry Rommel gave a constructive comment on how to strengthen Malaysia’s ability attract foreign investment and commented on the need to eliminate unnecessary protection, particularly the discriminatory policies. Our government leaders not only failed to appreciate Rommel’s honest opinion, but also warned him not to interfere in our country’s internal affairs.

This has once again brought us to the basic human capital issues. As more and more disappointed talented people leave Malaysia, do we still have enough qualified people to lead Malaysia?

changyang1230 said...

The translation is accurate apart from the 209 million dollars which should have been 20.9 billion dollars.