Sunday, July 08, 2007

Workshop on Election Reporting

For those keen on covering events in the upcoming elections to be held easily within the next few months, BERSIH is organising a workshop for you, free of charge. ;)

Workshop on Election Reporting for Journalists and Bloggers
Date: 15 July 2007
Venue: Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya


0900 - 0930 am Registration
0930 - 0945 am Opening Remark
0945 - 1000 am Section I: Newsworthiness in Election Reporting: What in store if the PM dissolves the Parliament today?

Presenter: Mr. Liew Chin Tong (REFSA/Bersih secretariat)

1000 - 1100 pm Section II - Trend in Electoral Reporting: Past Record and Future Prospect

Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anuar K. Mustafa (USM)

1100 - 1115 am Tea break

1115 am - 100 pm Section III: Meaning in Electoral Reporting: Why we may have Elections without Democracy

Presenter: Mr. Wong Chin Huat (IKMAS, UKM / WAMI)

100 - 200 pm Lunch
200 - 430pm Workshop 1-6: What and How to inform the citizenry about/in the event of ......
  • Political Debates and Mudslinging - real v pseudo issues, negative campaigning
  • Civil Society and Citizen in Elections
  • Polling Irregularities - phantom voters, exclusion/transfer of voters, missing ballots
  • Campaigning Irregularities - intimidation, vote-buying (with private money)
  • Administrative Neutrality - vote-buying (with state funds and policies), caretaker government
  • Electoral System - gerrymandering, mal-apportionment and disproportionality
Coordinator: Faisal Mustaffa (BERSIH secretariat)

430 - 500 pm Wrap-up session

Coordinator: Ms Gayathry V. (CIJ)

500 pm Tea break

Further Details:

Organizer: Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH)


(a) To enhance professionalism, depth and reflectivity in election reporting amongst professional and amateurish journalists;
(b) To promote free and fair elections in the citizenry via quality election reporting

Participation: by invitation, free of charge
Target Participants: Journalists, Bloggers, Media/Journalism Students
Any enquiries, please contact 019-2232002

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