Thursday, July 19, 2007

Opposition Disrespects Women?

A few days ago, a senior member of Wanita MCA made headlines in the vernacular press that "反对党不尊重女权" i.e., the opposition does not respect women in Malaysia.



This well-respected member of parliament claimed that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is a party that does not respect women as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim acts like an "Empress Dowager" (慈禧太后), he's the hidden hand behind the scenes, despite the fact that Datin Seri Wan Azizah is the "rightful" President of the party. She accused Anwar of failing to differentiate a spousal relationship from party politics, and hence it was an affront to democracy and to women.

Of course, no criticism, logical or otherwise, can be complete without dragging DAP into the picture. ;) She went on to accuse DAP of being motivated by political opportunism (赢取胜利) in our working relationship with PKR. As such, DAP also doesn't respect women. Errr...

If this isn't a clear case of the pot calling the electrical kettle black, then I really don't know what could count as one.

It wasn't too long ago when the nation was riled up over the "bocor" controversy perpetuated by 2 incorrigible Barisan Nasional MPs which insulted women all across the country. As blogged by Sdr Lim Kit Siang, when the censure motion was debated in Parliament, not a single BN MP, male or female stood up in support of womenfolk across the country.

In particular, even the right honourable MP who works in the Ministry of Family, Women and Community Affairs, was deafeningly silent, and very conspiciously absent from the Parliament hall despite being given plenty of notice from the Speaker on the motion. Only in the sanctity of the august house of Parliament can be the true test of her moral courage to represent and defend womenfolk - anything else is just plain politiking.

Which party instead took the issue nationwide, organised a gathering of influential non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well more than 300 concerned members of the public to pass an unanimous resolution for the two "bocor" MPs to apologise and to be reprimanded, which they eventually did, although in the most insincere manner?

Well, certainly not the Right Honourable MP herself, and not the Party which she represents.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. Ask the lady, "Where were you and what have you done when the "bocor" controversy happens?" Did you say anything? Did MCA defend the women's right? Did you act on behalf of the women?

The senior member of Wanita MCA should be ashamed of herself in the first place for not protecting women's right, choosing to side with BN ministers who were basically talking about Malaysia women and herself as well.

Trashed said...

Talk about people having short memories, this honourable MP from MCA should be reminded of the bocor incident until the next GE.

She should also be asked what she did to uphold the honur of women in that incident.

We need to elect representatives with higher integrity than this MP !

Anonymous said...

Well to begin with, I've seen women going high places in opposition parties and non-government organisations. On the other-hand women were assigned to do kepoci stuffs under the government. Talk is cheap. We have eyes.

Anonymous said...

They dont even dare to raise an opposition to the bocor issue in Parliament. what moral grounds do they have to comment about respect of women. they dont even respect their ownself!

Unknown said...

dont waste too much online real estate on this type Tony. they are actually suffering from an acute dearth of ideas on what to say so that they can get some limelight on their otherwise mundane life and career.

Unknown said...

have pity on her... mayb DAP should feed her with some statistic to show how many women got raped per day, per year year and how many victims of snatch thefts are women and how many women was bashed by their husband...

then at least she got some real work to do and some sensible down to earth things that affect the rakyat life to talk about rather than doing shadow boxing with her own imaginations...

Anonymous said...

Another classical fart from Make Chinese Angry party.

Think we Rakyat stoopid ah?

better think harder.