Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tenang Analysis: What Happened?

In Tenang, Malay votes won the day for BN
By Shannon Teoh January 31, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — More than half of Barisan Nasional’s (BN) 1,200-vote gain over PAS in Tenang was due to increased Malay support in the constituency, DAP statistics have shown.
Malays who had in 2008 voted against Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s stewardship of BN or abstained from the general election, came out to signal its support for Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration.

The Malays make up about 49 per cent of the 14,753 voters in Tenang. Chinese account for over 38 per cent and Indians, 12 per cent.

Umno’s Azahar Ibrahim received 83.3 per cent of Malay votes, up four percentage points from Election 2008, said DAP publicity chief Tony Pua on Twitter earlier today. A Malay turnout of 81 per cent yesterday, up two points from 2008, translated to a 700-vote increase.

BN’s 3,707-vote majority was also due to Chinese voters skipping yesterday’s by-election.

Although Normala Sudirman managed to hold on to PAS’s 64 per cent Chinese support from the 2008 general election, an 18-point fall in turnout resulted in another 300-vote gain for BN’s majority.

Despite a 30 per cent increase in Indian votes for BN, less than 40 per cent turned up to vote. The lower Indian turnout meant BN only secured 200-vote increase from the hike in proportions.

Overall, Azahar polled 6,699 votes against Normala, who took 2,992 votes from the 12 polling districts.

A total of 9,833 voters or 67 per cent of the 14,753 electorate turned up to cast their ballots, nearly 1,000 fewer than in 2008.

BN had initially targeted a victory margin of 5,000 votes, similar to Election 2004.

It retained Tenang in 2008 by 2,492 votes.


Anonymous said...


Your PJU will be next to fall.

Anonymous said...

Well, Tony ain't gonna fall. He will stay as God has his back and has His plan for him. Najib gotta watch his back.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

In order to capture Putrajaya, PR seriously need to chg strategy for semi-urban vote. The deep rural is gone case for PR. Urban will very likely remain with PR.

It did not matter more Malay or Chinese or Indian or whatever still support PR. What's important is more MALAYSIAN support PR.

Tenang case is really simple. Folks w/o home loan. Bountiful income from farms. No parking fee, no get up to work @ 5.30am n back to home @ 9.00pm. No tuition rush for children. No toll. Not bother who's corrupted the country, siphoning national $$$, by how much, what skills is required for future competitive survival, what is Facebook. No need to worry how much debt for each future generation of Malaysian is going to bear. How's cost of living/inflation that's due to incompetent government have affected our struggling daily lives drastically. Nothing. They mostly (>70%) living in "tidak apa" land.

They are more concern about what's for me if i vote you (instant, physical & sweet talk promise). That's why PR are having an uphill tasks on semi-urban vote bank and might lose some that's currently in hand.

Have a close door high level discussion within PR on how to tackle this vote bank. I foresee PAS and DAP will be able to grind some positive results about this. PKR need some serious overhaul in order to stay relevant for the future. If the wind of change is stunted in PRU13, PR may not be required in order to save Malaysia for a long time to come. Those support may migrate, give-up or waiting for a people power initiated change.

This is only my humble opinion and i do really wish there is a possible change for us Malaysian in governance before our country regressed to Zimbabwe standard.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:14am,
Please tell fall to whom? Chew MF? Donald the Clown? Chua Soiled Leg? or any other APPOINTED minister?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 7.07pm,

Very soon we will see who will fall come GE13. Dont be surprise when the PJ folks return PJU back to BN.

Anonymous said...

Given the high price of palm oil, it was not realistic for PR, even PAS, to get the Felda votes. Even if Najib had allowed full inflation to come in, those votes would still have gone their way...

Anonymous said...

This Anon is an Idiot from MCA so pls ignore "it"

Anonymous said...

PJU fall?

What has CMF done to secure BN vote? Korek longkang? Saying ISA is ok? Or sing song in MCA contest?

Anon, we are PJU folks. Guess you just arrived from the moon! :D

rudy said...


i voted for tony last GE, next GE i am going to vote for MCA pulak. born in pj assunta, schooled in pj, work in kl, live in paramount and i am malay first. they can put chew mei fun ka, chua soi lek ka, donald duck ka. whoever ka ..i will vote for BN/MCA

rudy said...

well what has tony done to retain pju?