Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kuching Finale!

Our Pakatan Rakyat Kuching Candidates

Electric rock concert atmosphere @ Pakatan Rakyat Kuching Grand Finale
(Picture by Malaysiakini)

Sceaming fans in red @ Pakatan Rakyat Kuching Grand Finale
(Picture by

30,000 people throng to Pakatan Rakyat Kuching Grand Finale 

(Picture by MerdekaReview)

People stayed on despite a momentary shower
(Picture by Ooi Leng Hang)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations DAP for putting up the good and trustworthy candidates. I pray that the Ubah sweep all the seats and hopefully the whole state. Having said that I am also aware that it will not happen in this election. I stayed there 1981-1984 as a young Medical Officer Sibu Kuching and Lawas. People in the rural area are really poor and contented with RM300 every 4 years and I hope they vote with UBAH this time.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, the pictures look a lot like what happened in Egypt that forced Hosni Mubarak out.

The opposition has won the moral victory. The only way to save UMNO/BN now is total surgery of the party. Najib's only choice is purging his own party. He does not have the talent to do it. The man is too little too late and he has no clue.

Congratulation future Minister..Cambridge is better than Oxford by a mile..

Anonymous said...

Snow.Wolf.Lake .... 1st May 2011 Labour Day ... CJ7.Planetarium

BN sweeps to power with a comfortable two-thirds majority ( 1 Malaysia brings positive result ) although its seats were reduced in the last state assembly .
But Opposition parties make some inroads . SUPP the biggest loser . And also a very clear message to
Bank Negara Malaysia .

Anonymous said...

i dont get it...before the election DAP annointed BARU BIAN as CM should pakatan Wong Ho Leng is state opposition the spirit of cooperation DAP should stick to their promise in appointing BB as CM even though they hv more to the sarawakian DAP is not power crazy and the next election DAP will be bless with more seat by all Malaysian...what say you LGE and LKS and Karpal..(leadership by Example)...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tony, you & ur team did an excellent job! A hard won battle, and now, the new YBs have to work even harder as they are not in the govt and don have development funds. They have to keep up the spirit and momentum until the next GE when we kick out UMNO!

BTW, what toys are you producing next? Orang utan for Sabah, but what for the rest of the Peninsular, hehe..??

Hopeful Malaysian said...

Heal Malaysia
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire Malaysians
There are people dying (Aminul, Beng Hock,Sarbani, Saravanan, etc)
If you care enough for the living
Make it a better place for you and for me.
Use your vote to make it a better Malaysia!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


To secure one's position in a rush
Trying to do personal things in a hush
Will not defend Jericho's wall with a brush
When it starts to crack with the final crush

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Mon. 18th Apr. 2011.

Anonymous said...

Facts about sarawak election:
1. We don’T need chinese votes to form 2/3 majority government
2. Even if all the chinese vote for dap they can only form a simple majority government in penang and on where else.
3. The chinese cannot form a federal government on their own but bumiputra can even without chinese votes. So the chinese can vote for dap all they want.
4. Sarawak bn government should not appoint chinese in the cabinet
5. Help those who help you. The government sholud only help bumiputras and indians. No licences, land and contracts to the chinese. We don’t need them as proven in sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Congrats DAP for making malaysia more racially polarized. You have achieved an almost total dominance of the Chinese in Sarawak. The racist politics is working well. Next to hoodwink PAS and PR that you are the emperor. May you succeed.

Serious Shepherd said...


MCA's Islamophobia and PASphobia does not work in bringing back Chinese support for MCA or any other Chinese-based BN component parties.


Kelantan's ban on lottery does not affect Chinese support for Pakatan Rakyat (hopefully not just among the Sarawakians).