Thursday, November 16, 2006

UMNO Can't Count

Ah... the Penang Malays marginalisation debate is back. Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said a "clear message" was delivered to Penang Chief Minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon during the wing’s annual meet.
He was responding to the remarks made earlier by Umno Balik Pulau Youth chief Shahaedan Ayoob Hussein at the Umno Youth general assembly regarding the problems faced by the Malays in the Gerakan-controlled state.

"I am confident what Shahaedan said is important in showing Tsu Koon the plight of the Malays in Penang. The message is clear enough. If it is not clear, I don’t how it can be better delivered."
Not too long ago, he raised this same issue about alleged marginalisation of Malays in Penang to become a Penang Malays' hero. And the fault is with the non-Malay led Gerakan government. Hence the repeated calls for the Chief Ministership to be rotated. Let us look at the simple statistics.

Poverty incidence, according to the statistics provided by the 9th Malaysia Plan in Penang is only 0.3%. It is by far the lowest in the entire country!

Now, if Malays in Penang are marginalised, then Malays in UMNO ruled states are even more marginalised with poverty incidence 6.3% in Perlis, 7.0% in Kedah and 15.4% in Terengganu!

Worse, Sabah in which UMNO wrested the Chief Ministership position, initially via a Chief Ministership rotation policy has ironically the highest poverty incidence in the country at 23.0%! That's practically 76 times higher than in Penang. In fact, UMNO should offer Gerakan the Sabah chief ministership to teach them how to drastically reduce poverty incidence in the state!

The Government statistics doesn't lie, or so I'm told, hence UMNO must be not telling the truth. Why do they want to do that, besides just posterior talk? Well, I can only imagine that the UMNO state leaders in Penang cannot wait for the day they could strip the assets accumulated in the state for their own personal and crony interest.
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