Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Race-Based Recruitment

Ah... the Chinese are not all to blame after all. It is common place for the ultra-Malays to argue that Chinese companies are not offering "equal opportunities" to Malay professionals. Finally, our former Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Musa Hitam stood up to argue the case that our Malaysian Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) are in a large part, to blame according to an interview published with Sin Chew Jit Poh yesterday.
The present problem, he said, is that GLCs do nothire Chinese but have the habit of headhunting Malay professionals engaged by Chinese companies, and when Chinese companies lose them, certain people would start accusing Chinese companies of "not hiring Malays" or being "anti-Malay".

"In fact, it is not that Chinese companies do not want to hire Malays but there are not that many qualified Malays and they are being pinched by GLCs. Because there are too few Malay professionals and GLCs hire only Malays, Chinese companies looking for professionals could only go for the Chinese."
There you have it. Will Tun Musa Hitam say the same in the Malay vernacular dailies though?

I remember in early 2004 before the current managing director Dato Azman Mokhtar was appointed, foreign analysts openly asked the Khazanah Nasional Berhad during a briefing - non-Malays makes up some 40% of Malaysia's population and the Chinese are known to be some of the most financially astute, why was it that there are no non-Malays in the investment board of Khazanah Nasional?

Today, non-Malays form some 35% of Khazanah's management team of 17, while the board remains dominated entirely by Malays. The ratios are even much worse in GLCs such as Telekom Malaysia and Tenaga Nasional.

We will certainly look forward to the days whereby the GLCs recruit and promote extensively without discrimination based on race, as is perceived today.


Anonymous said...

You cant distort facts!!

But UMNOputras try to DENY FACTS

Anonymous said...

Nay! Even if Tun Musa says the same thing over to the Malay media, they won't bother to publish it in the first place since they have already practiced self-censorship lauded by Pak Lah himself.
As long as our country is still led by the racist parties, the GLCs will remain as they are with all the status quo. And we can wait till the cows come home.

Anonymous said...

you know when the brains will be called in .. Restructuring time to turn the company around..

Anonymous said...

naaaaa .. they will twist n turn .. and the reason will evolve to nonbumi being greedy, always only after $$$, not patriotic, thus dun join the civil services :(((((

Anonymous said...

This hits home for me, for many reasons. Firstly, I have worked for 'chinese' companies before, and found relatively very little problems to adjust. In fact, on one ocassion, I leaped over many chinese candidates for a promotion spot available. In the period I was there, I adjusted well, and was even 'mentored' somewhat by the owner who took a liking to me. Till today, we are friends. When I hired on their behalf, they put no strings on whom I hired, just what they could bring into the company. If you were useless, you got sacked, regardless of what colour your skin happened to be. The importance was on profitability.

Then I joined a GLC. They were good people and the CEO was a highly educated man who saw past race. Even he had a tough time hiring non-malays at one time. It was an unwritten rule of sorts - a culture bias. When a chinese was doing well, senior managers connived against him, and put him in a spot where he would eventually leave. I personally found it sickening. Good people left the company, and eventually, so did I.

On another note, I would like to respond to an anonymous comment made saying "you know when the brains will be called in .. Restructuring time to turn the company around."

If I may point out, brains - and stupidity or bigotry, for that matter - is not the monopoly of any given race. That comment itself reeks of the kind of racism that is diagnostic of Malaysia. We need to see past which ship our forefathers came from, and instead see what we can contribute to nation-building. Pushing for equality does not begin with putting the other guy down, no matter what race he may be.

Good topic bro. Been a silent reader for a while. Hope you run for office during the election. ;)