Friday, April 01, 2011

Sarawak, Here We Come!


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of Isoroku Yamamoto's qoute "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." that DAP and DAP Sarawak should remind themselves.

DAP is going to win big this Sarawak election - everyone knows that. The issue is so what after that? PR total win is what matters denying 2/3 majority is necessary first step, anything else is simply a failure. If its first step, what then after - the giant is going to be ruthless after that. The gloves are going to come off and the guns blasting indiscrimately like what is going on in Libya..

What is DAP going to do to match the chaos?

wandererAus said...

The "Hornbills of Sarawak" the time has come to set yourself free. Rid yourselves from the hold of these corrupted UMNO/BN scumbags.... who stole from you and made you slaves in your own land. I borrowed this quote, ""Still Alive, Still Fight." In spirit the motto means "Fight to the Death. If I may add, "A man is worth for what he is" Are you a real men, hornbills?

pneoxian said...

Hi Tony,

Are the Hornbill plushies available for sale at the Rocket office in Damansara Uptown?

I would like to get one.


Anonymous said...

I suggest DAP sells the hornbill plushies. A good way of raising funds.

Anonymous said...

DAP gonna win big?? Pls la ..

Tun Rasuah said...

Dear brothers and sisters in sarawak, It time to vote for our future generation!

Joshua said...

Over each land such as Sarawak, there is what the Christians call a principality that tries to rule over the land and its people.

We are not called to engage in spiritual warfare with flesh and blood (i.e. mankind) but with principalities who often portray themselves (through their human subjects) as kings of the land.

Once you pull down these principalities thru prayer, repentance for the sins committed against the land and declaring that Jesus is the King of Kings, you will deal the biggest blow to the enemy. Then perhaps we may see a real change in the land come 16th April 2011.

So it is important for the opposing political candidates and voters to be courteous and loving to each other. Let us not demonise Taib no matter how much he is vilified by certain people.

Instead, let us show love and mercy while praying hard for God's justice to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Tyrants and dictators have fallen in Tunisia and Egypt and even the principality of Sendai was shaken. Is Sarawak next?

However, if DAP focuses only on capturing the hearts and minds of voters without encouraging the Christians to pray hard against the principalities of injustice and greed, then the election result may just be a matter of statistics. Not a landslide.