Sunday, December 24, 2006

Xin Ying's Two! (Part I)

That's Cameron Highlands, Jan 2006 not long after Xin Ying turned 1

Well, Xin Ying was exactly 2, a few days ago. ;)

So, let this parent, suffering from a major bout of proud-father's syndrome indulge himself with some of the little one's pictures taken over the past year over this post and the next. ;)

Jan '06: Like fish to water... well, maybe not quite,
but she certainly gets real 'high' in the pool

Feb 06: "Hey you!" Xin Ying in Saints FC get up ;)

May 06: If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands...

May 06: I think, therefore I am...

Jun 06: Ah... no baby or toddler escapes the birthday suit photo ;)

Oct 06: "Now, how do I look with Mummy's glasses?"
Wat Arun @ Bangkok

Nov '06: Yes, I get my own swimsuit too.
Hot Springs @ Kota Kinabalu National Park

Can't get enough of her? (I certainly can't!) More pics in the next post! ;)


Anonymous said...

She's so cute. Makes me want to "cubit" her on her cheeks. :p

Anonymous said...

yes...her mother is...