Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sarawak Campaign Snippets


Anonymous said...

All the best !!!

Anonymous said...


Its time to up the ante in Sarawak. PR should now tell the Dayaks that Najib coming to take over campaign in Sarawak is UMNO taking over Sarawak like in Sabah - Dayaks must unite to drive away Penjajah UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Taib just shat in his pants

Anonymous said...

For too long the Corruption of THIEF Minister Taib Mahmud has gone unchallenged. Now in London,US, Canada Australia and even in his backyard,Sarawak protests are held against Taib.
Mahathir & Taib and Umno/Bn leaders seem to think the Country belong only to them and they can use Polis,Judges and Macc and other tools for political purposes.
Latest being sex video of Anwar and also the diversionary tactic of introducing racist book Interlok in Schools to poison young minds and create disunity.
For the sake of Justice and Good Governance and for our future generation say NO to Corruption.
Say YES to Pakatan Rakyat & Reformasi !

Anonymous said...

Its early but I think congratulation is to be had. The possibility of actually going to Putrajaya is real now. The myth that UMNO/BN cannot be toppled is broken. Its still an uphill battle but at least its a possible battle EVEN with all of PR's problems and disadvantage.

The clocks and room for Najib and UMNO/BN is running out and they don't have the talent to dig out of the hole they are in. LUCK has ran out on them or more accurately, they cashed in too many lucky checks.

BUT I don't think the battle will be won in the ballot box. More likely the dubious ballot box will trigger violence ultimately to end UMNO/BN rule.

The key is to break that dubious ballot box open. That is really PR' no 1 job. UMNO/BN will self-destruct on their own..