Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will Hishamuddin Dare Bring Down the Gates?

The Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein once again rejected the Selangor state government’s offer to set up an auxiliary police team to assist the Royal Malaysian Police to reduce crime in the state.

The excuse given by the Home Minister, that an “auxiliary police team” is against the constitution is completely lame, as there’s no such provision in the constitution barring the setting up of such a team just as there is no provision against the employment of security guards.

The excuse is not only lame, it is also completely irresponsible as Hishammuddin has prioritised politics, for the Selangor state government is ruled by the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, over the safety and security of Malaysians living in the state.

The Minister has also argued that since crime has declined, the current measures are sufficient and hence there is no necessity for additional assistance from the state in the form of an auxiliary police team, which was first proposed by the Petaling Jaya local council (MBPJ) last year.

Since Hishammuddin is so confident of the rate of decline in crime and the effectiveness of the existing police force, I’d like to openly challenge him to order the removal of all security barricades, boom gates, guard houses and other barriers which have sprouted like mushrooms in Petaling Jaya and other cities over the past 2 years. These security obstructions have undeniably contributed to the lower crime rate in the state.

Given that it is technically illegal for anybody to block public roads for any reason, will the Home Minister dare to order the complete removal off all such obstructions?

The Selangor state government has taken the decision to tolerate the reasonable use of boom gates, barricades and other barriers despite their illegality because we understand and empathise with the residents’ fear of crime which had peaked in 2008/9 and respect their rights to protect the safety of their family and loved ones, as well as their property under such fearful circumstances.

As a result of residents taking action into their own hands and paying hundreds of ringgit annually, they have managed to contain the level of crime in the city. These actions by Malaysians instead proved that they do not trust the police to have enough resources to protect them, and have to take over the functions of the police themselves.

However, given a choice, Malaysians would rather not have to pay for their own security guards and live with the inconvenience of illegal barriers and barricades which have made cities like Petaling Jaya a literal “war zone”.

The Selangor state government has chosen to take concrete steps to alleviate the current circumstances by offering to set up an auxiliary police force at the state’s expense to assist the Royal Malaysian Police to beef up security and patrols in the state. The offer is particularly timely and appropriate because “the lack of manpower” has been one of the key reasons given by the Police for not having enough officers to patrol the streets. This auxiliary force will come under the direct command of the Police and will play an important role in further preventing and reducing crime in the state.

We call upon the Home Minister to stop playing politics and give completely lame excuses to reject the sincere offer from the Selangor state government. Hishammuddin by put the interest of the “people first”, and ensure that Malaysians have sufficient police officers to protects their lives and property.


Anonymous said...

A pot calling the kettle black. Upoliticise water and khusrin issues. Also the army ship issue. And dnt forget your Epf plus issue which you can't defend. What rubbish.

Gweeburn said...

you have no credibility whatsoever.. RUBBISH!

LumYong said...

niat sebenar Tony Pua terhadap ATM didedah

KUALA LUMPUR 22 Feb. - Bekas Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Ng Lum Yong hari ini mendedahkan niat sebenar Tony Pua melemparkan fitnah berhubung pembelian enam Kapal Tempur Pesisir (LCS) adalah bagi memburukkan imej Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) di mata dunia.

Katanya, tindakan wakil rakyat DAP itu yang berselindung di sebalik perjuangan rakyat, adalah untuk memastikan ATM selaku angkatan bersenjata yang begitu berjasa dalam mempertahankan keamanan, tidak lagi dipercayai oleh semua pihak khususnya rakyat negara ini.

SS2 Tim said...

Thanks for highlighting PJ Tony.

Pls keep up the good work and ignore other unsubstantial comments.


Tim from SS2

Anonymous said...

Hisham won't dare. Removing those gates, etc would cause some securities cos to loose their contracts. Who do you think are owning those security companies? Umno cronies of course.

TooLan said...

After reading what Gweeburn n LamYong wrote, I felt compelled to post my comment.
I think YB Tony has done a good job in raising the issue bcos increasing crimes are making people feeling insecure and loose confidence in the police.
It is unthinkable that the Home minister could use the constituition as an excuse to push away the idea of auxillary police.
I would rather blame it on the govt in not combating illegal immigrants issue seriously(which crimes are majority caused by them,especially from our neighbouring country) and the police 'laziness' in patrol(to combat snatch thief but instead like to 'hide in corners' to catch victims and soliciting monetary gain from victim. I even being told that illegal immigrants(Indons) will have to give them money in order to be freed from retained.

Anonymous said...

The Home Minister is an irresponsible guy by giving lame excuses to push away the issue.
Is it bcos it is raised by an opposition member?
To me,Hishamuddin is not fit to be appointed into the cabinet but more so because of his late father n relationship with Najib.
If you ever witness his talk in the media,you will understand what I mean.

MLMY said...

I am laughing myself off when i read that piece of "news" posted by Lum Yong .

Anyone who can THINK will find no reasons for Tony to "memburukkan imej Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) di mata dunia."

" ... selaku angkatan bersenjata yang begitu berjasa dalam mempertahankan keamanan, tidak lagi dipercayai oleh semua pihak khususnya rakyat negara ini."

He has got much more important responsibilities to be done, so to gain the vote of the people.

TONY , i am so glad i voted for such MP like you.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Tony. You have our(the rakyat's) support and respect unlike the hisham fellow who is where he is purely because of his father's name...Selangorian.

Anonymous said...

Cut it short of all comments! Dethroned UMNO-BN and revamp our country policies for the sole benefit of our rakyat instead of the country wealth going only to their cronies, worst of all these wealth UMNO-BN amassed r all parked overseas, it is bad for our country growth.

Lim Seng Choon said...

Regarding the RELA stuff, I think this is govt's plan to intrude privacy of the people by having neighbours watchdog. Nazi or communists ?

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(victim for past 2 yrs)
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Lim Seng Choon said...

This RELA stuff is to spy on people daily living. Intrusion of privacy. Nazi or communist ?

Campaign Against Organised Stalking & Remote Electronic Torture
(victim for past 2 yrs)
email : lsc9702893@gmail.com