Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Marginalised Sarawak

On Nov 13, the eve of the Umno general assembly, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that an additional RM600 million has been approved to spearhead development in the rural areas. The funds was to top up the RM1.5 billion disbursed for rural development, which he claimed had already ran dry.

Within the same day, Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) announced a ‘Guidelines for Implementation Programme of Rural Projects 2006 Concept Paper’. The Paper stated that JKR "has been tasked with ensuring the implementation of the programme which must be undertaken and completed in 2006."
According to the document, it was estimated that RM3 million would be distributed to each parliamentary constituency except for those in Sarawak. This means that 191 constituencies will benefit from the year-end 'bonus'.
Besides the obvious correlation between the constituencies and the number of UMNO divisions throughout Malaysia, as well as the highly questionable speed at which the projects are to be awarded, completed and funds disbursed (all within 6 weeks!), it appears that the UMNO-led government is living up to its New Economic Policy promise of handouts to UMNOputras and UMNOputras only.

Sarawak has the 4th highest incidence of poverty in Malaysia after Sabah, Kelantan and Terengganu. Of its 2.4 million population, approximately 50% are non-Malay bumiputeras. A large majority of the non-Malay bumiputeras live in rural and substantially underdeveloped villages.

And just because UMNO doesn't have a single branch or division in Sarawak, Sarawak gets absolutely nothing, zilch, from the RM600 million "rural development" allocation. Its almost as if Sarawak doesn't belong to Malaysia proper. It's no wonder Peninsula Malaysians require an international passport to enter Sarawak!

The Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Finance may deny knowledge of "the money being disbursed to Umno divisional leaders," but the question remains as to why Sarawak has been marginalised in its rural development allocations. Surely, Sarawak deserves the funds more so than constituencies in say, Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown?

It is obvious that Malaysia's New Economic Policy is not for Malaysians, or Malays or other bumiputeras. The NEP's incarnation today is designed specifically to enrich UMNOputras.


Anonymous said...

yah, the Sarawak thing should be what's highlighted as its ommission is both glaring and strange.

What I've read regarding the disbursements of these funds, etc does not seem to provide as solid a case - there still seems to be some confusion regarding who handles the money, who will approve the contracts at the constituency level, what the process is and such.

I'm also wondering: What do Opposition MP's know and understand about this process in their constituencies?

Hope some clarity will emerge from the fiery accusations, etc. It's good to have a watertight case when trying to fight the good fight..

chong y l said...

No, Sarawak has never been within UMNO's radar -- maybe they will do a "Sabah" by imposing UMNO's intrusion into Sarawak before the Land Below The Wind can count as as full sibling and then some allocation will be extended it.

To Sarawakians =my advice -- Don't fall for the UMNO trick -- see how it introduced the CM-by-rotation and when the jackpot falls into UMNO lap, the wheel stopped turning. You don't want that to happen in Sarawak, oh No! Beware the Iblis!:(

PS: Appeal to Sabahans -- United with sole focus of retrieving that CM-ship, which means you must Drive the UMNOputras back to Peninisular hiding halls like PWTC and "small" houses in Selangor.

Anonymous said...

desi, you have to remember who has a grip over sarawak. so far, he has been willing to kowtow to his masters in peninsula.
sabah was a totally diff ballgame. power struggle. pbs jumping ship. "mm teong wah". thus the wrath was unleashed via umno's entry and the exponential population growth.

Anonymous said...

"mm teong wah".
sorry... meant "mm teng wah" - not just does not listen, but does not obey

Anonymous said...

If the bonus handout of $600million is meant to bring Sarawak under UMNO greasy palms, then I, as a Sarawakian rather not have it. UMNO does not qualified to lead Sarawakians. Its agenda has polarized racial relations in West Malaysia, we should not invite the UMNO disease to Sarawak.

Sarawak is perhaps the only state in Malaysia where race matters least compared to the other state due to our highly fragmented racial composition. No one race can dominate or rule the state without the cooperation of others. When I was studying in West Malaysia, I notice the Malays behaved differently towards the Chinese and the Chinese made unpleasant comments about Malay Malaysians. Is this kind of Sarawak we want ? No ! We want to keep Sarawak unique and definitely "NO ENTRY" to UMNO.

By the way, if Sarawak does not hand over the Oil revenue, will "Malaysia" has Sepang or Twin Tower? Very unlikely. I think its time we starve the UMNO blackhole of its feed - easy money.

George Chan! Please Demand our money back or get out!

Anonymous said...

The recent success of DAP in the urban constituencies of the state assembly in Sarawak should serve as an inspiration for other states to do the same in order to boot out the racist parties that have done much damages to our beloved country. Without these racist parties, our country will be way much prosperous and successful than it is now. It's a long hard journey but we must not relent!