Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our MPs, Our Problem-Solvers?

I read this rather witty post from our young Member of Parliament (MP) of Batu Gajah, Sdri Fong Po Kuan this morning and I thought I had to quote it here. ;) She was writing on how she, on being elected, has become the do-all, end-all problem-solver for all. ;)
Give her the matter and let see if your cousin, Fong Po Kuan can solve it or not? This is not the first time I am being “challenged.” There were some who would use a softer tone and said, ” I voted for you, please help solve it.” Another common statement is, “I have waited so long, how long do I still have to wait?” . There was once, a lady said, “why you still not here to collect the rubbish? I complained to you already!”
She rightly noted at the end of her post that she isn't "in power", she "can only apply pressure." Sometimes she will be successful, sometimes otherwise. "To change the policies, it is in your hands."

But don't you think it is strange and silly that our MPs have to deal with all these tasks? Isn't it a clear demonstration of the failure of our local governments and other government departments? Instead of spending productive time dealing with urgent national and policy concerns, MPs are instead bogged down with the nitty gritty issues arising from the failure of our delivery system.


Anonymous said...

And she has to do all these without the RM3 million being allocated to umno constituencies only.

Anonymous said...

MPs are supposed to be policy makers and should not be bogged down by this. But she's got a point, at the end of the day is that you chose your MPs, you chose your government and you have been choosing them repeatedly without fail. Take responsibility for your actions and stop whining.