Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Khairy Threatens

When all attempts to persuade via flawed reason and logic fails to convince the rakyat, issued threats.

In a prominent story published in The Star, it was reported that UMNO Youth Deputy Chief and the Prime Minister's son-in-law have warned even Barisan Nasional members "not to take for granted the open attitude of the present leadership in allowing the airing of views."
Barisan deputy Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said some quarters had been testing the limits of the open political environment made available under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Khairy said that as a young democracy, sensitivity was high among the various races and religious groups and, therefore, limits on the type of issues that could be raised needed to be respected.
What was really funny was that he argued that Umno Youth, too, "had been strict with those who crossed the line and had asked the Government to take action against them."

If only I had the chance to ask if the Government has indeed taken action against him for inciting racial sentiments for making inflammatory remarks. In August this year, Khairy himself has argued in front of his UMNO faithful that the “internal split within Umno will weaken the party’s position and this will pave way for the Chinese Malaysians to make various demands to benefit their community.”

Later that month, Khairy also accused fellow Barisan Nasional component party, Gerakan of marginalising Penang Malays, when in fact it does a much better job at alleviating poverty than all other UMNO-led states.

Was any action taken against the UMNO Youth deputy chief for inciting racial distrust based on misleading statements? None whatsoever.

It is most hilarious when Khairy "stressed on the need for leaders to build on their credibility so that the public would choose to believe them instead of wild allegations and claims posted on the Internet."



clk said...

Someone who is not a full fledged politician (i.e. MP, Cabinet Member, Senator or Local Councillor) can say so much without having to account to anyone except for members of his own political party (which btw does not represent the population given its composition).

I wonder where and how he got the right to speak with such authority!

Anonymous said...

by authority of being the son-in-law perhaps ????

Anonymous said...

A bugger will always be a bugger, once a bugger, always a bugger.

Anonymous said...

maybe he got a big and powerful khram!

Anonymous said...

BTW, did anyone notice KJ's photo in the Star last weekend at the PPP meet?

You can make many conclusions or presumptions from it but it looks like a young man making a point to an older person.

Anonymous said...

"ask if the Government has indeed taken action against him for inciting racial sentiments for making inflammatory remarks"

Just want to remind everyone, that he proclaimed that he sold his shares in ECM Libra "at a loss", and not to worry, because he would only sell to a Bumiputra, and not have any of the shares land in non-Bumi hands.