Friday, April 22, 2011

MCA should dissolve itself

DAP dares MCA to dissolve and call for Najib’s resignation
By Clara Chooi April 21, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — The DAP challenged MCA leaders today to dissolve their party or call on the prime minister to resign should he lose Chinese community support in the coming general election.
DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang charged that the MCA was being hypocritical in calling for Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s resignation due to his failure to deliver the Chinese vote last week, pointing out that the MCA itself had performed no better in Election 2008.

In the Sarawak state polls last Saturday, Barisan Nasional (BN) lost 16 seats to the opposition, most of them Chinese-majority urban seats.

In Election 2008, MCA suffered its worst ever electoral defeat when it saw its parliamentary representation cut by more than half from 31 to just 15 seats.

“Now they are asking Taib to resign on grounds that he lost the Chinese vote. Will they apply the same standard to PM (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak)?

“And why is MCA still in the Cabinet? Why was MCA’s president (Datuk Seri Dr) Chua Soi Lek so keen on securing his son (Chua Tee Yong) a deputy minister’s post?” Lim asked.

DAP publicity chief Tony Pua, who led the party’s campaign in Sarawak, agreed, saying that the MCA should “dissolve” itself for having failed in its purpose of representing the Chinese community.

“If you are talking about support based on race, the MCA has failed to represent the Chinese. So their organisation is completely irrelevant. They should dissolve themselves,” he said.

Lim and Pua were responding to a statement by MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu yesterday calling for Taib’s resignation due to the outcome of Saturday’s polls.

The DAP leaders also berated MCA’s Loh Seng Kok for “insulting the intelligence of Sarawak voters” when he claimed the Chinese community had been duped into voting for the opposition for racial reasons.

“They are insulting their intelligence because Sarawak voters, all those who supported DAP, were voting for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR). They were voting for new politics which surpasses racial boundaries,” said Lim.

Pua said it was the SUPP which had played the race card.
He pointed out that the outcome of the Sarawak polls had not only shown an increase in Chinese community support towards the DAP but an improvement in support from all communities towards PR as a pact.
This, he said, was mirrored in how the opposition had managed to increase its popular vote from 37 per cent in 2006 to 45.5 per cent or 300, 288 votes while BN managed to secure 54.5 per cent or 372, 379 votes.

“MCA and Gerakan leaders are feeling so aggrieved that they were treated with utter contempt in Sarawak that they are making these nonsensical statements.

“It is their way to vent their anger. They should know their days are numbered unless they change and rise above racial politics,” said Lim.

Pua also pointed out that it was the MCA’s parallel, the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), that had played the race card in the polls in order to convince people to reject the opposition.

In its campaign, the SUPP had warned Sarawakians that they would lose Chinese representation in the state Cabinet if they voted for the DAP.

On April 16, however, the DAP scored an electoral upset by winning 12 of the 15 seats it contested, most of them Chinese-majority urban seats.

The SUPP was nearly wiped out when the party, which claims to represent the Chinese, won in just six of the 19 seats it contested, only two of which were Chinese majority while the rest were Dayak seats.

“I want to challenge MCA to point out when and where in our entire campaign in Sarawak were we racist? Go back to school and learn what racism is.

“Fighting corruption, abuse of power and nepotism is not racism. These issues cut across the races and if MCA thinks they are racist, they should evaluate their own party constitution which prohibits other races from taking part in their organisation,” said Pua.

Lim agreed, pointing out that the MCA and Gerakan were largely to blame for the SUPP’s fall in Sarawak as leaders for both the peninsula-based BN partners had joined in the election campaign.

“The real reason why SUPP did so badly was because of the assistance rendered by MCA and Gerakan leaders who have only served to highlight the need for the country to rise above race and go for new politics. Since peninsula voters have rejected Gerakan and MCA, the Sarawak voters are doing the same.

“Nobody cared about them in Sarawak. Not just that, they were treated like garbage and with utter contempt,” he said.


Anonymous said...

YB T Pua, the NCA relevant to the Malaysian are to seen so are DAP. The passive competetion for the vote of the Malaysian are to be seen as a chance for the Malaysian compare and choose. Today Malaysian are not as those day who only thought of their own colony those who are not relevant to today Malaysia requirement shall be disregard by today more enlighten Malaysian.

charleskwi said...

If they do what is advocated what are they going to do ? They can't become corrupted ministers and their good for nothing children will have nothing to go to or become ministers.
Might as well dissolve the association and have the proceeds given to the Chinese charitable organizations.

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree. MCA should not dissolve BUT force UMNO to kick it out of BN. It has played the eunuch and pretender for so long, its time for it tell UMNO hypocrisy no longer works.

Only by forcing UMNO to kick out MCA, will the pretension that BN Baru is multiracial be stripped of it.


I quite agree that MCA and GERAKAN are not doing the right favour for SUPP in Sarawak. What credibility you have to take the words of a loser, a no-ball person and a immoral leader. Sarawakians(especially the chinese and the educated natives)know and so they also do not believe SUPP.
People do not like to see business man meddling in politics(like Tiong Thai King n Dr Chan Kan Nam),so that is why they lost!

PJU Voter said...

Dear TONY,

MCA & DAP are very similar in many ways. Both these parties represents the 'Chinese' although DAP might argue they're a multiracial party instead. However, it's written quite clearly in most people mind that DAP = Chinese only.

1 party is from the ruling coalition (MCA), while the other is from the Opposition pact (DAP). Should any 1 of these 2 parties dissolve itself, it's surely a BAD NEWS to the Chinese community.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to ascertain now who would emerge the WINNER in the next G.E. & due to this fact, I would say it's PREMATURE to brand any of 1 of these parties "Irrelevant".

Who knows DAP might get SMASHED come the next G.E.? Who knows MCA might be totally wiped out come the next G.E.? Nobody knows the FUTURE & let's NOT act like some SMART FARTS predicting this & that, ok??? Thus, it's utmost important we place these 2 Chinese representing parties close to heart until the outcome of the next G.E. is out.

Should MCA gain ground in the next G.E., then I suggest DAP to dissolve itself & vice-versa. It's better to have 2 floats in the deep sea until we touch the shore as both MCA & DAP are almost IDENTICAL TWINS but from different MOTHERS.

1apamana said...

PJ voter you are too simplistic. Yes MCA did fight for the Chinese which I think every Malaysians should but MCA also signifies corruption. The best example is Port Klang Trade zone. I am sure you are aware many more cases.
DAP fights for all Malaysians including the Malays and Indians. DAP had been around since 1968 and during the 70's with minimal rakyat's support it did survive because of injustice and corruptions. DAP will go only if there is no injustice and corruption, that's the Rakyat wanted.

PJU Voter said...

Dear "1apanama",

Noted your comments but I would say you comment is a very biased one. I suspect you're a 1 sided perception kind of person NOT able to see things from a NEUTRAL stand.

Pls. note politicians from both fences (MCA & DAP) commit corruption at 1 time or another. Otherwise, it's IMPOSSIBLE for them to stay alive in the political arena. Some 'makan' BIG amount & some 'makan' SMALL amount. Bottomline, is that politicians gotta 'makan' for the simple sake of political survival. Ronnie Liu & Ean Yong Hian Wah are 2 notable DAP leaders that could be on this list.

Well of course you would compare the monetary value that are involved & I dare say MCA had 'makan' more as compared to DAP. However, corruption remains corruption irregardless of the amount. Who knows if DAP comes into POWER one fine day, they will eventually 'makan' more than what MCA had ate, right??? DAP could be only 'makan-ing' SMALL time now as they're still NOT in power. Would you dare to SWEAR & PROMISE your life this wouldn't happen??? Don't dare, right??? Well, this answer the entire puzzle.

Who knows even TONY PUA & HANNAH YEOH could be involved in this so-called 'makan, makan, makan' activity. Look at their recent overseas trips to Australia, UK & USA. Are you saying they paid it from their own pocket??? You must be kidding to answer "YES".

Politics will always be politics. It's a dirty game. It's all about $$$$$ (no money, no talk). It's all about how a person perceive to the public he/she is a CLEAN & HONEST being but discreetly walloping tons of MONEY without anybody knowing it.

MCA or DAP??? Both are the same & both MUST be existent before the next G.E. for the simple sake of a race called 'CHINESE'.

Anonymous said...

Very well said commentator 'PJU Voter'!!!

This is the kind of comment I always like to read because it's so 'neutral' without taking sides on either MCA or DAP. Sadly most comments which appears here are so 1 sided (Pro-DAP) & this eventually make all those commentators a bunch of 'lost souls' not able to view simplicity based on the actual political scenario.

Your comments sounds very much like Raja Petra. Hard hitting, creative but yet so beautifully neutral.

Keep the good comments coming in, PJU Voter.

1apamana said...

PJ voter,
So the best is not to have politicians? Back to Sultans?
What about UMNO and PAS? Should they combine too?
Is its about ideology?
You think they can be combined? That simple?