Monday, February 07, 2011

Malaysia is "Tanah Melayu"?

Pakatan wants Najib’s reply to Dr M’s Tanah Melayu remarks
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal February 04, 2011

In a speech on Tuesday, Dr Mahathir told Malaysians to admit that the country belonged to the Malays and that they had to accept the culture and language of the dominant community. The former prime minister said that the country’s forefathers gave the Chinese and Indians citizenship because they expected the communities to respect Malay sovereignty.

“This country belongs to the Malay race. Peninsular Malaysia was known as Tanah Melayu but this cannot be said because it will be considered racist. We must be sincere and accept that the country is Tanah Melayu,” he said.


DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua called Dr Mahathir’s views “supremacist”, saying there were no provisions in the Federal Constitution which supported Dr Mahahir’s views.

“Najib and Mahathir should perhaps enlighten Malaysians where Mahathir’s supremacist concept is found in the Federal Constitution as designed by our forefathers. Najib will also have to explain how his 1 Malaysia fits into Mahathir’s scheme of things,” Pua told The Malaysian Insider.

According to another DAP leader, Lim Kit Siang, Dr Mahathir was “contradicting” himself as his remarks went against not only the 1 Malaysia concept, but also the “Bangsa Malaysia” concept bandied around during the Mahathir administration.

“What he said was full of contradictions... it contradicts his (Dr Mahathir’s) own Bangsa Malaysia concept and 1 Malaysia.

“The aim for Vision 2020 was to create a Malaysia full of people committed to the nation, all races working together on the same platform,” the DAP parliamentary leader told The Malaysian Insider.

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Anonymous said...

How do those from Sabah and Sarawak answer this question when they join Malaysia to be under Tanah Melayu?

Anonymous said...

If Apanama is right, then Laut Cina Selatan should all belong to China and we should return all oil and gas to China.

Or maybe we should change name of our country to Earth. Then we can lay claim to the whole of world as our property.

Anonymous said...

History books all over the world in prestigious unis and libraries record the orang asli as the true inhabitants of the land then known as Golden Chersone. All others who came after are Immigrants fr Indonesia, Chian & India.
No amount of distortion of the truth can erase this fact.
We should never return to the dark days of racist Mahathir type of 'ketuanan ' policy but should embrace Pakatan ketuanan rakyat concept.

Unknown said...

this is not the first time this senile old man uses his outrageous nonsensical theory to get his 5 minute of lime light.

remember the time when he declare that Msia is an Islamic state?

or that SUQUI is communist?

Anti DAP said...

British pun admit ini tempat nama Tanah Melayu..Ketuanan bukan maksud Melayu Master orang lain slave, Ketuanan Melayu maksud perakuan bahawa:

Sultan/Agong sebagai ketua negara;
Bahasa rasmi Bahasa Melayu;
Agama Islam agama Persekutuan;
Hak2 Melayu/Bumiputera terjamin tanpa merampas hak2 kaum lain;

In exchange moyang korang terima syarat2 tuh, dapat la moyang2 ko sampai kepada korang semua nie jadi warganegara...Even British pun couldn't denied it walaupun British sayang sgt kat bangsa hang..

Itulah kontrak sosial antara kita dan kamu...

Sekarang, sudah mau soal2 laa..ya la moyang semua dah mati, sekarang memberontak laa..camtuh ka?

Cakap kat aku brp ramai org2 kau penuhi syarat2 seperti di atas? Takyah amik jauh la, bahasa kebangsaan bahasa Melayu cukup la...masih ramai lagi yg pelat...tak tau cakap langsung pun ade! Ini ke warganegara Malaysia? Haiya!

Anonymous said...

i,m still wondering,why non malays react so aggressively about this,ketuanan melayu is not a doctrine as what u understand literally,it does not affect non malays at all,it just a mere statement,in fact non malays gain supreme prosperity here,to mr tony,just focus on domestic/rakyat issues, pliz stop arguing about,tanah melayu,melayu,-come on man discrimination not solely happened to non mlays but to all,u may gain support from non mlays but believe me u'll become a hatred figure of malay people.

pearl said...

@Anti DAP,
so the malays can speak the malay well? in a proper sentence?

even if they can, what is so special about that? it's their mother tongue!!

'tanpa merampas hak2 kaum lain'...

betulkah? tak payah tengok jauh, tengok pendidikan sudah cukup...tepuk dada tanya selera...

squatter said...

haiyah, no need to gaduh-gaduh la. Mahathir and most UMNO leaders are generally pre-Merdeka kids. They were born before the Merdeka. So it's understandable if they are still having this belief of Malaysia as Tanah Melayu. Most young Malays are no longer 'supremacist' although it's clear that the government is trying to brainwash them. Trust me, give it couple of years after all the old men died, this country will be better. i know it's painful to wait.